Thursday, May 25, 2006

Macy Update

Ok so to give you an update....Macy is still in the process of trying to pass whatever she ate. the vet is not sure what she has inside her.. He now says she may have swollowed a sock as well. Dogs will eat the darnest things.. I frustrated that the vet made all these emergency decisions and is now telling us we just have to wait. The ergency at the beginning as subsided I guess. I think he just wanted to take our wasn't our usual vet...which bothers me a little. We went to him at the beginning but switched to the sister of a teacher I work with because I know that she comes highly recommended.
Anyway that is where we stand with macy...she is still not acting sick at all. Plays and runs just as much. I think she is ok.

I also went to a meeting about the camp I am doing this summer and I am really excited about that and started at Unforgettables too...and I like that too. so this summer is going to be fun. will make it go fast. I so much enjoy fall over the summer...also they are all working around me going home which is wonderful. It is awesome when people are willing to work with you.

Three more days at school and I got a lecture from my mom over email today that I need to be just as excited for these days as I was at the beginning of school...I am actually pumped about the next few days...who wouldn't be excited about watching finding study the marine ecosystems...three hours a day. Well peace out for now. I will continue with updates on Macy...definitely if she poops a sock. That would litterally crack me up. hehehehe

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Puppy hospital & God's blessings

My baby today...ended up in the puppy hospital. Last thursday evening. Macy ate a be specific a duracell AA. the coppertop...don't worry I have heard all the jokes by now. Well we have been monitoring poop and behavior all weekend and she hasn't been successful in dispensing of it on her today Adrian made the appropriate, however extremely expensive, decision to take her to the vet. They gave her sedatives to take xrays, then did blood work to check to make sure she wasn't having kidney or liver failure. At this point I was feeling like the worlds worst mother ever...Then I got a call from adrian that they had still not had success in the enema removal process...after three. She is lucky to be hydrated after three enemas...the vet also said that her stomach lining had been damaged and she had swelling and irritation of her throat and esphagus. He also believes that she has ate other things as well. Adrian saw the xrays at the Vet and he believes she also ate a rock and that the Battery is no longer in her. Her blood work came back fine, but she still has not passed whatever is inside her and it is damaging her intestines the longer it sits in there. My baby is in alot of pain and i can't do anything for her. My heart breaks...I will be a basket case when I have children. I already know.

The cool thing was when I called my dad...he was really cute and said that God cares about puppies too and to shoot him a prayer. it was also one of the first times i remember ever talking to my dad about his faith...We talked and little about some of the amazing things God has done for our family in the past too. I felt truely blessed to have had that conversation. One great thing that came out of rotten circumstances. Right? The funny part of the conversation was when he started expaining child rearing, and babies to me. He made me laugh and that is what i needed. He reassured me that I wouldn't be a bad mom and that I just needed to watch my dog and pick up my house. Adrian and I agree...we spent some time tonight clearing off tables and putting clothes away...the vet thinks Macy also may have eaten a sock.

We have been blessed with a crazy dog...but she has been through so much in 9 months I am way to attatched to let her go. So please send up a lil' prayer for Macy.

This weekend we spent hanging out with friends which we hadn't done in a while. God truely blessed us. On Friday night we went to the "Takeaway me"concert at the Old Goshen Theatre. It was fun to have a date night. Then Saturday I was up at 5:30 AM (that would be crazy early in the morning) to go to work at the group home.. the ladies needed to be at there special olympics bus at 7:30. then i got to have breakfast with my old roomie...Lynette at Grandmas in Dunlap. yumyum. Then I was off to scrapbook at the GMS media center with a bunch of gals from school til about 5pm...I have no been up for almost 12 hours, but haven't hit a wall yet. Then Adrian called and asked if we wanted to head to our friends Miranda and Alex's for a BBQ. I said sure and we headed over. we hung out played some corn- hole and then came home...when I hit my wall at about 9 pm. He let me fall asleep on the couch. Then Sunday we got up and went to church.

Church turn in to a great message, one that we definitely needed to hear about finances. Then we went over to Jen and Darin Schrock's for lunch with the Morningstar's and the Rumfelt's. Then we decided to start going back to a small group a while back and it finally worked out to go to Gretchen and Luke's on Sunday. It was a blessing afterwards to hear Adrian say "today was a great day". We were blessed to have wonderful people around us and to have a genuine and fun time with them all. Something we have been missing for a while. God blessed us in a big way on Sunday.

