Saturday, April 29, 2006

What a week

I am so ready for the weekend.
if I would have posted monday I wouldn't have had a job for the summer...then tuesday I would have...but then wednesday I would have lost it again...So i waited until today Saturday to post and say that I have a job....Yeeha.

I also this week turned in my app for Grad school I am an official College graduate student...scary. more loans never made anyone happy. But the idea of being able to get a paying job afterwards makes me elated. Yippee...

Then I also stuck my head out and applied for a special ed job at GMS...please pray it will only be by God's will that I get that position and I really want it. Plus it will help pay the bills. That would make me the happiest women in the world. Really I swear it would.

the summer job is also going to allow me to start school this summer. Which i have wanted to do for two years now. And take away the night job I have I will have my weekends back...woohoo.

ok enough about my ifs and when's. Sorry I wanted to share pics but Adrian is at his bro's graduation and has the camera. Next time if I can get it to work...

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

beautiful days and faith in God

I love the spring it is so beautiful to watch the trees budding...i know i know I already said this a million times. But it is so cool to me. Anyway...Need some prayer I am sending in my College application stuff at the beginning of next week and really want everything to work out. Then I am applying for a teaching job, that I would do on an emergency is all really scary to me...but everyone says I would do a great job. Teaching doesn't scare me...but the interview does. Keep praying for me. It would allow me to not have to work three jobs and have much more time to spend with family...and I would be going back to school which I have wanted to do for three years. Put it this way Dreams would be coming true. It would be great.

Macy is getting huge.. she is about 59 pounds...we picked her up and weighed her tonight. The whole..weigh yourself then subtract was ingenius. she is great. I don't know if I told you all what she has been up to lately...but lets just say I am out of black dress of last week she used my favorite pair as a chew toy. She is great though...she does always leave one still usuable. So don't laugh when you see me wearing flipflops that don't match this summer i am just utilizing what I have. Dress shoes will be harder because one pair is one inch heals and the other is about an inch and a would be a little lopsided. But very funny. I might have to try it and see if anyone notices. I am going to try the picture thing tonight. we'll see if it works.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

WOW!!! I can' t believe how fun this has been....

Yesterday I went to the local scrappin' store to talk to my mother in law about easter, and to drop off my 2nd LO.. for round two. I made the cut I found out today.. we are down to six LO. it has been a blast. I have some pretty stiff competition all of the LO are so cute. Once again if you are in the area...stop by and vote...but only for #9...j.k. The other cool thing was I found out that I had been an ispiration to a couple of other ladies with my LO. It is so encouraging to have someone else use the same products that you did..the coolest part was by me seeing her LO..I was inspired to finish a couple more of my LO in my wedding album. Her kids were adorable....I also got to show her some paper to help her with another LO that she was stumped on. I really needed a pick me up yesterday and I know that God delivered just what I needed.

Then the boys were in town...or should I say the "Groomsmen of the Apolcalypse". Name the movie that came from. So after my job at the group home I met them at GUBIE"s a local bar to watch the SOx game and play some pool. I have to say when I got home I wished that the no smoking ban had been passed for bars too. Bummer. But we had a blast. It has been great watching to friends date each other. I think it has just been fun having people to hang out with that all know each other and just have a great time together.

This weekend also is so meaningful to is such a time of reflection on what an amazing gift of love Christ has given all of us....All we have to do is recieve the gift. Take a moment and notice all the beauty around you this weekend...the new blossoms on trees...newly planted flowers. I am so in awe of God's Handiwork...he never ceases to amaze me. Have a WoNDerful EASTER!!!

(When I figure out this camera I will post pictures.)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Random things....

I made it through the first round. Now I just have to have votes. I don't have very many people who frequent the store. so I don't have very many votes. oh well. we will find out next saturday. if I made it to the next round.

got a lead on a new job for next year. would be making enough money to pay the bills. it would be great. Please pray that it all works out. i truely believe it is what I am suppose to be doing.

