Wednesday, September 27, 2006

following through on promises

So I promised you pictures of the new decorative blocks...I have to say I stole the idea...I was completely uncreative this month. Can't wait for the christmas blocks and the baby ones I am doing in January or Feb...Just in time for the 14 baby showers I might be attending. Then I also got to finish a few lo for the store too. But with adorable pictures of my new baby niece Brietta and her two adorable sisters..

Aren't these guys stinkin' cute. So adorable. love them so much and I am so happy I get pictures I can keep up with their lives.

I also wanted to leave you with some pictures of our local superstar. Here he is....Matt Zook. I promise it is really him...I tried to zoom in as much as possible. Ok I will try another post. This one isn't working....Stinkin' blogger.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Update on the business of LiFe

wow it has been a while...Sorry I have been is the key word for the day.

first i have been job hunting as many of you know for quite a while...looking for something that will help me get back to as you know controls our lives whether we want it to or finacially I have to make a switch in order to get back to school. So I got a call last week and have an interview for a new job on Monday afternoon. Please PRAY...this would open up alot of doors and get me back to school this year.

Then my pal Stace has bought a house and is moving in this we have been painting and is looking so is great. She used a rich burgundy in her bedroom..she called it a love nest I believe. hehe.. She and her finace are getting married in two months and so it was a little funny to hear. It was alot of fun to just hang out and talk and paint and take breaks...Can't wait to continue wedding planning too.

Then I have been working my but off at the store too. I have a monthly class that I have been teaching and I have a new neice to scrap, so I have been busy using new product to show different things to get you out of a rut. So here are some of the things i have been working on. Blogger hates me I can't upload them. so I guess I will try next time.

Also Our friend Matt entered a contest with B100 at the Landing which is a bar in South Bend...anyway the winner gets to open this Sunday at the B100 birthday bash...He WON!!!!! Congratulations Matt!!! can't wait to hear you tomorrow.

Also I have to give my hubbie props...he pasted his first of four CPA exams...He was so pumped and I am so excited for him. He so deserves to have these passed and out of the way. So he can get paid for the high expectations that people have of him. He is asked to do so much that is outside his level.....I pray the next three are as successful in the next two months.

By the way bro....i didn't get a phone call from you today....I believe that Purdue won, right? What was the score again??? :) Ok so it wasn't that big of a blowout but it was a win.

Signing off.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

ok so a while back I promised some pictures and I am a little slow. So shoot me. I finally got them uploaded and so hear are a few. Her is one of Sarah and Chuck...beautiful bride. Then I have a few of the reception the rest aren't digital. So hear goes nothing.
Ok so I thought these were cute. below is my cousin and his wife and to the right is Mom and her brother the brides dad.

Below I couldn't get by with leaving out a few pictures of the most adorable little girls in the world.

I also needed to share what an amazing dad my husband is going to make some day. Look at him with these two. He lets them climb everywhere. I Love it.