Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas favorties

MERRY CHRISTMAS! to everybody. I thought I would do a little holiday tag game. It will be fun to find out everyones holiday favorites.

1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? HOT CHOCOLATE!
2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? Santa haspresents that show up unwrapped on Christmas morning
4. Do you hang mistletoe? I have looked for some and I can't findany....but we did when I was little
5. When do you put your decorations up?Thanksgiving break always have its atradition in my family.
6. What is your favorite holiday dish? green been caserole..but thecookies are really...but I can't count it as a "holiday dish"
7. Favorite Holiday memory as a child: my dad had a friend that would showup to our country house...dressed as santa and we would take pictures...Inever realized he would come on Christmas eve.
8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa?What are you talkingabout? What truth? he lives at the north pole and brings me gifts everyyear.
9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? We have immediate familyChristmas on Christmas eve...then the whole family on Christmas day. (thatis what we did when we were little) Now we just find a day that everyonecan get together....that is Christmas...whatever day that is we openpresents.10. How do you decorate your Christmas tree?White lights, ribbon, all theornaments both Adrian and My mom has given us since we were born. We bothhave alot....I am still looking for a star that doesn't weigh 20 ibs. Ialso have a tree skirt on the list to buy at after christmas sales.
11. Snow! Love it or Dread it? I LOVE it!!!! when i don't have to drivein it. Especially when it is falling like I am in a snow globe.
12. Can you ice skate? I try...I can with a hockey stick. it gives me
13. Do you remember your favorite gift? this is going to sound crazy...butI really loved bologna and cheese sandwiches with miracle whip. I knowgross huh? well I asked santa for it. I got a note in my stocking thatsaid my present was in the frig...when I went there it was with my name onit on the top shelf. Bologna, cheese slices, and miracle whip. I was soexcited.
14. What\'s the most important thing about the Holidays for you? The truemeaning and sharing it with friends and family.
15. What is your favorite Holiday Dessert?Cup cookies, ritz crakers with peanut butter and Chocolate almond bark...mmmmmmm
16. What is your favorite holiday tradition? putting up the tree with mymom, i miss that.
17. What tops your tree? Nothing...everything is toooooooo heavy
18. Which do you prefer, giving or receiving? giving. it love thereactions
19. What is your favorite Christmas song? Christmas shoes
20. Candy Canes? love them

I am tagging Christy, Darcy, Natalie and Gretchen

Have a happy New year. I know I will I got a new job. Thanks for everyone who has been praying for us and my endeavor into finding a new job. I greatly appreciate all of it.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Enjoying life.

Well we have been enjoying life lately. We have been busy. Our church this year decided to celebrate advent so I have been busy planning that with three other ladies. It has been great fun getting to know some new people at church. Last saturday we decorated the church all day. Then I came home to get ready for Adrian's Christmas party. This is a story in itself. So I had nothing to wear. the dress from Stace's wedding had spots on it and the Drycleaners got most of them out but there were still a few. So I wasn't excited about wearing my tatoo showed and that is not the impression i wanted to be sending to Adrian's bosses. So earlier in the week I ordered a few things from JcPenny's. i rush shipped it so it would be hear in time. Let's just say it got here today Tuesday December 5th...the party was Saturday December 2nd. Gretchen ended up saving my butt and loaned me a black poncho. it was so warm and cute. I loved it. (it even covered the spots) the dress I ordered was really cute too and it could be formal or semi I am tempted to keep it. We'll see. his party went well, he got a little intoxicated. When everything is free it is hard not too. but me sober and him tipsy is not a good combo. It was a late night and an early morning.

Advent the next morning went really well. Our focus was Hope...we heard from the mom's that were expecting and got a close look into the personal thoughts of one first time mom. It was really heart warming and touching. Truely enjoyable and thought provoking.

Today I put up Christmas decorations. This year since we are heading home to Minnesota..we decided against a tree. We also didn't want to fight Macy...(she loves pine sap). So I put up the charlie brown christmas tree in a tin can that adrian had given me for my apartment. It is cute. with our garland and stockings it has some christmas spirit. Plus the sugar cookie candle always makes it smell like christmas. I love it. I love this season. Such a season of Love and Joy. 19 days until I go Home....Minnesota here I come. I cannot wait. The countdown begins.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Things I am thankful for

Things I am thankful for:

1. My Faith
2. My husband, he is one amazing man!!!!!
(he's smart tooo he passed two more parts of the CPA more to go and he is done!!)

