Saturday, January 30, 2010

Introducing J. Lea Designs....

I am proud to to announce the opening of my online shop at Etsy.  I began pondering the idea of what I could do to help support our family soon after I found out I was pregnant with baby number two.  It wasn't until after our Sweet baby girl was born, that an idea sprouted out of trying to make do with what we had.

I had to try and figure out how to reuse my burp clothes from my son Jackson who had severe reflux.  Those of you that know us, know when I say severe I am not joking.  So most of them had a few stains and others were almost not salvagable.   So, I got the idea to use fabric to cover at least one side of my burp clothes, from a gift that was given.  This at least made one side for the cloth clean and also trendy.   This was absolutely a fun idea especially when I new I was having a girl.
       My darling daughter brought about another idea that I have in my shop as well.  We all know that there are some super cute receiving blankets on the market, however even I who is a mom of two preemie babies, think they are way to small.  Avenlea was a pretty cranky child for the first three to five months of her life.  We won't say the C word but you all know what I am talking about.  So I learned from a family member, the burrito wrap.  I am telling you it is a miracle done with a blanket.  This was great until we had a normal size baby and you couldn't get a blanket big enough to work.  So I decided with the help of my mother in law to make a few.  She went with me and helped me with the amount of fabric I would need and we went on the adventure of matching fabrics and trying different combinations.  This is what we have come up with.  I personally have four of them and I can't tell you how fun it was to get some sleep.

The next thing we carry came from a gift I got was from my dear friend Kara...she introduced me to the pillowcase dress.  I can't tell you how much fun these are to accessorize and make.  The coordinating of fabrics and acessories never ends.  They are adorable as a dress, but common how cute is it with a pair of jeans and a crocheted hat.  I also had a great time adding leggings, jean jackets, and many other cute combos I am sure we will show you in the near future. 
The great thing about these dresses is that you can make them work year round and to top it off if you wear them a little wide when they are young, they work great as a top later on.  So it is the gift that keeps on giving.  I have found them to be a stylish addition to Avenlea's closet. Oh and speaking of accessories....we thought we would offer you some.

WE, my sister in law, and I are crocheting hats.  We have been working on some boy hats, these adorable little girl ones, this newsgirl one, and some others we have in the works as well.  We have all kinds of options for color combos, you just have to ask and we can probably due it for if you have a favorite team you want to support or just a favorite color combo...let us know.   We would be happy to make one for you. Don't let these fool you, they aren't just for the fall and winter. 

I had another idea after I began making outfits for my daughter and the ideas just keep on coming. So continue to check back for more ideas at our website.  We are working on cloth diaper bags, crocheted blankets, ruffle pants, a variety of different tops and baby bundles for your next baby shower.  Whether you have a friend who is expecting or a mom that could just use a little something to brighten her day I am sure we have something that would work.

We have been blessed in Fall of 2009 by some of our close friend that found out about what I was working on through word of mouth and it has since found its way to an etsy site. Etsy is a great place for individuals like myself. Most are stay at home moms, individuals who have had a life altering experience whether it be medical or otherwise and all of us are there to try and make a living.  I can't tell you how excited I am to see where this goes.  COME CHECK IT OUT!!!  J. Lea Design at 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to me.  I got admit.  I thought each of  the birthday's in the thirties would be rough but it has been smooth sailin'.  Or maybe I just have other, more important, things to stress about.  So it doesn't really bother me. 

this year i have no real big plans for my birthday.  Do we ever really after about the age of 12?   I am looking forward to hangin out with some friends and getting my kiddos to bed early, so I can enjoy some me time. 

Here are a few of my surprises so far: 

Adrian brought home flowers last night and had Jackson walk them over and give them to me.  I wish I could  have captured Jackson's delivery for you all.  It was the SWEETEST site you have ever seen.  I also got to enjoy a delicious yogurt and Brew Granola for Breakfast with some of My left over Chai Latte.  SO far it is a great day.  Oh and How could I forget the best gift ever:  ................wait......................wait ..........wait for it. 

MY Daughter slept from 8:30 to 6am this morning and then my wonderful hubby got up with her to feed her and she is still sleeping now at 9 am.  :)  I can't tell you how sweet this is.  It is also nice to give Jack some one on one time.  HE also gave me a Great Big Birthday Hug this morning.  I have such sweet kids. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

7 months a couple weeks late!!

ok so pardon the bad pictures but these are all I have.  I guess when you spend the first week of your babies 7th month in the hospital with her brother there is little chance for new pictures of her.  She is growing like a weed.  She was weighed the week after christmas and she weighed in at 19 lbs 2ounces.  Holy Guacomole!!!  She is also like 27 and a half inches tall.  Holy Cow Batman.  After my first preemie child I never would have believed at 7 months my second would be in 12 month clothes.  Her closet is looking pretty full of dresses, but not much else.  I wouldn't complain if we were made of money, cuz this girl loves to shop, but unfortunately it will have to be a little at a time to fit in the budget.  She did get some adorable clothes from Grandma Tims for Christmas. 

Jackson is still totally loving his sister.  He even talked to her while we were gone...Saying: wub oo abenee...translation:  Love you Avenlea. 

So we have accomplished a few things in the last month:
- rolled over
-started baby foods-loves them...
- began assisted sitting
- started to chew on everything
- started grabbing things and reaching in front of her on tummy time
- still hates to be on her tummy, who would have guessed she use to ONLY sleep on her tummy
- out grew 6 month and most 9 month clothes
- grew to 19 lbs and 27 1/2 inches
-eats a ton
- loves to watch her brother run around
- eats her hands whole
- loves to be read and sung to
- kicks and splashes in the tub
- attempts at all times to eat her feet and hates socks and shoes (makes living in the winter difficult)
-seems to permenantly have contracted abs as she is always trying to sit up
- we found who she looks like....proof to come later
- she is still happy, content and loves to be independant...just started holding her own bottle some of the time to eat. 
-did I say she liked to eat
- smiley, as the most hilarious laugh
- plays peek-a-boo
- has this high pitched scream and it means she is happy.  totally funny when Jackson screams back like they are having a conversation

I am so looking forward to seeing what this months brings.  Can't wait to have her pictures taken again at 8 months.  I know strange to have them at 8 months...but it is when she would be about 6 months old.  since she was 6 weeks early.  Following are own schedule.  plus I have some ideas.  I am sure I will take some 7 month ones too.  We will see. 

Happy 7 month birthday Sweet Pea!!!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Who says you can't ride a tricycle in the winter?

So daddy and Jackson decided to head out in the fluffy snow today. I suggested making a snowman, but Jackson wasn't keen on being in the snow. being the great dad that Adrian is he figured out a way to make a sled out of his tricycle. Jackson loved it. He didn't want to come in when we said it was time. I don't think his little cheeks could get much more red.

They made a track in the back yard...if you stayed in the track it went pretty well. Adrian said they took a few spills but Jackson took them like a champ and got back on wanting more.

I am pretty sure Macy had just as much fun bounding around in the snow too.

Well I had a video but It doesn't seem to be letting me upload it.  Since I upgraded this blogger thing...I lost my video loader button...if anyone knows how to get it back or how to upload with the upgraded blogger let me know.  Thanks...Enjoy the pictures for now.