Sunday, December 30, 2007

Look at me!!!

We started out playtime by eating dad's jeans. We didn't quite understand we were reaching for real toys. By we will take what we can get. He grabbed something right? :)

Then we got this...a big SMILE. How cute is our baby. I know, I know he has male patterned baldness...but come on, in his case it Will grow back and it just adds to the cuteness.

a little tummy time followed...we figured he was in a good mood and it was almost time for bed so lets where him out. Sounds good. He loves his mirror. I think he has a little case of the I'm adorables. We will stop telling him so when he comes to me to tell me how cute he is. Until then...I don't think we have to worry.
Look at me.................................I can sit all on my own. So it doesn't last very long. only a few minutes but it is a start.
I found this cool new Scan disk port in my computer. So that along with my new Cannon Digital camera has made taking pics of little Jackson so much more fun. We are now working on reaching and sitting up. It is amazing how strong this little guy is. I can't believe it. It has been a real miracle to see how fast he has healed from his infection and to watch his incision just heal like magic. It has to be God. Baby's are so amazing. we have an appointment on thursday in we will know more about the next surgery then. For now were beat. It is time for bed.

Til next time.....

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

we have been back at Riley

We have been back at Riley know for 8 days. Jackson is doing well. If you want specific updates check out his Caringbridge site. He is doing well. there is a chance he might get to leave the hospital today. But do to having to be back here on Friday we aren't coming home right away. That way in case something would happen...we are still 5 blocks from Riley. It will help me sleep better.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bumbo seat and prep for Riley

Jackson got to try out his first bumbo seat a couple of weeks ago during his first steps appointment and it was too stinkin' cute. the back of it works as a headrest for my little guy. I think these pics are way to cute. It looks like he is pulling his pant legs up too. Way too cute!!!

Look how pudgy I look. the double chin and everything. It has been hard this week and last not having a visit from the nurse and having no idea how he is gaining weight. All I know is the kid is getting heavy. I don't know how the mom's do it that have there babies start out at 8-10 pounds. We will know soon enough I guess.. We have our first appointment tomorrow morning at 8am. then we will be in full swing. Thanks everyone for your prayers they are well felt. We will keep everyone updated on through his surgery and recovery.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

So much to be thankful for this year......

It was wonderful having my family here for Thanksgiving. I accomplished cooking my first
turkey. It looked and tasted good. Quite amazing the prep work that goes into planning to have 1o people at your house for Thanksgiving. It is definitely an expensive grocery bill. That is for sure. It was great having them all here and having them see and hold Jackson for the first time. We also got to have Jackson's dedication while they were all here. Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of the whole clan but the memory is stuck in my head
It was not only wonderful to share this with our families but also with our church family as well. They have been such a huge part of Little Jack's life so far that it was fitting that they were all part of us dedicating him too. Erin also shared the song that was inspired by baby Jackson. It is simply amazing what God can do. This song means alot to Adrian and I. It is amazing to us that someone could have such insight into what has been rushing through our heads since the day our little one was born. Thoughts that we never shared with anyone. It is one of those things that could only be God. The day was great! My parents travel was safe and we got to spend the afternoon with Adrian's family too. So much to be thankful for and to celebrate.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Vikings #1 Fan

Uncle Jeremy I need a Vikings outfit that fits me. It takes two of me to fill this one. IT is sooo funny mom rolled the sleeves over 3-4 times and my little legs barely make the calf area. But It is 6-9 didn't think I would be able to wear it next season. So we tried to make it work. Doesn't look like it is helping the Vikings against the packers today.
I Believe I would need two if not three of my heads to fill this hood. It is huge!!!

I guess as big as I am I'm just not big enough.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Is this what are saturday nights have become?

jackson and dad spent the day on saturday watching FOOTBALL of course. Adrian was so excited that his purdue onsie sort of fit him so he put it on. If he doesn't wear it won't fit next season. So we put the whole outfit on from head to toe...But dad wasn't satisfied. Until.......
his son was posed in a threepoint stance. Like my kid is going to be big enough to play on the line in a football game. I think we will stick to golf, tennis, maybe baseball. But my little man will get creamed on the football field. anyway I have to admit it is a cute picture. Look at him hold that head up. But then the evening came and jackson was asleep so mom and dad decided to spend some quality time, but is this what are saturday nights have become?

