Sunday, January 29, 2006

Lauren has something to tell you.....

Tonight I got a phone call and it started out "Lauren has something she wants to tell you" When Lauren got on the phone...she said. "you're going to be an aunt again." I found out that next August Adrian and I will be an Aunt and Uncle again. She has a doctor appointment on Tuesday to determine actual due date. Lauren has been asking for a new baby since about last fall, when she asked Adrian and I when she was goin to have a new baby cousin. Are response was in a couple of years. So hopefully she gets her baby fix from her new brother or sister.

Yippie...another baby!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Crazy Tuesday

* it all started at 6:15, when I got a wonderful wakeup call from my husbad as he said goodbye and ventured off to Warsaw. Then of course He thought it would be funny to let Macy say good morning too. Wet willys from a dog at 6 am is not what I call fun. For all you non-morning people out understand my pain.

*about 10 minutes later I rolled out of bed and took a shower. I then got ready and ate breakfast.

*While eating breakfast Macy and I have routine to play fetch. She barks to try to tell me each morning that she would prefer eating my breakfast, but she settles for the attention and love from here mom.

* at about 7:40 I put Macy in her kennel and head out the door for my 30 hour of God time and driving to Goshen Middle school.

* the day went well I read tests to my first and 2nd periods, worked on Projects with my 3rd Period...then came my dreaded fourth period and it was nothing but one frustration after another. I have a student in this class that is the world's greatest manipulator. The problem is that he asks for help, but doesn't listen when you try to explain things to him. Then when the whole class is learning a new lesson he is talking to his neighbor. Of course not listening. But then has the gaul to turn around and asked me what are we doing, I don't get it. ARRRRGGGG!!!

*My relief comes with the ring of the fourth period bell. 5th period is a breeze I work with one of the greatest science teachers of all time. Come on he lets us learn science by sorting through Garbage, dissecting owl pellets, (for those of you that are going what that is? It is owl vomit including all of the fur and bones of every creature that the owl has eaten in the past 14-24 hours. Don't worry they use dissecting tools and the vomit has been sanitized. ) and various other games and things...we rarely read the textbook or take notes. It is great. It didn't even seem like we started and the bell rang for us to go home.

*Then i left school immediately to head home to let Macy out and to give her a treat...(a carrot, PB and celery Kong...she loves human food). Then I had to put her back in her kennel. My Poor baby.

* I then changed my clothes and headed to the Group home to start my second job for the day. The ladies in the group home crack me up. It was great relief after a frustrating day at school. I got paid to do goal work and play uno and skippo ( the greatest game ever, right Christy) with one of the residents for like 3 hours. THen it was time for me to leave.

* now I don't know where all of you live. But last night in Elkhart...we had a thunderstorm with thunder and lightening, then an hour later we had, sleat and by the time I got home we had Full out snow.

*don't let me get ahead of myself. the drive home was a story in itself. I left the group home around 9 pm. I turned on to indiana ave. not knowing exactly how to get home avoiding the train, that can I say was going extremely slow. So I decided to head straight going about 20 miles an hour. as I began to turn around a gradual corner a guy pulled out in front of me. I had no option other than to hit my breaks. I hit them then tapped them, but my rear end had already started to slide. It wasn't long before i was turning all the way around out of control. My concern was that the cars behind me had saw me sliding and had slowed down so there wouldn't be a multi car pile up. They just drove past me. I paused and decided to go in the direction i was know facing...back the way I had come... to the main road 33. I thought there was a possibility that they had sanded or salted that road. No luck.

* However i did have some luck going approximately 10 miles an hour the rest of the way home. I was on Greenleaf and for those that don't know Elkhart...that put me very close to home. I was about a mile away...when another wonderful driver decided he was in a hurry and pulled out in front of me. This time I tapped my brakes at 15 miles an hour and went into another 180 this one was really scary do to the two cars barreling behind me at 30 miles an hour. I sat there for a couple minutes. Decided to say a quick prayer for safety getting home.

