Thursday, May 31, 2007

Praise God....everything is good

It is amazing when you look at how your life changes and the things you worry about as you begin to prepare yourself to be responsible for a life. Over the last month and a half I can honestly say I have seen God working in our lives. I am quicker to turn to him in difficult times, because he is truly the only one who has control over any of our previous scares. He is the one creating our little one, our little BOY. God has made me quicker to apologize as well. there have been times when my emotions have gotten the best of me and I have snapped, usually Adrian takes the blows, but God has taught me I can say I am sorry and we move forward. I don't just assume anymore that he knows I was wrong. I am sooooooo much quicker to ask for help, from friends, from acquaintances, family and mostly from the big guy upstairs. I am not ashamed or full of pride to take care of my own problems. I have turned to him and he has turned me to some of the greatest support in my life. Family and friends.

on that subject I don't think I could ever express in words what it has meant or felt like to me to have the prayer support of friends and family through all of this. I have felt a sense of peace knowing that people who love and care for us have been lifting us to God. I would not be telling the truth if I said my peace came from anywhere else. IT ONLY COMES FROM HIM!

Our last doctor's appointment a couple of weeks ago, was great. Dr Weaver said she was happy with the results from Memorial's ultrasound and from my blood work. When I brought up the one arterial umbilical cord she was not concerned, just stated that we would monitor it closely every four weeks with an ultrasound to make sure our little boy is growing at a normal rate. She said that there was a possibility that if he slowed or stopped in growth that we would look at inducing, if it was better for him to be born than remain in me. But we would watch that and know more later. I have to say that it was a big relief to know that she was not concerned and hear her tell me the last baby she delivered with this issue was over 9 pounds. OK, I could deliver it at 7 or maybe 8 but I will pass on the 9 pounder he doesn't need to get that big.

On a more worldly note. We finished painting the nursery and we love it. It is soooooo cute, this weekend we are making the bedding and next weekend we head to MN to pick up the crib from my mom. She is letting us use the crib I used when I was little. How cool is that. IF I didn't break it with my thrashing around, my kid won' t do it any damage. Right? Then by the third weekend of June we will have the nursery put together. I am soooo excited. I do have to tip my hat to Adrian, he has been a trooper and put up with my particularness through it all. He re-drywalled a wall, painted, put up new trim, added new outlets, light switches, painted door knobs and window hardware and painted second coats on circles. All so when I came home it was finished today. I might add it is adorable and a fantastic job. Hats off to my amazing husband. I always knew he was good with kids, but didn't know he was so handy. When I dated him he fixed things with Duct Tape and jimmy-rigged TV stands, how was I to know. That early fathers day present of a miter saw might have been the best present ever.
Happy Graduation to those of you accomplishing great things this weekend or early or later this month!!!! Congratulations!!!!
Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Baby update

We got great news today. We were told that the ecogenic bowel was not seen this time. I was so relieved. We were also told that all bones look great the baby is actually tall, crazy right? Especially with parents that are 5'7" and 5'8". Oh well there are always recessives.

The continued prayer request is that we were told that we have only on artery in the umbilical cord which i have heard a few things one is that the baby could have difficulty getting enough food towards the end. Today the doctor talked about it showing up in downs cases. We still have a 20% chance. But I have freedom in the facts that everything else looks good.

So we will focus on that.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Update on the baby

We have endured a handful of blood work all that came back negative. The baby is in the clear. They did a quad test that tests for chromosomal disorders and a cystic fibrosis test as well.

We are now rescheduled for an ultrasound in a week on May 15th at the Maternal fetal medicine doc in South bend. The ultrasound tech gave me some relief today by saying that ecogenic bowel is something that is usually misseen on ultrasounds and it truly turns out to be nothing most of the time. It was very nice to get this news. I will definitely sleep more peacefully, that is if the little stinker stops keeping me up. This is before its born, i can't imagine what it is like after.

Thank you to all for the prayers, they were definitely felt.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

the ultrasound

Well we went in for our ultrasound last Tuesday. We were so excited, not to find out what we we are having but to see our little one and we were not disappointed. Our little one is a strong fighter. The baby was punching my stomach or the ultrasound I am not sure which one he/she was trying to leave a mark on. it is one of the adorable pictures we have. I wish I could scan them in to show you all. We decided as parents we are professional bone identifiers. the only thing that we could ID was all of our babies bones. Spine, legs, arms, and the head. other than that the ultrasound tech had her work cut out for her. She continued to try.

that is the bright side. We however have to go through quite a few more tests. They found some irregularities in the ultrasound and have referred us to a maternal medicine doc at Memorial in South Bend. We have done some genetic testing for possible abnormalities and are awaiting the results. Then next week on Wednesday morning we are headed to south bend for a 3-D ultrasound. I guess on the bright side I have wanted to see what one of these looks like, just didn't expect my kid to be the one that needed to have one.

I truly believe that God doesn't make mistakes or give us more than we can handle. So I have faith that our baby is OK. It has taken me a few days to come to this and a lot of prayers from our close friends and family. Thank you to all who have been praying, I have truly felt your prayers. I also believe that our child chose us as parents and God is creating a masterpiece and that is our beautiful baby boy or girl.

We will continue to keep you all informed at this time please keep praying for peace for Adrian and I and that we have the strength to deal with whatever happens from here.