Adrian decided he wanted to make cookies together. So we made cookies and while they were baking I made a hotdish with some homemade tomato was fun making my own spegetti sauce. I might try it again sometime. I will say my hubby is not a clean baker, nor an organized one. check out that counter. Have a great weekend. If you get bored you might try baking with you spouse...haha!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Well I have to say life has been a bit crazy. I started back to work part time from home, on top of feeding my kid every three hours. I have a feeling after only two days of this that I must be crazy. On the days that he sleeps I am so tired from being up at night that I want to sleep and if that is not the case the house is such a mess i can't work anyway, or at least not until I clean it up. So basically it is a catch 22.

Jackson is doing well, still has a stuffed up nose but the doc says it is not an infection it is caused by his feeding tube. So until december I guess my child is not going to breathe well through his nose and mom and dad are not going to sleep well. Now that is something to look forward to.

On a positive note. We have moved his blood work to once a week, and he has started to make his own blood, slowly, and we are very happy. MY baby is getting sooooo big. He is up to 8 lbs 12 ounces.

Adrian is swamped at work and realizing that there are going to be times he can't come with us to doc appointment. Definitely an additional stress. It is really hard for him to not be so closely involved. He has been wonderful trying to give me a break when he gets home. He even made me dinner last night.

I am preparing making a meal plan for when my side of the fam comes to visit this Thanksgiving. First time ever making the entire Feast. If you got a good recipes please share. I am looking for a colorful meal. It is going to be such a blast having everyone hear for the weekend. Can't wait. It will be the first time everyone sees Jackson too. I am so excited. This will be the first time everyone will be out here since we got married.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Can you believe it. Jackson is already 10 weeks old and is at 7lbs 13 oz as of last friday. The nurse comes to the house today so we will find out how much he has gained. My guess is 8 lbs. It is crazy how fast he has been gaining weight. I almost am starting to miss my little preemie.
Thanks to the gang at Oaklawn we have what we like to call the miracle swing. Jackson is demonstrating in the below pics. He will be screaming and all you have to do is turn on the music and the swing which goes side to side instead of back and forth, which I believe is key.

Then you have a content baby, just give it 2-3 minutes. It is simply amazing. I love it. It definitely helps get things accomplished during the day.

Ok it is official my baby is growing up tooo fast. Look at this little guy. Do to being born premature, everyone has been telling us, "don't worry if he is not developing as fast as you thing he should be, preemies are usually behind by about a month or two. Not our kid look at thispulling his head up at 10 weeks. Holds his head up on his own since 5 weeks.

This kid is amazing!!!!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

the momma view

Look at me I am getting sooo big. This is the view mom gets of me everyday. Today we are getting ready for my second shower/party. Can't wait. While mom was getting ready, this is what dad and I did. check it out. Macy hung out with us too.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

6# 11 oz and climbing

Well we went to Riley yesterday and talked to Jackson's surgeon, his renal specialist, his orthopedic specialist and saw his developmental pediatrician. Although he is not ready for a bottle yet, they have upped his calorie intake which has made my baby grow, like a weed. WEll and he got some more blood on Saturday. We spent the weekend at Elkhart general. He was awefully pale as you can see in the above picture.
So the combination has him up to 6 pounds and 11 ounces. He is into some of his newborn clothes, of course they are too big and his preemie clothes are too small, but we will get there especially with this increase in calories. Both Adrian and I are ok having a big baby keep the calories a comin'.

We also found out we don't head to Riley for another month and his blood draws have decreased to once a week. He will also be getting a hormone shot given by mom and dad to help him produce more blood on his own, helping his kidney's out. Yippppppeeeee!!!!!! Then when we go back we will be planning his next surgery, because he will be close to 8 pounds hopefully. all the docs agreed he is one strong little boy. So we will keep on fighting and growing for now.