* at this point i wished i could perform a body transport that would put me curled up under a blanket on my couch with my puppy at my feet. watching something funny like american idol tryouts. But that of course was not reality and I still had one mile to drive home. By the can i not control things at 10-15 miles and hour and all the other cars were fine at 30mph...i don't get it? All in all I made it home the total of 4 miles in about 40 minutes. Not bad for icy roads, two 180 degree turn arounds and two maniac drivers.

* the rest of the evening was peaceful. I hung out with my two babies, macy ate and we watched some tv and relaxed. We went to bed around 10:30. I was exhausted.

quite frankly this is really a normal day. minus the driving incidents. Those I usually don't have. I think it is time to check the tires on the car.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

My sweet 28

Ok so i never had a sweet sixteen, so i thought i would create my own special day. I shared that yesterday was my birthday and how I was so excited to go out with my amazing husband. They decided to take my challenge and give me a birthday surprise. Don't get me wrong it was no surprise the way I would love one of those someday. Anyway, on to the important stuff, what we did. I started off my night having a drink with some of the girls from school. We headed to Hacienda for Arriba margarita's yumyum, and chips with ranch, of course. Then I headed home to get ready to find out they hadn' t planned on picking Briana up, so I had 15 minutes instead of 45 minutes to get ready. Anyway it worked because I new what i was going to where. Jason came to pick us up. My birthday present from him: He was my DD. Finally!! We picked up Bri and we were on our way. On our way I got a call from my adorable neices...singing happy birthday to me. How cute is that. Lauren talked to me on the phone and told me how much she loves chicken and how much Syd hates it. She also wanted to know how old I was and if I was older than her mom. Quite a mature conversation for a 4 year old. It is so fun to talk to her. The highlight of my day was hearing Syd tell me Happy Birthday. She has just started to talk to me on the phone. Days like this are when I miss home the most. :(
We finished our conversation and then I realized that we were on Main in Mishawaka. We drove past Carrabbas so I new we weren' t going there. Then we past the turn off for the BoneFish Grill, so I had a pretty good idea that we were headed to one of my fav restaurants "Papa Vinos" Yes!!! The best part is we had reservations, so we got seated in within 5 minutes of walking in. No 45 minute wait like at Texas Roadhouse. Although that is well worth the wait. Adrian ordered us a bottle of wine and we all ordered our food. In the meantime, we were highly entertained by our waitress. We like to call her "sidepony". This lady straight out of the eightys, quite the character and man did she love Jason. She started off the night telling us they had a new special that she said"wasn't great". Know that is the way to sell food. Didn't sound that good when she discribed it either. She had some good points though. I got the most delicious piece of caramel, pecan cheesecake, which she decided would be great to serve before my meal. a little different, but at least i wasn't to full to eat it. After our dinner and continued entertainment from Sidepony, we headed to Corby's for a couple drinks and games of pool. It was pretty low key and we were lucky there was only one table open for pool, we snagged it. But it was in the cold part of town, but thanks to our height advantage we learned it takes too pulls to turn off the fans. If anyone wants to know, Adrian and I won 3 to Bri and Jay's 1 game. They think it is because Jay wasn't drinking, I believe it was pure talent on our part. About the third game i started to feel pretty bad. I didn't know if it was the food I ate or what, but we headed back to our house. We watched "Last Action Hero" (it was the only thing on I swear) and drank a bottle of Port. Then i fell asleep and Bri and Jay tried to sneak out, but i woke up before they were gone. I locked the door behind them and went to bed. Noone found any lettuce either.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Football Season

The second question I was asked the night Adrian proposed was "Can we get Purdue Season Tickets?" This fall we enjoyed our first full season of Purdue Football.
It was all it was cracked up to be. Except I expected cold weather, like last year...seen in the photo to the left. Stocking caps, 50 layers of clothes and jackets. I remember it vividly...freezing in a tent in 30 degree weather is hard to forget. Then I was only more surprised to have the rude awakening of bar hoppers diving in our tent at 4 am. People that i had never met. Crazy first meetings. That weekend Purdue had a disappointing loss to Wisconsin. However disappointing, I was pumped for this years season. We spent most weekends with JW, Jay, Seth, Tabitha, Heather, Pope, occasionally Alex and Miranda, Colby and Adam. It was a lot of fun and there are always randoms that stop by too.

