Saturday, February 28, 2009

chunky monkey

I didn't really understand how much weight jackson had gained until today. I was looking back at these pictures and found these to compare too. This one was two or three weeks after his hip surgery. So about mid November. Look at that Skinny face.

then we have the following. Chunky monkey pictures. He has gained about 5 lbs by this picture. I can't imagine how heavy he is going to be in that cast this time around. I think he was about 4.5 lbs heavier in the cast last time. So we will see. I will be picking the ultralight cast materials. Good thing it isn't heavy stuff anymore.
isn't it amazing how different he looks just in a few months. Maybe it is a mom thing.
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Friday, February 27, 2009

Dissapointment R US

we drove 3 hours yesterday to hear.

"I think I told you this all last May in the hospital. THere is really nothing we can do other than adjust the meds to help with the puking."

gotta say not what I was wanting, but completely what I expected from this doc. He is very arrogant and is refusing to try to look at anything else. I for the first time am considering a second opinion. No one should write off my kid so quickly. :) We did find out that his renal failure is partly to blame, or at least could be for some of the slow motility. that is how fast your food moves through your digestive tract. He has two strikes against him, so there is a chance that after transplant it might increase a little and slow or eliminate the puking.

He was 20 lbs yesterday and still has not grown at all. That is my update. We head back down next tuesday for Urology and then again on Thursday night for Surgery on Friday.

DOn't forget to guess what we are having on an earlier post. We find out on MONDAY!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Daddy's update...and we get to do TUBES!!!

This was the best one to starty with...Jackson was lounging reading us a book while we waited for dr billmire at Riley last week. we got good news today. Dr Lubicky approved his tube surgery during the hip surgery a week from this friday. So exciting. This will hopefully help decrease the number of antibiotics we are on and also help us sleep.
We also had to post a few pics for Dad...
Man did he love the red wagon...I think this may be the last time for a while we need to take the stroller. this was pretty slick. Enjoy the photos babe..we miss you and can't wait for your return.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Almost forgot.....ooooppppsss.

totally forgot to do an 18 month post on the little guy. Don't really have any new pics of him. he is on the move so much lately that it is hard to catch him in one place. I will work on it in the next few weeks. maybe by 19 months...

well at our appointment we weighed....drum roll please........

19 lbs 4 ounces. I found his 15 month appointment card and he weigh 15 lbs exactly at that visit. So in 3 months we have gained 3 lbs 4 ounces. crazy stuff.

we are having difficutlties sleeping. HE is so distracted during the day that he doesn't want to eat and then wakes up starving in the middle of the night.

likes to stand in his crib when he screams for mom and dad.

he is climbing up stairs and across and over everything.

he is babbling in sentences..It is so funny to try and repeat his babble and have a baby babble conversation with him. He gets the biggest smile on his face.

he is incredibly social. we have the kid that screams when we won't let him go to the nursery. We haven't gotten over the snotty nosed kids this winter...and we are so suseptable to RSV still. Beware there are a ton of cases this year in northern Indiana, too.

He is cruising around flat walls and letting go at times. he also loves to walk holding our fingers especially when he goes really fast with Daddy.

he has a fond new love of dog food. I know gross....but it has started a new string of putting things in our mouth again. real things like food. He prefers dumdum suckers and cheesy pringles...right now.

We are seeing an ENT for our multiple ear infections this month and we are monitoring his kidney function very closely with his recent weight gain. We also get to go back and see Dr Billmire for the first time in 6 months. we can let her know that pooping is going well and that might clear us from seeing her for a while. We saw our new Developemental ped. last week and it went very well. I have to call to day because i haven't heard from her yet, but she seems to be on top of things. The bad news is, worst case senario for getting rid of Jackson's puking is another surgery. I wish my kid could catch a break one of these days. She has promised to weigh all other options before we settle on surgery. I am hopeful that we will find another option. She is also going to help with some docs I have had a hard time getting ahold of ...we will see if this helps us get in to see them sooner. Jackson also is or we are preparing for his next surgery on March 6th. Another hip cast for 6 weeks. it will be nice to have these out of the way before this we can enjoy the beautiful out doors.

thank you all for your continued prayers...He has made so much progress in the past 18 months...I can't wait to see what he has in store for the next few.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


jackson is one persistent little guy. So we tried to blockade the tv and the he would be entertained but have to stay away. See how well our plan worked? Guess I have to be more creative.
Our appointment yesterday was very productive with the new developmental pediatrician. It will take a while for answers but at least we are headed in the right direction. She is going to consult with a couple other doctors and for once I left with confidence that these things and more will happen in the future.