Adrian is wrapping up busy season this week, we had our washer break down. it is a bummer I was just at the end of a 2 week spree of doing no laundry. it is great that the weather has turned to spring so I have a new assortment of clothes to wear. we found out it needs like 4 new parts. the warranty company might just be buying us a new one. I would love that.

Tonight I had a partylite/mary kay party. it was a lot of fun just to have people over to the house. it was like a girls night. loved it. bummed that more poeple couldn't make it. but they had good reasons so it is ok. plus, for every person that came...i got free money towards my mary kay was awesome. i restocked and am trying some new things as well...alot of fun, love trying new things...there is a lil bit of an adventure to it all. I know it is just make-up but it is still an adventure...lil things have become adventuresome for me. I find joy in the little things.

Went to a beautiful wedding this weekend. to see pictures of the bride check out Darcy's blog, there are a bunch of pictures of bridesmaids and the bride. Erin looked radiant and everything was totally her. She decorated at 808 and made the place look stunning. If I would have known it could look like that. I would have had our wedding there. The afternoon was gorgeous cool weather. It was definitely a day blessed by God. The ceremony was beautiful...can't say more than it was a blessed day.

Well I gotta get to bed. i will chat with you all later.

by the way cous...congrats on the the Justice o peace.. enjoy the training...I have you in my prayers while you are away from Jaime. Love you.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Are you kidding me......

Did anyone watch AI canning last night. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the final three. I know it was country and a little out of Mandesa's comfort zone but the girl has pipes. what was America thinking? ok now that I got that off my chest...can I say hottie....Ace didn't really do very well. Also can you imagine the next big, newbie to the seen of music...title CD "Ace"...ok I went a little far but come on. think about it..Chris did an amazing rendition of a Keith Urban song and my girl Kelly naive as she may be...rocked the house. Now did any one think that Kenny Rogers had cosmetic surgery..he has lost alot of weight (maybe gi surgery) but no flab come that possible. Ok enough of my rambling about my hidden addiction. But while we are on the subject of addiction...I have to confess...I have a scrapbooking paper addiction....I spent the day 8am-5pm scrapbooking at the middle school with my fabulous teacher friends and I got a chance to organize my paper and I couldn't believe my is a bit on the obsessed side of the sanity line. but i made and adorable page of my flower girls in my wedding and It was suggested to me to enter it in this contest. Unforgettables is doing a scrapbooking idol contest...don't worry it really has no connection with my previous obsession I swear..just a catchy title. We basically have weekly judging my the costumers to see who goes on to the next round to create another LO..then judged again. then in the semi's you get twenty dollars to pick out whatever you want in the store to create your final 12x12 LO...either 2 pagers or 1...I am preferring 1...but i am going to have to show versatility. We'll see how it goes. I am going to try, I am going to need major help not feeling like a failure when I don't win, my friends were helping today...Thanks guys for the amazing love and compliments. Someday I am going to learn to live knowing I am loved but until then i bask in the compliments...and love giving them out. I would post my lo but I haven't figured out how.

later I have to get to bed..have a great day. I will keep you all updated on my progress..i will even admit if I get canned in the first might be a humbling experience.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spring Break.....

Sorry I would have thought over spring break I would have more time to blog but I haven't. I have been busy doing spring cleaning in our house, organization, and just chilling out.

Today I was doing laundry and the washer conked out on us. Lots of laundry and no washer makes for a big problem. But the great side of the story is that we have a homeowners warranty that covers it we just need to call it in...thank goodness it was this month and not in June when the warranty runs out.

four more days of my spring break. Tomorrow we are having an all day scrapbooking fest at the middle school with a bunch of my scrapping friends. It will be a blast. We are going to pause a lunch to have an umbrella drink at Hacienda in honor of spring sad that that is what we resort to. Next year we will be on vacation...not over spring break of course...because of tax season...but near spring break definitely.

this week my car also went back in the shop...the ford idiots are rebuilding the transmission again (second time). In this case I hope the second time is the charm. It is nice to drive the 2005 cars they give me as courtesy cars though. I am looking forward to getting it back tomorrow too.

Enjoy the rest of your week.