who wouldn't, look at the attractions!! Friendly faces waving you in, Strange looking people running around with capes on and shorts pulled up like Urcle, and random people sleeping with Bailey. ok he is not random, we know's Pope. Imagine this all happens before game time, whether the game is at noon, 3pm or doesn't matter

the festivities go on. The purdue colors are always worn proudly and flags are always waving no matter what the outcome of the game. We are looking forward to yet another awesome football season. Go Boilers!!!

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Tomorrow is my birthday. I am turning 28 years old. Man do I feel old. The great thing is I continue to surround myself with young, vibrant people that keep me going and keep me active and feeling young. I am so excited, this year Adrian and I are going out with a couple of friends. This will be the first year that Adrian and I have been together that we are able to go out and be together on my birthday. Crazy busy season....Oh how I love it. (sarcasm). My only issue is that my friends want me to pick where we are going and what we are doing. I make decisions everyday. On my birthday I just want to be surprised. right? Hense the concept of birthday surprises. So I have been racking my brain about where to go. Hana Yori's would be and entertainment. Bonefish grill, heard it is great and I love Fish, don't worry Jason...I hear they have other kinds of food too. Then there is always Carabas...always a favorite of mine. I think I will put out a survey. Help me decide. vote today.

happy birthday to me....Happy birthday to me....

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

the long weekend

So this weekend didn't start out so well. I changed my plans thursday night to go see my friend Christy, due to her sis having a baby. So I was stumped at what to do? So I moved up some plans from this week. I got together with friends and went out to dinner. Saturday morning I went to Adrian's Bball game. My babe is so cute when he is sliding all over the basketball floor. They lost, not a big surprise...:) Then I went to breakfast with one of my old basketball players. Great breakfast at the "Mayberry" the world's greatest breakfast ever. Then I went home and packed up my, now organized, scrapbooking stuff and headed to Unforgettables (a local scrapping store) to scrap for the day while Adrian went to work. By about one hour into it I felt horrible. But my friends were on their way so I stuck it out. But it only got worse. By two hours later I was ready to curl up on the floor. So my friends helped me pack up and then i drove home...and ran straight to the toilet. I then spent the rest of my weekend pounding a path between the toilet and my couch. I had to call and cancel all of my plans for the rest of the weekend. I ended up having Adrian's family over to my house for birthday dinners on Sunday evening, because I finally felt a little better. But it wasn't until Yesterday at about 2 o'clock that I really felt good again. So I put Macy in her kennel and decided to go shoe shopping with my friend Brianna. Shoe shopping takes the blues away definitely. I love accessories. Shoes, earrings, and handbags. There are so many cute shoes out there though that I wish I could have a shoe shopping spree. Anyway thank you, God...for not letting me go to Lafayette....i would have contaminated Christy and Reagan and I would have felt horrible. We will definitely get together soon!!!:).

Friday, January 13, 2006

take a little time

A mother riding on a city bus
Kids are yelling kicking up a fuss
Everybody's staring not knowing what she's going through
Somebody said don't you even care? Do you let 'em do that everywhere?
She slowly turned around, looked up and stared
She said Please forgive them
But they've been up all night. Their father struggled but he finally lost his fight
He went to heaven, In the middle of the night
So please forgive my children(They don't understand)

Everybody's busy with their own situation
Everybody's lost in their own little world
Bottled up, hurry it up trying to make a dream come true(They don't understand)
Everybody's living like there ain't no tomorrow
Maybe we should stop and take a little time
Cause you never really know what your neighbor's going through(They don't understand)