Friday, September 28, 2007

One month pictures and low red blood cells

Well mom took some one month pictures the other day...these are the ones before we had to change his yippee we got some pictures without the tube. Yesterday we got some very low numbers back from his bloodwork that tested his hemoglobin levels. It was explained to us that babies don't replenish their own blood until between 1 1/2-2 months old, which is right where Jackson is, but due to his low kidney function this process is slowed down as well. The kidney's are the organ that signals the bone marrow that the body is low and needs to produce more. we had known this and were prepared to start shots next week but I guess this all might be moved up.. The thought of giving my child a shot is not a positive one, but I guess we continue to do what we have to and I will get over my fear. we also have an appointment today with the pediatrician to determine whether or not he need a transfusion to get his numbers up. we will see. I gotta go to get to that appointment.

have a great day!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

we were welcomed home by the above, when we opened the garage. It was really cool, brought tears to my eyes. That is hard to do after spending a month at Riley you would think all my tears were gone.
My mom came to visit the Tuesday after we got home and stayed until this past tuesday. It was wonderful having her here. We did a little photo shoot while she was here too. It was fun to sort of get to have one month pictures. Here are some of the best.

Where's Jackson? it is like Where's waldo among stuffed animals.

Well it is great to be home and sort of getting into a schedule. It has been wonderful having all the help, but also great to be by ourselves during the day, we do a few things then Jackson eats adn we take a nap. Then we do some more and Jackson eats and we take a nap. This is all in preparation to our all night escapade. I think he already nows how to manipulate mom....if I hold him he is fine but then minute i put him down...he starts to fuss, which then keeps me up and neither of us get any sleep. About the time he has a good night and sleeps, I think we are adjusted and we have a night like last night when neither of us sleep at all. We are getting the hang of it, it is just taking time.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


I am finally coming home to meet you all. The doctors have ok'd me to come home. We have discharge tomorrow. Yipee. I can't tell you how excited my parents are to come home. All though they haven't used to word "home" I really do know what they are talking about.

Will see you real soon!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Baby Jackson's progress

Most of you I know are checking Jackson's caringbridge website but just in case you haven't. I thought I would let people know that Jack is coming home. Unless something major changes in the next 72 hours we are coming home on Monday. I have to say that I am both excited and extemely nervous all at the same time. I enjoy having the specialists just a door away and round the clock nurses that immediately answer you annoying questions as well as take care of your baby when you need to do something important like pump or eat. What will I do without them. I will say I will not miss the monitors beeping every two seconds and all the other babies crying. I love it when Jackson crys, but other babies bother me.

Can't wait to see you all when We come home. check out the new pics on the website.

Thank you all for your prayers and support

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Baby Jackson arrived

Wow!!! Jackson Daniel has arrived!!!
4lbs 7 oz 16 1/2 inches long at 5:37am on August the 10th, 2007

where do I begin, the journey began quite emotionally. The neonatalogy nurse informed me on the operating table that Jackson was born with an inperferated anus, aka he has no butt hole. She then stated that he would need to be flown to Riley's Children's Hospital in Indianapolis sometime today. He left at around 1pm the day he was born. I like to say I am going to make a onsie that says "I flew like Donald Trump" on my first day. He took a private Jet from South BEnd to Indy with a team of 5 specialists. He was in quite the contraption. They brought him to my room before they left to say goodbye. As I still had to recover in South Bend. This was the most difficult thing I think I have done in this whole process. Letting you baby go, within hours of birth is not something I would ever like to do again. Adrian went with him a few hours later. He traveled down with his brother. My parents arrived that night thank the Lord. I was a having some trouble being by myself, however sleeping was easily done that afternoon thanks to the drugs of the c-section.

Then next morning the Doc came in and ask How would you like to go to Indy and be with your son? I thought at first he had to be joking and it was a real sick joke. However he proceeded to talk about discharge and that the nurse would be in to take out my IV and stuff and he would prescribe meds and she would explain them. After about a three hour ordeal, we were headed to Elkhart to pack my stuff and then on our way to Indy. I arrived about 6:30 to eat with Adrian's Family and then I was eager to see my son.

