Sunday, March 29, 2009


Jackson has the flu, which has sent us to the ER. they then admitted him for observation and fluids overnight. The problem with Jackson is when you can't hold down milk, we are screwed. When he gets dehydrated it can hurt his kidney. So far we are being rehydrated. WE just ALL need sleep. So please pray for sleep for all three and a half of us.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

we headed out last week to the library for story time. Jackson was quite the ham. we propped him up in the chair and while Toby was taking pictures..he kept signing up. This boy, wants to be carried all the time. *he is too heavy for this* then he started reading his book and playing peek a boo. Two of his favorite things at 19 months.
he loves reading them to you too. he was babbling while flipping pages the other day and I tried to get it on video and he wasn't having it. he would stop intantly. This is the only pic I have out of 15 of him not cheesing the camera. I wanted a pic of him reading.
I gotta say I could be in a worse state...He could not love books...but he does. We had a great visit with my parents and sad thing...we were so distracted by little boy in cast...I didn't take any pictures...I will have to get some from my mom's camera. It was so nice having there help during the day to entertain. Jackson is a lot more frustrated this time around. But if you play with him it seems to turn around. last time he entertained himself alot. Cartoons have been our friend in the morning. Giving me time for things like this, and email. Then after a hour or so we have to do something different. Like right now. So that is it for now...

don't forget the children's resale this weekend....225 sellers...a top notch sale that is well worth everything you do to get in. I am excited this year to help volunteer. But for less than a 100 dollars I can dress my child in style for the entire summer...a definite help in this economy. plus with baby number two on the way we will get a chance to find some things we are in need of for her as well. I can't wait. check out the website...resale. There is everything from toys, strollers, swings, monitors, clothes, books and anything else you can think of when you think baby or kids. See you all there. Saturday March 28th: 8am to noon !!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Bathroom Remodel Part 1

For all of you that were apart of Jackson's benefit last are some updates. We had a horrific mold problem in our bathrooms. YEs both bathrooms so Jackson had been getting baths in the kitchen sink. NO big deal until he got too big to fit. One of the projects was a bathroom remodel. Over the last 6 months wonderful volunteers have come in to our home to help with the project. It is making amazing progress. At first I thought the best part was picking out the supplies...but I am telling you seeing it all come together has been

Amazing. Seriously isn't this awesome. Don't be surprised if the next time you visit us at our house, we eagerly want to show you our bathroom. It will be the best room in the house.

oh and do you see that beautiful white thing in the backround...yes, you are not crazy, I am talking about the toilet. It was heavenly not having to walk to the basement when I got up last night in the middle of the night. Heavenly I tell you.

We are so thankful to everyone who has put in time, labor and money to have this bathroom come together. It has become far more than we imagined. This will not only help us in the present to get rid of the mold but in the future in the value of our home. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I feel like I have a spa getaway emerging in my own home. Can't wait o get to use it.
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A cast jam session

this was too funny not to post. Jackson was delirious last night when Aunt Morgan decided to play all the phone ringers on her phone to get him to laugh....but instead he started dancing. We like to call it cast dancing. it is too cute and too funny. I think my boy has some rhythem.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jackson's Recovery

Hi everyone. We are getting into a routine around here. I am not sure if my memory is failing me or if this time around it is harder than the first time. We have been dodging, cleaning and catching puke for about 36 hours. However long it has been since we left the hospital. Don't get too worried. This is normal. See without poop we are constipated, which in turn means we can't hold anything we eat down. It is a wicked cycle. Hungry all the time is what it turns out to mean CRABBY. Between pain and hunger who blames the little guy. Oh yeah that brings me to the other difference. HOLY HEAVY. I swear the cast adds 5 lbs, literally, this is no tv thing.the above picture should have been our first sign that things were going to be different this time around. Usually he has no clue what is coming next when we check in at surgery waiting. But this time he definitely knew what was coming next.
Check out this look of timidness. This gown confused everyone. Dr Lubicky said all the nurses kept calling him a girl. All thanks to a surgical gown. We should have sent him back there with his jacket...come on people...he has male parts.

All and all the recovery is going well. We are all just very tired. We got poop yesterday and this morning, so I believe we are on our way to being able to eat. Last night, when daddy got home they played. Dad got giggles and smiles. So good to hear. I think the sound of your childs giggles or voice is the best especially after surgery or a time when they haven't been themselves. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I was a little more concerned this time, so I didn't get as many pics as normal. Thank you all for your continued recovery prayers and of course prayers for poop.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Jackson's hip surgery and Heart Scare.

Ok, so last night didn't go so hot. Jackson has a fever and his heart rate started to spike. He was in the 200's. The nurse had no luck calming him down and we were called in at 4 am after they called the cardiac emergency team. Both Adrian and I were more interested in his renal labs in reference to his heart than we were about the things they were. Then we found out the poor boy hadn't eaten since 10 pm...due to him throwing up his food. So we fed him a bottle and moma held him, and all was good in the calm sector. As for the HR it has taken most of today to get that under 200. So we are going to stay the night with him tonight to help monitor him and his feedings and so on.

the other thing is his pain with this surgery has been higher than in previous. He has needed more narcotics, which in turn means that his intestinal tract is working even slower than it normally does. I have to ask one more time to pray for poop. We need him to pass gas and poop to get him less bloated and more comfortable.

for now they are keeping us overnight and we will discuss discharge in the morning based on how the night goes. Dr Lubicky was quite concerned about his night and it takes alot to get him concerned. So we took it to heart and agreed to stay over night. Not worth getting all the way home and having to drive back to Indy.

Dr Lubicky did however confirm that the CT scan looked good surgery wise and he is in good shape as far as the hip. It is in the right place and should do well in the healing process.

thank you everyone for your prayers and messages. they definitely help get through the day.

Monday, March 02, 2009

IT'S A..............

Well we are happy to announce that we have a healthy baby. We have more fluid this time around than what we ever had with Jackson. The baby is a mover and a shaker. It took over and hour to have the ultrasound done. We are measuring right on with 21 weeks.....and 3 days. It is looking as though our due date will be right on schedule. The baby weighs about a pound.

It is a GIRL....congratulations all of you were right in some way. She was definitely open to showing us too, but I have some concern about this.

Though you all would enjoy watching her move and shake...since we didn't get a good profile pic.