A man driving on the interstate, Slowing down traffic making everybody late
Everybody's staring not knowing what he's going through
Somebody hollered from the passing lane
Yelled out the window, hey ain't got all day
The old man looked around and caught his eye
He said please forgive me You know it's been a long life
My wife has passed away and my kids don't have the time
I've been left all alone And its getting hard to drive
So please forgive me children(They don't understand)
Everybody's busy with their own situation. Everybody's lost in their own little world
Bottled up, hurry it up trying to make a dream come true(They don't understand)
Everybody's living like there ain't no tomorrow
Maybe we should stop and take a little time
Cause you never really know what your neighbor's going through(They don't understand)

A man hanging on a wooden cross
Giving everything to save the lost
Everybody's staring not knowing what he's going through
Somebody said you don't have a prayer, If you were Kingyou'd come down from there
The man just turned his head looked up and stared
He said please forgive them, For they have not seen the light
They'll come to know me when I come back to life
Go to heaven, to make everything all right
So please forgive your children(They don't understand)

Everybody's busy with their own situation
Everybody's lost in their own little world
Bottled up, hurry it up trying to make a dream come true(They don't understand)
Everybody's living like there ain't no tomorrow. Maybe we should stop and take a little time
Cause you never really know what your neighbor's going through(They don't understand)

A mother riding on a city bus
Kids are yelling kicking up a fuss
Everybody's staring not knowing what she's going through

Here are the lyrics i think they speak for them self....what do you think? What pops into your mind? The line "bottled up, hurry it up trying to make a dream come true" THis is a discription that hits our generation right where it hurts. We are all so driven to succeeed. How are you going to take a little time today?

Thursday, January 12, 2006

"They don't understand", Sawyer Brown

This morning on my way to work i heard this song on the radio. The words struck me. It spoke about how everyone has their own things going on in there life and we might see there behavior as "not ok". But if you really knew them, and what they were going through, you wouldn't mind what was going on you would excuse them.

How many times do we see things in life and question it? Like a mom that lets her kids run ragged on a subway train or a public bus? And in our heads we are saying: what are you going to do? Are you just going to ignore that? When really they might have been up all night with there dad, watching him die and not understanding what is going on. Check our the Sawyer Brown song. I wish i had the lyrics to add to this. It would make alot more since. But for some reason I can't get them right know I will try later. Listen to it and let me know what you think. The whole song really got me thinking about how much we really know our neighbors and friends and how the realtionship has to come first. Relationships must be built before anything else.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I have the most adorable puppy ever. I was sitting on the couch watching TV. Something that doesn't happen often lately. Macy came walking up to me with her water bowl in her mouth. Now this didn't completely surprise me, since she had done this before. But this time however, she had a bowl that was half full and the water was sloshing out every direction as she waddled over. All i could do is laugh, and of course clean up the water. I have never had such a love-hate relationship before. I love my puppy with all my heart. But man when she scratches me in the face because she is so excited to see me. I am so happy, yet so mad at the same time. It has gotten really hard with Adrian in busy season. If i have any after school activity I have to make arrangements to have let Macy out and then she is extremely hyper when we get home. Plus my heart breaks leaving her in her kennel all day. This whole senario has really got me thinking about a baby vs a dog. They both have there pros and cons. A baby you can take with you and rarely do you get told there are no babies allowed. Most of the time people are elated to see a baby. Puppies however you can leave at home for a duration equal to the size of their bladder.
This is a very small amount of time early in their life. hehe :) Both can love you back in different ways of course. There are many more pros and cons. For now i am extremely happy to have a puppy with the expenses of dog toys and food and four scheduled vet visits. Over a baby with sooooo many expenses. The baby will come in due time. For now my puppy is excellent birth control.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Pictures, pictures picture.....

Here you go Christy she is the first picture I am going to try.

This is my baby....MACY happy four month birthday. Isn't she cute. The toy she is playing with use to have a squeaker thingy inside and lets just say that it is no longer in one piece and the toy
now has a large hole in the middle of the fabric. Our baby is getting her adult teeth. She now chews on everything. Her toys, the furniture (if we don't pay attention too her), and my arm when she wants my attention. But no matter how bad she is, she has this look that gets her out of trouble right away. (unless she breaks my skin....then we have problems.

