Sunday, June 29, 2008


our busy weekend....
Jackson started sitting for long periods of time. He just falls over though...still hasn't completely learned how to catch himself. Oh well he will learn. And so funny to watch him fall straight over and then start laughing..
Enjoy the video (please excuse the burp, we take them when we get them) and I will tell you about the rest of our weekend.

It all started when I decided to repaint the dining room. I have wanted more color in my three room living space (I say that we have a whole finished basement that we never go to anymore) that I live in the most and so I decided to revamp things a bit. So I chose green tea green. You are probably thinking that isn't colorful...but thing panera bread iced green tea...yep bright green. We are going to see I brought in a candle to the Lowe's and tried the color match thing, but of course for me it didn't work so I had to resort to the closest match. I already had the chocolate chip color for the backsplash and the kitchen...I was pumped.
We headed home and I started on friday morning during Jackson's nap. Did some priming over the red I had there and let it dry and started to paint. All of a sudden I had bubbles and it started lifting. My mind jumped to the worst thing ever...more wall paper. I am telling you, these previous home owners, they painted over wall paper in every room. ARRRRGGGG!!!! this on a side the WORST THING YOU COULD EVER DO TO THE NEXT PERSON WHO LIVES IN YOUR HOUSE. WALLPAPER GETS HARDER TO TAKE OFF AFTER YOU PAINT OVER IT. HARDER I SAY. luckily this was the worlds oldest wall paper ever and I found two different kinds...let me show you how beautiful it is.

THis is what I found under what I peeled off. and the holes. The just punched a hole *or so it looked like* and ran power cords through the wall. Have you ever heard of an outlet. SO we have tried to do our house the right way, so when we sell it, the next owner can easily change things to there style, if by some small chance they don't love my decorating. :):)LOL. SO on Friday night we decided to go check out SEARS' appliance sale. Don't get excited...I tried by saying everything was cheaper the more you buy, but it didn't work I did however get a new microwave/range hood combo to go over our stove. I am telling you it is sweet. No more 1min preheat on the things you try to microwave. Yep to reheat anything it always need to push like 1 min 30 seconds and you would hear it power up and then start was funny at times but made making things or following instructions really difficult. the other problem was that you couldn't stir anything on the back burners because the Microwave slanted down in the back. You might think this isn't a big deal, but it makes it extremely hard to cook with multiple pots. But now. I am so excited. let me tell you about this amazing machine we purchased. It has sensor cooking, so I put the popcorn in for 3min 30sec or 10 minutes it will still stop at the same time because it sensed when it is done. it is AMAZING. it is three inches higher, which may not seem like much but it is a world different. The vent is on top which is wonderful it is hidden...don't have to clean it as often. So with no further adoo....
I gotta say that my husband is quite handy...he never ceases to amaze me. He put in an outlet and then tested it, installed a microwave and then went out to by me a present. Let me tell you this isn't the typical present most women would jump up and down for...but I DID. I was SOOSOO excited. YOu will have to wait to find out...oh come on I haven't had time to take a picture of it or us using it. So it will come with REVAMP TAKE 2. Stay tuned...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

less trips=less gas= MORE MONEY. Brilliant

well plans have changed a bit for next week and we have gotten new information about his hip reduction.

we had a brilliant idea last week on monday (*actually Adrian's idea* but i still say we). we decided to make cancel our appointments because each doc we would see we will also see in the hospital on thursday. This made it so we have one trip to Riley. I always like reducing the amount of driving we have to do, especially with gas at $4.00 a gallon. eeeekkkk!!!

then i talked to Dr Lubicky's nurse yesterday and she said they will know immediately (on Thursday July 3rd) if the closed reduction doesn't have a chance at success and will come talk to us and we will make the decision for surgery right there and his closed could turn in to an open reduction quite quickly. That was a relief to me that we wouldn't be waiting another month to get it started. Jackson already loves moving and loves to put weight on his legs. he is a funny lookin kid when he is standing, he is soooo short. Can't wait til he is walking around it is going to be so cute. Granted when he is in to everything I might not think it was that cute. We will see. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We have a tummy sleeper!!!

