Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas 09

this year Christmas lasted a long time for our family and don't worry I am not complaining. We started out on December 20th celebrating with Adrian's family, however we were all pretty sick. I was still throwing up because of the inside me, Adrian had the flu and I knew I had to get Jackson out of the house. So I trucked acrossed the county to Gloria and Mikes and left Jackson there for the night. Adrian was feeling better the next day so we got some extra sleep and then headed over for lunch. Between my head cold and the baby pukes it was a long day. But great times seeing family. We then came home and all went to bed early. Jackson kept Grandma and his aunt and uncle up all night so he was tired too. We worked really hard to get healthy, before we headed to MN on Tuesday.

Tuesday is itself an adventure. We got in the car at about 2:30 pm two hours earlier than we planned on leaving. It all started with flurries, an ipass that didn't work right and all of this made for a very unhappy driver. To top it off it didn't make it easier that Jackson and I were not feeling well and we all knew we had some tough weather ahead of us. But we knew we wanted to surprise My mom on Christmas by showing up early, so we were off. We got into Chicago and hit aweful weather. We were driving 8 mph and it took nearly and hour and a half to drive 17 miles. At times I could have walked faster than we were moving. Once we got out of the Chicago area and past Joliet we upped our speed to around 50 but drove like this to the Iowa border. After consulting with my dad in secret...we decided at 12:30 pm to get a room in Des Moines IA for some well needed rest and we would start out tomorrow morning. It took another two hours from there to get to my parents...this is normally a 8 and a half hour trip...that took us twelve. WOW...never in my six years have I encountered such a trip....but I guess I am blessed with the winter conditions...that I have made it with only one bad trip in 6 years.

My mom was elated and sooo excited to see all of us. of course she began thinking about all the things she didn't have done yet and the extra food she needed until I informed her there would only be one extra mouth to feed and he wasn't that picky. It was a great idea to have a few days before the rest of the gang arrived. It was good for Jackson to have more time with Papa and Nana and to not be overwhelmed with all the energy from my nieces.

We had our family Christmas on Saturday which went great. lots of gifts and family fun. then on Sunday we had the Christensen family Christmas at my mom and Dad's and we surprised my mom with a 60th bday party too...but I will let everyone know she is not 60 until January 18th. So give her another month before the harassment starts.

Then monday we had a very uneventful trip home. Jackson traveled like a champ again. I can only hope that our future children are the same. I gotta say if it was eventful I missed it. I slept a great majority of the trip. Adrian was the trooper driving us the entire way. I have pictures but off course blogger is not cooperating with me we will try in the morning.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. I can't wait to see what is in store for us in 2009. 2008 has been great and I will do a year in review sometime soon.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

a new addition to the family.....

We found out on the 5th of November that we are expecting our second child in July. Sorry Dad this is why I forgot to call you on your birthday. I was a bit overwhelmed as you can all imagine. we were not planning to try for another baby for at least another 6 months. We really wanted to get through Jackson's second birthday before we added another. I am such a planner and with this pregnancy I feel as though nothing can be planned. I am not God, so I know nothing about how Jackson's health is going to go and I also have no idea how this pregnancy is going to go either.

To top it off I have been incredibly sick with this one. I haven't been able to eat normally or drink enough. I have been puking since Thanksgiving weekend. I don't know if this is God telling me I did everything right with the first one, or what? But I have got the point already. I promise... Most people are telling me it means I am having a girl. Good thing I don't believe in the wives tales. That way I won't get my hopes up.

on November 23rd we had an ultrasound to find out the babies exact due date. when you are not trying you don't keep track of the things you are suppose too at all. It was simply amazing to see the 2 cm big baby with a profile, little arm buds and a beating heart. She told us it had a healthy heart beat too at 183 bpm.

We have talked to the doctor and she is on board to help me have as normal as a pregnancy as possible. She said she doesn't want to have me in every week unless she has too. So we are doing things like normal unless they turn otherwise. So far so good. She will do a couple more ultrasounds than normal...but hey, who am I to complain about seeing my baby more than once in 9 months. We have other decisions to make about testing and delivery, but we will wait until then to decide these things.

I am sure you are all wondering....we have no more chance than the average person to have Jackson's issues repeat. we have a 3% chance. everyone says that I should be happy I am means hormone levels are high and baby development in healthy too. I am happy about that, but by no means does it make me happy about being sick.

So we have alot to be grateful for this holiday season and we are excited to finally share it with all of our dedicated readers.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Some things just take us a bit longer...but we get there.

Jackson started clapping last night and we got it on video for all of you this morning. We have been working on this skill for months and then all of a sudden we just have to play the ABC song or ask him to clap and he does. Crazy how excited these small things get you. We might not get it right away but we do get it in OUR TIME. Enjoy the video. I tried to get a picture of him clapping to the ABC song...but all he let me get was a picture of him playing with the toy that sings it. oh well maybe later.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Miss you Daddy....

Who knew my child was going to love to slam doors. I think he gets that from his dad... just a video for Dad while he is in florida for the week. and a few picture

Isn't he funny...He is so very funny.

don't worry dad your paper is not going to waste while you are gone. I have it covered...I am reading it every morning.
we thought we would show you my new positions. I am going to have big strong arms when you get home. from all the push ups I have been doing.

We are so excited to inform you............













16 pounds.



27 inches tall.

WE are so excited and pumped that we are gaining weight and growing again.

Friday, December 05, 2008

I am sorry to say but I have no pictures of the actual cast remover....sorry I am an aweful photojournalist. I know. But I was so distracted by how amazing he was doing and all the informaiton we were getting that I didn't pull out the camera again. Then when they actually removed it and he had the pain from the lack of pressure and stiffness I was definitely more interested in comforting my child than I was taking a picture. Anyhoo...he was a trooper on the way home and slept most of the way and when he wasn't sleeping he was playing with the old, yet new to him toy bar on his carseat. it was wonderful. Then when we got home we filled up the tub and got out the give him a bath. He loved it. He even moved his legs some in the water. In the picture can see
ok really the picture below can see the markings on his legs from surgery and you can sort of see the scar on his right leg that goes from his little love handle all the way down to an inch above his knee. It is crazy big.
He enjoyed his bath thoroughly... and we look forward to giving him many more in our new tub....that has been set in our upstairs bathroom. The process is moving forward and we are so excited. For now we are just relieving him with Tylenol and he has not disappointed us with his efforts. I left him on this green blanket to make supper last night and when I came back to check on him he was under the endtable pulling out magazines. He quickly started moving around last night, still army crawling and occassionally he would get his knees under him...then moments later scream in pain. So it is still a process but he is trying. The docs say we will have a few days of tylenol and pain before we are trying to move everything again. I am happy to say that he slept a little better last night. Only waking up twice instead of every two and half hours. We will see what the next few days bring.

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Jackson on the MOVE!!

many of you have been asking how Jackson gets around and I finally got him excited about something where he wasn't distracted by the camera. hope you enjoy his moves. He is going to be so excited come friday. Tomorrow we will leave so 47 hours until the cast is off.