3. My job or at least the fact that I have one
4. My Family, even though they are miles away
5. My home
6. My friends and my friendships
7. My Inlaws, so blessed to have sane ones, that I get along with

it is amazing to me what you can find you are thankful for. It really depends what is going on in your life at the time. Wow.. can' t blieve it is already thanksgiving and Christmas.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Well I am still on the job hunt. Had another interview yesterday...but this time I am not sure the job is for me. We'll see. I have a few other applications out there for random jobs. So I will be patient and pray. God has a plan and I am ok with what he has in store.

School is good..first trimester is rapping up and I am looking forward to the upcoming trip to minnesota. We have a family pic planned and this will be the first time I see Brietta in person. I am so excited can't put it into words. I miss seeing those little girls grow up. Sara says that Lauren is five going on 15. I don't know what their house will be like when they are 13, 15, and 17....arrrrgggg..scary.

Tonight Adrian and I reran our cable to our upstairs living room. Quite the feet. I didn't even know our house had an attic we could get into...much less walk around in. How was I to know. i guess every house has is just weather you want to crawl around in it. One of my dizzier moments, definitely. So we will work tommorrow on moving the tv up and stuff. Can't wait. Warmth is something I like. I can sit and watch tv without three blankets on top of me. IT is funny, really, how we live in the basement in the summer and upstairs in the winter. It really keeps the bills down and we like that. plus the biggest reward is getting to enjoy our big couches...yippee.

Adrian is on to number four of four in the cpa exams...he heard about test one...He passed. We are still waiting for two and three. He kind of rushed them so I pray he passes. they were the sections he seemed to know...but I think he got a little worried when he didn't know as much as he thought he did. WE can only wait and see and in the mean time forge forward to the next one.

I think that is the update. we are busy planning for Stacy's wedding in two weeks and working on a bachelorette in a week. argghhh....where does the time go. I need to get crackin. We will talk later.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Need a cheap date.

Come check out Derek Webb tonight at the Old Goshen Theatre. He is awesome and will challenge you in your thought process and teach you a bit or too at the same time.

Plus you get to see Marie Barrett too. What a deal!!! Just wanted to put a plug out there for the two people who check out my blog.

Great news too....Someone is interested in buying the store that I work at so we might not have to close...Yippppppeeeee!!!!! It is so nice having a store close and not having to drive to Mishawaka everytime I need something.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Just to let you all know

I did not get the job...reason I don't have a license.

frustration: I have never had that, so why did you interview me if that was why you weren't going to hire me. HELLO people.

The other thing that annoys me is that they told the girl who got the job on Wednesday morning before school. By thursday at 2:30 I still had not heard anything. SO I called them. Just to get the bad news. In my mind it was a little unprofessional.

SO I am looking at starting school in pending. I have a couple other options outside the school system. I guess you could say, they will be loosing me entirely, because if they are going to tell me taking classes and getting started will make me a better candidate...I will show them.

OK I know can release my anger and move on. I should say disappointment. It just simply other word descibes it.

My parents are here so we are going to have a good time and hang out and that will get my mind off of it till monday.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

OK so i haven't updated in a while and I will tell you why in a few minutes.

Life has been a little crazy
you know. I have been helping a friend
plan a wedding in 1 1/2 months...not a moment to spare
then I have been job searching, because the last interview didn't
work out...My neice had a birthday this week, my parents are coming to
town. you know the basics of the first fall month. Then the
scrapbooking store has got me doing a couple of classes
but no one is signing up.. Life has been a little frustrating
a little hectec and still alot of fun.

I finally got an interview at Goshen Middle School this week
I should find out next week how it went.
My prayer of course is that I get it. But I know there is a huge
chance that won't I am preparing for what is to come
if it doesn't. I am ok with the fact that I have made it through an interview
and now I can say I have done it. God blessed me with an awesome
interview and now I know i CAN do it again. this next time with lots
of easy...I am sure I will be nervous again. it is normal..I wouldn't be human
if I wasn't. Plus I should count my chickens before there hatched,
I still might get the job, right?

Today we are headed wedding dress shopping.
our bridesmaid ones look like this. they were a steal. too.

gotta go

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

following through on promises

So I promised you pictures of the new decorative blocks...I have to say I stole the idea...I was completely uncreative this month. Can't wait for the christmas blocks and the baby ones I am doing in January or Feb...Just in time for the 14 baby showers I might be attending. Then I also got to finish a few lo for the store too. But with adorable pictures of my new baby niece Brietta and her two adorable sisters..