Above is a picture of Haley I found it is some old pictures but it freaked me out to think that Macy is four months old. She will be this big in two-three more months what am i going to do. She is going to control the house. It would be so nice to have Haley back. Over Christmas, JW brought Bailey over and they played for a night. Macy was so tired the next day, it was GREAT. Sorry I thought i had the pictures on my cd and i don't i will post them this week. Macy was so small in comparison that Baley shot putted her across the room. hehehe.
I also gotta brag about the other adorable girls in my life. My neices, Lauren and Sydney. Aren't they adorable. This was from the wedding i August and the following ones were from Thanksgiving. I know I am so slow. Don't worry fam... i will post more wedding pictures later this week. I clearly couldn't post them all, but I will some of my favorites.

I can't get enough of these too. They are too cute.

But the cutest of them all is my man.. So I have to post him too. This picture has some mighty cool memories. I have to tell the story. We hadn't been on a date in forever, so we were talking about something that we could do that would cost a whole lot, but would be fun...and a guy Adrian works with called and asked us if we wanted to go to a Notre Dame football game. I didn't know what Adrian would say, being such a Purdue fan, but he wanted to go. So we met the guy to get the tickets a couple hours before the game in Mishawaka. When he handed us the tickets he told us the were front row twenty yard line. MY JAW hit the flour....he gave us front row tickets for free, this was awesome. I was going to see a former NFL coach and furture NFL players play and see their faces how cool was that. Not only that but I had one of the coolest dates ever and all it cost was the $12.oo for the pop and hotdogs we ate for lunch. Sweet huh?? (the tickets came with a parking pass too, that rocked too...approximately 1 block from the stadium). It will be hard to top this date.

Friday, January 06, 2006

almost online

Wow it was fun to have a friend to help set up the new page. I am now more confident that i know what is going on. i will learn the picture thing soon and then i can get started on sharing with home and friends. Can't wait, it will be fun. I am excited because this will be a way to share pictures and to see what is going on with us way out her in indiana. Being so far away from home gets more difficult instead of easier. Thanks to blogging it will finally be a link to home. I have never been a digital picture fan so it will be interesting getting pictures on the computer, but i have some ways. People from home want to see wedding pictures, some honeymoon pics and pictures of the house. So we will start there and see what else happens and share from there. Oh yeah sorry Christy and pictures of my puppy macy. She is my pride and joy, i can't believe I forgot her.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

well today i got to hang out with my baby macy (that would be my adorable chocolate lab). I woke up in the middle of the night and could barly move. I took a pretty hard fall carrying Macy this past weekend and recked my back. I am pretty sure. So i took the day off today and communicated with my doctor, who suggested rest and some heating and stretching. Knew that already...good thing i didn't go in and pay the copay and all. Soon i will figure out how to add pictures and change some things, but i am completely lost right now. I am still trying to show what pages i frequent. if you have information on that, Christy hint hint, than email me.

Tonight Adrian, for those of you that don't know....that would be my amazingly handsome husband, are watching the Rose bowl. Go Texas and USC. Don't really have a favorite, but Texas' QB is one talented young man. It is half time and 10-16 Texas. It is nice to have Adrian home at night. In a week I won't see him very much due to busy season starting. I plan our next outings for April 16 or after. It is hard, but i try to be a supportive wife. The time we do get to spend is precious. So i should rap this up and have some quality time.

blog illiterate

Can't believe that i actually joined the chaos but i did. Thought it would be a great new hobby for Adrian's busy season. I need things to do, so i don't get bored. Just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year. I have a feeling about this one. I know it is going to be a good year.

awake and unable to sleep

As I sit here in bed. I am pondering life's problems. Crazy how it is at the earliest morning hours that you get your most philosophical ideas about life. So i decided to start a blog. Can't guarantee (i never have been able to spell and remember it is 12:25am) that i will keep this posted but i wanted to be cool like everyone else. didn't you know everyone is doing it. Anyway. I should probably continue to set this up and play of course.

Guess what I found spell check...yeahhhh...