The trip however was not very enjoyable and I ended up with alot of swelling that has just started to get better today. I spend many hours with my feet up and me reclined. NOT FUN!!!

Jackson went through surgery on Sunday for a colostomy, very successful, then Monday morning he had three critical tests, a Mag3 test which is a dye test of his kidney, a spinal ultrasound and a bunch of genetic testing and blood work. HE was one wiped little guy which we found out when he decided that breathing was too much work and he stopped. SCARY MOMENT. HE had to be put back on the ventilator and since he has been doing great. He has worked back up to breathing on his own...they still have him on the vent but hope to take it off today. We will wait and see what is best for him. Tuesday we got news about his tests from monday. Got some good and bad news but we take it all with a grain of salt when he is visibly doing well.

I have decided to use the caring bridge website to keep people updated. Jackson 's address is you can go here and find out daily updates in the Journal and I will upload pictures too.

Thanks for all the prayers and supports.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Our second anniversary

Well we started our anniversary being very happy I wasn't still in the hospital, however headed to the hospital for an appointment. The great news was all went well and we were still on for delivery on August 9th. Whoohooo!!!! although I have huge anxiety over the delivery I am extremely excited anticipating the arrival of our little one and this excitement blocks out all of the fears I have of being a mom. Which is good of course.

Afterwards Adrian surprised me and allowed me a little time out of the house. We decided to check out the Lazyboy liquidation sale....try out some recliners thinking there was no way one would be in our price range and wouldn't you know....look what we found.

I was so excited...I think Adrian was more. Happy anniversary to us.

Then it didn't end. We haven't really purchased much for our new infant and we had been give a highchair from my mom that got we decided we could put the money towards a stroller and so we next after my lunch, headed to Babies r us...and found the perfect stroller...light weight, easy to fold and no doubt the closest match I have found to our borrowed car seat. Amazing!!! Simply Amazing!!!

He amazed me even farther as we spent the next hour arranging the nursery, putting the stroller together, installing the car seat bases in our cars and doing some other preparations for the baby...HE IS SOOO READY TO BE A DADDY. he is too cute.

Then we had company this afternoon...Morgan brought over the video of the wedding and I was able to share in it with her. It was just as much fun watching her be embarrassed about watching herself. I remember that completely. She was a beautiful bride and the ceremony and message were doubt when Myron is in charge of sharing the message.

Then after that a friend of mine arrived with some other goodies for us. We are borrowing their pack-n-play until we get one of our own. She showed us how to put it together and take it apart and then I found a place to store it for right now.

Needless to say right now I am exhausted...this has been the most eventful day I have had in at least a month. But an amazing anniversary and a truly special day..because I got to see how excited Adrian is for the arrival of our little one and we got to spend the entire day together. He is truly an amazing husband...and you can't beat the gift.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Morgan's Wedding Day

Well it is hard to believe that Adrian's lil sis is married, but it happened today.. of course without me. What a beautiful bride. It was quite disappointing to be at home...especially when you know everyone else is there having fun and enjoying the big day. I think it was even harder being out of the hospital...but I knew after our appointment in South Bend and how wiped out I was that there was no possible way that I could have gone. Also, I never would have been able to forgive myself for not following doctors orders if I would have gone. I look forward to seeing the video and pictures and I was definitely there in spirit.

I thought I would leave you with this pic of the fam. A good lookin group if I do say so myself. I swear when Adrian and Conrad left this morning they were the bopsy twins. Almost exact from head to tow. same exact clothes...same looking shoes.....and brothers with similar features. Then of course you have a beautiful bride in the middle. Had to be hard to let your little sis get married, but they made it. CONGRATULATIONS MORGAN!!!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

34 WEEKS back at home

Well we are almost at 34 weeks and due to maintaining fluid levels. Doc gave us the option of staying in the hospital or returning home for a week and having a couple doctor's appointments before the ninth.

