Monday, September 21, 2009

Finally another BOY!!!

So on friday night we welcomed our newest edition to the Schrock Family. Not our Schrock family but the extended one. Brayden Jeffrey was born at 6 something in the evening on Friday Evening. He was 21 inches long and 8 lbs 8 ounces. He seemed so light, that is when I realized that he was the same size as Avenlea was at two months. I got out her card from the Doc when we got home on Sunday and

Date: 8/10/09
Height 21 inches
weight: 8 lbs 6.6 ounces
Head 37 cm

My baby is so much bigger now. We will find out tomorrow how much she weighs. Anybody want to venture a guess. Here is a recent picture to help you out?

Friday, September 11, 2009

these will come back to haunt them someday....

check out that tushie...haha. I realized after I took these. I have never let my child run around naked. I think I am the only one of my friends with no pictures of this. He was having so much fun placing his numbers on the wall of the tub. I think for everyone he said three.
to cute...I tell ya. then he would take them all down and put them in the boat. then proceed to put them all back up again. HE was even generous to take a bath with his sister. THis one will for sure come out at their graduations. I love it. He kept pointing saying baby and she just happily kicked and enjoyed the water and the entertainment. I love how much jackson loves his sister..and she just watches him contently enjoying everything he does. I hope this continues later in life.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Jackson hammin' it up and an attempt of pictures of the two of them.

Jackson has become quite the ham lately. Of course it is on his terms. If he doesn't want to do it he doesn't do it.

Like tonight when we tried to get a couple pictures of our kids together. He decided he would rather try to push Avenlea out of the wagon instead. So we got this one picture of the two of them that is half way decent...she is trying to smile and her eyes are closed but it is a documentation of the moment right.
I was able to get a couple great pictures of my adorable 3month old baby girl. My how time flys, even with all the struggles we have had with her constipation, and colic. I am not sure now that we have been supplementing that she really was colicky or if she was just really hungry. But we will say a little of both. I have to keep doing what I did for Jackson and document on here what she is doing at three months or I won't remember when I scrapbook her three month pictures. So here goes:
She began smiling about a week ago, she is finally content to lay on the floor or in her bouncy seat. Up until this point she was a big fan of being held. Don't get me wrong, if the girl had her way, she would still be held all the time. She loves having baths and has since the first one. She just lays in the tub and kicks her legs happily. She has developed gorgeous blue eyes, with long full eyelashes. I feel she is going to be a heart breaker in her future. She loves to watch her brother entertain her. She is ok with tummy time and has been pulling her head off our shoulders for a few weeks now. She can hold it up for about a minute..then she lays it back down.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Schrock family update

enjoying our cool weather with the windows open. Jackson loves to greet the neighborhood as they walk by. didn't know if anyone ever heard him, until adrian came home from a walk with the kids to inform me that a lady stopped to say hi. She new jackson as the kid from the window. haha!!

we got our SMO's yesterday and we are getting use to them. he is not used to wearing sox and shoes all the time. it definitely increases his temperature. he screams as we put them on..but he doesn't seem to mind them once they are on and man do they make a difference. he balances so much better and his feet point straight ahead. i never realized how little his feet were until they brought out these tiny braces. too cute.
we were happy when the shoes we had for him already fit too. and will for a while. he is letting go of things still, but it is very different to have to pick your feet up with shoes on. So he is not taking a whole lot of steps away from anything. right now he is walking with his back against his table not hanging on. he is quite the ham.

On friday we went to the doctor for our two year check up...everything went well. he weighed in at 24 lbs 5 ounces, which is down a little depending on who's scale you believe. and he was up to 30 inches tall. which was an inch and a half growth since they last saw him. good news.
we discussed his kidney transplant and what kind of protection he could get while we enter flu season to keep him healthy. HE suggested the flu shot and the new swine flu shot that will be out later. we will all depends on surgery date. which we have good news about too. Adrian passed round two of his testing. so he has appointments next wednesday to meet with the doctor, have his psych exam (please pray for him lol), and he will need a ct scan of his kidneys. Once he has these tests read, and he passes. we will be able to schedule a date. Exciting!!

Avenlea is doing well. She was quite fussy for a while, but we figured out she was not getting enough to eat. So we have fed her more frequently and started supplementing..which has helped alot. she is sleeping better and her awake time is content. Thank you Lord.. She has started to smile, which is so sweet.

that is an update on the happenings in our house. Have a great labor day weekend.