Friday, May 29, 2009

tools, dirt and excavators= projects finished

Jackson was so intrigued by the mini excavator. he never stopped watching and his eyes got huge the closer it got to him. I have to say this whole adventure was so exciting for me. this is such a beautiful site below. Adrian and I have talked about how much these evergreen bushes bothered us and how over grown they we are so happy to be able to now see our home and decide on something to put in that we like better. Now we just have the mess to clean up and find out where to dispose of it...since Colby was nice enough to do this as a favor for us. Good thing he is a pro too...cuz we had a gas line and electrical for him to avoid and he did all the above. Nice job buddy.

we also fixed our planter box around the was rotted through. so gross and so full of bugs. I was happy to find out that Jackson wasn't a big fan of the bugs and spiders either. I am sure that will change later on. Unless he has his Uncle Jeremy's fear of getting dirty. as you can see he is not playing in the dirt. He is just watching.

we also got another in house job completed....I got a closet organizer for the kids room and Adrian put it in. it was so worth it. however it is expensive to find organization stuff. but I am telling you since i started this purging thing months ago. it is alot easier since i have organized and put the time and money into having a place for everything to keep it all clean and picked up. Don't Jackson's little clothes look so tiny? We wanted it to be effective even after the kids moved out, so we set it up for adult clothes. I love it. I am so excited to be ready for baby number two. I feel so much more ready this time than I was with Jackson. All of us mom's know that if you don't get it done before they arrive it is while before you get to any projects I am happy to be accomplishing so much.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Nesting is in full swing

I am experiencing new things this time around. Nesting is one of them. I have never wanted or needed my house to be so picked up, organized, and clean. Macy's hair is bothering me beyond all comprehension so I vaccum like daily. I have sorted out junk in every room of the house (only to collect it in the basement), rearranged furniture in most, and repainted a few. (Adrian surprised me with picking stuff out on mother's day. He did a good job we both like the colors.) Our master bedroom actually got pictures hung and rearranged. It is strange to see the dining room with pictures too. It took me four years to get things on the walls that i am happy with. I also never thought we would ever reach the point of being done with the upstairs and ready to move to the basement. We would like to create a family room and toy room down there. plus the kids bedrooms will eventually be down there. right now we have some heating issues. So we have to check into new doors and carpet to make those rooms functional. For now the kids will share the nursery...which we rearranged and set up another crib in. Thank you King family for letting us borrow the crib.
I am actually feeling prepared this time around for the baby. In ways I didn't with Jackson being on bedrest for the last 5 weeks. But in other ways I am feeling really nervous and anxious about how everything will work when our little girl arrives. Jackson is making huge head way in the world of moving around, but I don't see him walking anytime soon.

I so can't imagine...trying to carry a 24 lb little boy and a car carrier with a baby. I guess they may balance things out. but wow, how do mom's do it that have babies 9 month a part? We are praying Jackson continues to improve in his gross motor skills over the next seven weeks. We see the doctor next week and we will then start Physical therapy again.

On to more nesting...this time outside.
We have gotten out to do a few things outside too.. We planted flowers in our baskets on the deck, and have an amazing pot on the front porch...the question is can I keep them alive. Our landscaping from last summer is weeded and looking great. I can't believe, but am so excited that everything we transplanted from our friends backyard last year has come up and is looking great. Even some of my late plants in the front are coming back. So we are trying to keep up outside too...but the rain is not helping us stay on top of our grass. Last week I think Adrian mowed like three times. and then we needed to mow almost twice yesterday to get it cut low enough.
Jackson experienced the grass again this past friday. It was the one day it wasn't raining, so I thought we would go outside. He didn't like it at first, then it was ok...but he didn't move. he was frozen in one place on hands and knees...yelling Ha daddy to everyone that past by. didn't matter if on foot, in car or on a bike. the minute they said hi back he was all bashful. Too cute I tell you. Well I should rap this up...I am sure there will be more nesting the next seven weeks. If I had my way, the entry would be stripped of wall paper, the basement would be painted, new floors would be put in, unfortunately you need money for all of this and time. When you get the time there is usually no money and when you have the money you don't have the time. So I will settle for the things we can do and continue to dream about the rest.

Til next time. Enjoy your week and the sunshine today.

Monday, May 11, 2009

having a blast

Jackson's therapist brought us this table last week. It is amazing. just the right height for the little man, (which by the way, is nearly impossible to find). Mom is so happy to have an upright position to put him in.
we stack blocks and knock them over, we did some scribbling, we have even tried a little food at this table. Here he is below...checking out a dumb, dumb sucker.. notice we play with it a little more than it goes in our mouth...but at least we are curious. right?
He loves the new bubble blowing dog that Cathy brought too. it is easy to make go too, so Jackson can do it himself. which is spectacular. On mother's day afternoon, Jackson was sitting at his table with the little key board you can see in the backround. Boppin back and forth in his seat playing the keyboard. It was the cutest thing ever. (bad mom...didn't have the camera or get a video) Then later that night he proceeded to stand up from his bench and try to walk along the table. The boy remembers...and is so frustrated that his lil' body won't cooperate. it won't be long....and we will be chasin him around.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

update on the schrock household.....

jackson is movin and shakin again. He is working on bending his legs and then he will even go up on them like he is going to crawl and then he goes back to army crawling...but oh well...he'll get there. This morning i heard him coming down the hall as I was getting dressed in the bed room. it sounded like thump, thump swoosh. Kinda horor movieish...but I knew exactly what it was. He beats his arms so hard into the floor to move... needless to say none of this keeps him out of mischeif. He is into everything already...I just have a little more time to get to him, before he gets there. He still loves the dogs water and food dishes...what is it about these things.

in the past weekend we *adrian and I * accomplished the big task of painting our bedroom. It had to be repainted do to the door we closed in from our bedroom to the bathroom. I know i know. you all have the advice that we shouldn't have done that...but just wait til you visit someday and I will explain where the door went...and you won't ask anymore questions. It was rediculous. Anyway...I let my hubby help pic the decor this time and he went for pale blues with our already brown comforter. I wanted him to have a relaxing space in our house...suited for him. now I just have to keep it clean and picked up...that is his biggest thing that helps him relax. Gotta say at the beginning...neither of us was a big fan of the color we chose for the walls. Wanted a light nuetral color. (this way I can change the color scheme easily if I want to in a couple of years) but I am telling you there are so many types of nuetral...brown neutrals, yellow tinted nuetrals, green tinted neutrals. and you never know for sure what the light in your house is going to do. So we decided to hang all the curtains before we made a rash decision, cuz after a full day and a half of painting, neither of us wanted to do it we were camping on the living room floor on our matress while the work was being done and Adrian was done picking up the matress every morning to put it back in the hallway. I gotta say it was fun for like a night...but getting up to get jackson and go to the bathroom was not so easy 30 weeks prego. the time we hung the curtains and put the furniture back in the room, it doesn't look bad. Not exactly the look I was going for but we will deal. it is calming. Still have to add the decor and then we will show you pictures. maybe....or maybe you will have to come see it in person.

baby number two is doing well. we had an appointment on Monday. HR is around 140. Way lower than Jackson's was. but the doctor says still healthy and normal. So we will go with it. Got some information on VBAC's. I was all about it until I had a dream tonight about me having a ruptured uterus in the middle of labor. Talk about scary. I am sure it is just my mind playing tricks on me. but we will see. Adrian and I have to way our options. I would definitely love the shorter recovery time, with a toddler and a newborn needing care. If anyone has advice please let me know.

I think that is it for now. Have a great weekend.