Well I guess you could never pick which option I chose. Yep that is right I stayed at the hospital....just kidding we are home safe and sound. Loving it...but man at least at the hospital I was guaranteed human contact every four hours for my temperature to be taken. At home I talk to my dog. But It is wonderful to be home. Too see the nursery and be able to ask Adrian really nicely to do some cleaning. cuz man does the dust settle when you are away for 4 weeks. Adrian is great at picking up, but I like things dusted, vaccummed, sweeped, mopped and disinfected. With two boys living in our house.....I am impressed by how well kept it has been for 4 weeks.

We are excited....home for peace of mind and then back to the hospital for inducing next week. Then we have a little one....and that brings a flood of emotion.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

33 weeks Baby update i can't guarantee, because both of my doctors tell me different things. But the one Doc said this morning our goal is August 8th which will be 35 weeks. I ask does that mean we will deliver that day...he said if they can get me in that day yes. I am assuming labor and delievery is the they. So I am in much better spirits knowing I only have 14 days and 6 hours left of this hospital stay with out a baby. WhoooHOOO. He said there is no reason to wait any longer at 35 weeks. So I believe he knows what is best. I guess we increase chance of infection and other things the longer we wait past that point.

So that is the latest. I have to admit it is nice having a date to look forward too. It was starting to get hard not seeing the end and then having the information switch from week to week. I believe I am ready to be a mom...we have bonded enough we need some face to face bonding. I am ready to hold, nurture and spoil this child.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

32 wees

well today is July 19th and we have now accomplished two weeks in the hospital and we have made it to 32 weeks. WHOOOOHOOO!!!!
To give everyone an update, we are all doing well. Baby is active and healthy, growing at a normal rate. Mom is getting bored but on the otherhand is at peace knowing the baby is being monitored. We are being loaded with information and we are just trying to absorb it all. Who knows what we are going to need to know.

Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts. Know that they are being felt.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Well on friday July 6th we were admitted to the hospital for dangerously low fluid...which doctors are saying is due to ruptured membranes. from what I have gathered this means my water has broke and it is slowly leaking out. We are being monitored for infection and the baby for distress and activity level.

So far we are doing well. Baby is very active and seems to be loving the fact that momma is resting and spending her day talking to him.

We are on bedrest and staying at Memorial in south Bend. we are hear for the duration of the rest of this pregnancy. we are praying we make it to 35 weeks. WE are at 31 weeks today. Yippppeeee!!!!!

I want to say thank you to everyone who has offered help and their time. It has been wonderful to feel so supported. Prayers have definitely been felt and keeping me calm, cool and collected. Thank you!!!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Baby update

We are now at 30 weeks and we are now at 5cm of fluid. We have the doctor worried now. He is still active and reactive which is a good sign. Great we thank God for that. I am going to force fluids tonight and get checked again in the morning. If I am still low on fluid...I will be admitted to the hospital for observation and IV fluids. Hoping to increase my fluid levels.
That is what we know right now. the rest is hypothetical depending on what the results are tomorrow.

Thank you all for your continued prayers for the little man...he needs to stay in there at least 4 more weeks, preferably 6 weeks. We will continue to keep you all updated. Thank you again.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

the little man passed his latest tests with FLying colors. Momma is still maintaining the last week. Yippee.. I was hoping that drinking all this water would have it go up a little. at least I would feel like a balloon for a reason. It has been wonderful this week...I have really been able to feel him move more and more. I love it. It gives so much peace to feel him moving around.

Here are the pictures I promised of the nursery too. I love the way it has turned out. the most recent update is a matress for the crib...daddy is feeling this little boy might be coming soon rather than later too.

We really love how it has turned out. It is Adrian's favorite room in the house. Probably because it is all clean and organized...not overly cluttered...I told him just wait until there is an 18 -24 month old and all of his toys in there. Enjoy it now...while it is clean.

Gloria helped make the bedding and we are still waiting on the bed skirt, so I will give you a final pic when it is finished with curtains too. For now we wait.