Well just like mom, Jackson has found he likes his tummy for sleeping. I was a little nervous at first, but if he can get there he can get off right. So no more nerves and we are back to sleeping through the yippppeee!!!! I will let him sleep however he wants as long as we sleep through the night. Plus isn't it the cutest.Where did he go????? That is a good questions.....

well we usually put Jackson to bed, right there in front of you...see the mobile. yep right there..with his head facing to the right. So where did he go. after we panicked a little and then looked further we found him. NO not under the blanket, although this little incident has removed the blanket from the crib. But here.

Do you see him...look closely....yep
way over in the corner. he not only rolled to the side, but flipped himself completely around and facing the other direction. NOt only did he do this but he did it will no noise coming through the monitor. he is a sneaky one. That is a little glimpse into the our world lately. Gotta get back to cleaning the house. OH, good news. We got appointments rearranged and we will be heading down on Wednesday next week and seeing everyone while we are in the hospital. I am so relieved that we will not be spending double the money on Gas. Disappointing though to not see Sarah in the hospital with the baby...but we will go and see her while we are down there. have a great week

Thursday, June 19, 2008

he's on a ROLL.....

ok so I tried really hard mom to rotate this video but it won't...Sorry. I wanted to let all of you know our little man is "on a Roll" he loves to move acrossed the floor. He turns and rolls in his bed. (not quite as bad as I thrashed in bed but close). Hope you enjoy the talking, and the rolling. He is getting to be a big boy. We continue to hope he is continuing to gain weight too.

Monday, June 16, 2008

This past weekend was full of fun. We started out with Family pics on Saturday morning. Darcy took our pictures. She did an amazing job. I can't wait to see what her photography business turns into. this is one of 68, so I will have to post some more. But this will keep you waiting.

Then when we got home, we mowed our jungle we like to call a yard. With all the rain we haven't been able to mow it when we need to so then when we do get to, we usually have to go over it twice. So I guess it is the same, either twice in a day or twice a week. While daddy was mowing and Jackson was sleeping, mommy was getting ready for the garage sale this weekend. I priced 360 items. WE are ready for people to come shopping. I need to find out when I have to go help set up. Hopefully we can make some extra spending money. I love garage sales when they go well. I think we will have another one later in the summer, we love the extra space we created and don't want to put it back in garage or the house. Amazingly that took a good portion on our day. when I first looked at the clock it was 1pm and the next time was 7pm. Yeah don't get excited Jackson woke up in between. I don't have a kid that takes 6 hour naps. :)

Then Sunday we went to church (jackson puked all over daddy at church-Happy Father's day)had lunch with Adrian's Grandparents, and then ran some Errands and went home. Where I proceeded to fall asleep and sleep til this morning. For some reason I was exhausted.

Hope you all had a Fabulous Father's Day and a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, June 08, 2008


well we are two days away from Jackson's 10 month birthday. Oh my where has time gone. I took these few pictures this past week. I love them so much. HE is looking so much like a young man and not so much my little peanut anymore. Jackson has developed such a little personality. He knows exactly what he wants and unfortunately most of the time gets it.
He is quite inquisitive. Always inspecting everything. Loves to play with the computer power cords, stethescope cords, pretty much anything that is like or is a cord he wants to play with. I know your thinking it....."does he chew on it? ".....of course. Everything goes in his mouth.
He is quite the Ham. HE has this little giggle that just can't be beat. He has gotten better. Mom can now get him to laugh. He clearly says DADA. I am still not sure he knows who it is, but he is getting better. He has started using the MMMMM letter, but still no MAMA. that is ok. he will get it. One of these days he will realized who does everything for him :).
oh yes and the little man as started to move. He has started rolling. He wants a toy and we make HIM get it. Cruel I know but it is such great motivation. *At least we are not doing it with his bottle*. That would be cruelty. At times I will be writing on here and i will look up and he has moved two feet. PRetty soon we will be rolling everywhere. He does sustain himself in a push up position too. we haven't really scooted or crawled yet though. Its coming and I can wait. I will leave you with this one. He is in love with his puppy and the best part is Macy just rolls with it all. The pinching, grabbing, and doesn't matter, she lets him. THe other night we looked down to see Jackson holding macy's paw straight over his head. it is a loving relationship. Hope you all have an amazing week. WE will. HOT HOT HOT.....