We are still puking but we are going back on reflux meds to avoid ruining his esphaugus and she is looking into other possible causes of his puking and solutions...please pray that surgery is not needed. We have been through so many and still have more. To add another one would just be hard to handle.

Thanks for all the prayers.
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Friday, February 06, 2009

Sharing the spotlight!

thought it was about time someone else got the spot light around here. So I am going to tell you about the little one in my tummy. For know we will call him/her, Baby S. We had out 18 week appointment yesterday and things are going quite well. But it hasn't been that way the whole time. Come on, is anyone surprised that we can't go through a nondramatic pregnancy. We are glad so far that there are no permanent signs with the babies health. To start with I have had nausea as some call it, others call it morning sickness, I however have decided to title it the all day pukes. So far I have had some relief since 16 weeks. But before that I was throwing up up to 8 times a day and it was daily. Sounds like fun. I looked forward everyday to that miraculous day they all, the doctors, like to call the beginning of your second trimester. When I got there, I had no real big change other than the puking is now, by week 17, been cut back to middle of the night and twice every other day. WHOOOHOO!!!

On January 1st, the day you can't see a doctor, we had a bleeding scare. The doctor on call assured me that I didn't need to do anything dramatic unless it continued to be heavy all day. We were lucky that it did not persist and we went in for a normal ultrasound the next day to find the little one, swimming around like a trooper. The diagnosed a sub choriotic hemmorhage. Whatever that is. According to the doctor they are more common than most know about. So she sent us home with confidence. Good thing too because I had signs of bleeding all the way through January. the last week of the month I had another gush and it was all over. NO MORE BLEEDING. Praise the Lord. It was one stressful month, constantly wondering what was going on.

Due to the puking, I haven't been able to hold down any of the essentials; nutrition, prenatals, so much for my pledge that I was going to do everything right this time around. I decided this is God's way of getting rid of any guilt that still remains that anything with Jackson was my fault. Now I am pleading with God that I got the point and he can rid me of the puking that still persists. Oh, well I did tell the nurses that I didn't care what I had, I just wanted a healthy baby. They inform me that puking means your hormones are high and usually means good health too. I guess I am just getting what I asked for.

In a month we will find out what we are having. We had enough excitement last the birth, we believe it is fun to have a little excitement as we go through the pregnacy as well. Can't save it all for the end. Right?

Let see what you think it is?

here are some helpful hints and wives tales:

I am sleeping like an infant, waking up every three hours. Horrendous!! Also I am having scary dreams about my family dying. Scary not crazy. Still no energy even in the second trimester...but I am blaming the lack of nutrition and lack of sleep.

horrible reflux same as Jackson

I am carrying high or at least that is where they have found the baby

HR was 180 and now has consistently been at 160 for two months

I have the pukes, didn't with Jackson

I am having acne issues...gotta love that!! didn't have any with Jackson

I am craving Cheeseburgers...actually any food that will stay down

there you go....all you baby predictors out there....what am I going to have?

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My little chubbers with man boobs.

the look of concentration on his face is killing me. He was still happy at this moment. Today was our synagis day. Our nurse uses her cell phone as a distration while she is taking his vitals. As we were doing this we noticed how chubby our little guy is getting...check out his man boobs...

then he rolled on to his side adn oh my...check out the rolls...Anyone want to guess how much we will gain by . We will gain by our 18 . month appointment next friday?

e haven't made it to kidney transplant weight yet...but we are bounding towards it everyday. We were up 8 ounces in a week a nd we are know at 18 lbs 10.5ounces.. Before you know it I am going to have the kid that can't move anymore because his fat gets in the way...who would have ever guessed that Jackson would ever become that boy. lol.
leave your guesses and I will let you know where we are next friday.....
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