I woke up this morning with a new joy that I haven't felt in a while. even with Macy's problems today that joy is still there. I got the news today about Macy while I was hanging out with a new great friend and she was so supportive...Thanks Toby. So far tonight we are heading back to the vet tomorrow. I am not sure what happens next if the thing doesn't pass...possibly surgery. please pray that is not the way it needs to go. We can't afford it and my baby is only 9months surgery please. Remember as my dad says, God loves puppies too.

LO for the contest

ok so i promised that I would let you guys see the LO i entered into the Unforgettable Idol contest. So here they are.

This is a LO in the wedding album. Love this one. I had such an adorable picture to start with. I couldn't resist entering this one as my first LO. The next LO I did was a pic of my new SIL it was so fun to do...had a great time with the colors and got to use some Heidi Swap stuff that I thought was stickers and it turned out it wasn't.

This one is the last one that got displayed...because I lost the contest by 1 vote.

Before the next page I did was displayed.

This page I did called Little Miracle was done in honor of Chase Meyers...and the March of Dimes relay. We raised money this year and walked because Chase was the Elkhart Poster child. So I thought it would be a great way to advertise the March of dimes...tell Chases amazing story and show case and adorable picture...But one vote cut us off short.

Journaling says:
Born 1lb 8 oz 12 inches was a true miracle. He went through countless operations and illnesses. Thanks to lots of love, prayers and the March of Dimes, Chase is a happy, healthy little boy today. March of Dimes Poster Child.....May 20o6. It was a blast to create.

So that was the contest. Thought I would leave you with an adorable Picture of me and macy and a beautiful thing that comes from all this rain.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

definitely smoking something

ok so the American public is smoking crack...seriously. for those of you that do not watch American idol...the American public has lost it. Last night they did the worlds worst thing ever....they voted of the greatest singer ever...Christ Daughtry....these people are crazy. I guess it really doesn't matter because the people that sign this dude are going to make a fortune and I am sure that today he was called with offers. he is amazing. ok i am done for now I swear.

Today i was officially hired at the local scrapping store...I will be there every saturday...come visit. it is going to be a blast. love the idea of working with something I love...never really had that before. still sick around her. Adrian is miserable. He makes such an irritable sicky...,but it is cute. I put up with it and he could get away with about anything.

Macy has mended well... i have an adorable picture of her. she is my baby...I wish I could get the camera program to let me download on to my page but I can't get it to work. I have to go this weekend to make pictures so I will get a CD and post some pics.

this means JW I will have the pictures from the wedding in Chicago too. i Will make a post dedicated just to you and your pictures of your phantom date. They crack me up.

Do you ever wish you could have a flash into the future, just to know what was I write that I realize that it might not all be good and I don't really want to know anymore. I am just ready to have anxiety over with. I hate waiting. I give off the impression that i am a patient person, but it is not really it is a facade. I really appreciate all the prayers for my job...I wish i could give you answers but it is going to be a couple of months. crazy I know. TGIF Enjoy your Friday. The weather is crazy they are talking snow in Michigan. The high tomorrow is 46....not normal for May.....buuuuurrrrr.... ENJOY

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Great things and lots of sickness

Wow it has been a while. Sorry. Haven't really been able to get on the computer. Well as most of you know I have been working two jobs and seeing My wonderful husband only about twice a week and once on the weekends. Well as of next week this is going to change. I am in the process of excepting a job at Unforgettables a scrapbooking store. I am going to help fill in on weekends for their crop nights. I am so excited. Finally a job with something I love to do. Then during the day this summer I am going to be doing a camp with Mentally challenged students. Can't wait this is going to be so much fun... I am doing crafts and recreation twice a week. FInally a chance to be creative again and plan lessons.

This year I have felt so unchallenged in my job. I keep praying that God will bless me with a teaching job for next year so I can be challenged and more creative with what I do. Keep praying for me. I have a meeting with the Middle school principle on Thursday to discuss my options for next year. I saddens me to think that I might have to start over in another job next year. It also completely stresses me out to think about not knowing what I am going to do again. I keep reminding myself to give all my anxiety to God...the philipians verse is tatooed in my brain.

I really think the stress and busy schedule has gotten to us. I got sick about a week ago, then Adrian came back from pennsylvania sick and then Macy got something that caused diarhea and vomiting and she just stopped eating her food. Then the next night I found red circles on her belly that looked like she was bit by we headed to the vet another $60 bucks down the tube. Why is it that pets, kids they both get sick about the time you have no is interesting how this always happens. Anyway I believe I and Macy are on the upswing but Adrian is still stuffed up and congested in his chest. Allergies on top of it don't make life very comfortable.

Hope everyone has a great week.