Aren't these guys stinkin' cute. So adorable. love them so much and I am so happy I get pictures I can keep up with their lives.

I also wanted to leave you with some pictures of our local superstar. Here he is....Matt Zook. I promise it is really him...I tried to zoom in as much as possible. Ok I will try another post. This one isn't working....Stinkin' blogger.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Update on the business of LiFe

wow it has been a while...Sorry I have been is the key word for the day.

first i have been job hunting as many of you know for quite a while...looking for something that will help me get back to as you know controls our lives whether we want it to or finacially I have to make a switch in order to get back to school. So I got a call last week and have an interview for a new job on Monday afternoon. Please PRAY...this would open up alot of doors and get me back to school this year.

Then my pal Stace has bought a house and is moving in this we have been painting and is looking so is great. She used a rich burgundy in her bedroom..she called it a love nest I believe. hehe.. She and her finace are getting married in two months and so it was a little funny to hear. It was alot of fun to just hang out and talk and paint and take breaks...Can't wait to continue wedding planning too.

Then I have been working my but off at the store too. I have a monthly class that I have been teaching and I have a new neice to scrap, so I have been busy using new product to show different things to get you out of a rut. So here are some of the things i have been working on. Blogger hates me I can't upload them. so I guess I will try next time.

Also Our friend Matt entered a contest with B100 at the Landing which is a bar in South Bend...anyway the winner gets to open this Sunday at the B100 birthday bash...He WON!!!!! Congratulations Matt!!! can't wait to hear you tomorrow.

Also I have to give my hubbie props...he pasted his first of four CPA exams...He was so pumped and I am so excited for him. He so deserves to have these passed and out of the way. So he can get paid for the high expectations that people have of him. He is asked to do so much that is outside his level.....I pray the next three are as successful in the next two months.

By the way bro....i didn't get a phone call from you today....I believe that Purdue won, right? What was the score again??? :) Ok so it wasn't that big of a blowout but it was a win.

Signing off.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

ok so a while back I promised some pictures and I am a little slow. So shoot me. I finally got them uploaded and so hear are a few. Her is one of Sarah and Chuck...beautiful bride. Then I have a few of the reception the rest aren't digital. So hear goes nothing.
Ok so I thought these were cute. below is my cousin and his wife and to the right is Mom and her brother the brides dad.

Below I couldn't get by with leaving out a few pictures of the most adorable little girls in the world.

I also needed to share what an amazing dad my husband is going to make some day. Look at him with these two. He lets them climb everywhere. I Love it.


Thursday, August 31, 2006

Great day!!! My dog ate my earrings

So today was the first day I had to teach a class at the LSS. I was totally freaked. I have no problem teaching kids...but ADULTS>>>Freaky>>>>Scary>>>Intimidating. I don't know why but doing anything in front of my peers I am completely nervous. So I got there early and did some extra computer stuff for my MIL. She doesn't get along so well with a computer. So I help her out. She is the manger at the LSS. Then came six o'clock...the starting time for my class and NO ONE was there...can I repeat NO ONE!!!!! Now I thought I got stood up. that made me sad. How disappointing to go through all the prep work and then not have people show. OH well they paid right!!! I got there money. Then about 15 minutes later two of the three showed lady totally inconsiderate. Didn't call to say she couldn't make it...she just didn't show. Nice Huh? the ladies were great and we had a great time and there blocks turned out great. I will take a picture tomorrow and post it this weekend. They are really great. It is going to be a monthly class at the store. It was great to start with a little class. It made it alot easier.

So I got home alittle bit ago and let Macy out of her kennel. I wasn't home more than 10 minutes and she snatched my earring of the end table and ran off. I couldn't tell what she had right away until I heard the crunch and saw one was missing. Then I chased her on our usual path and she of course got away enough and was too quick for me. In the process she swallowed the earring. ONE OF MY VERY FAVS. It almost makes me want to cry. This dog...what is she an alien. I don't know. I guess it is only a material possession. There just won't be another pair like those. SAD, SO SAD.

Have a great Friday!!!! :)

Monday, August 21, 2006

Great news

Last week I got great news on Monday I am an aunt fcr the third time so cute.
She was normal sized, healthy and adorable. Brietta Lynn . Here is the four of them. Mom, Syd, Lauren and Bri. Too cute. or so I thought. Until this pic arrived. Look how precious

She is just to cute. WE are not use to the large amounts of black hair. Must be from Sara's side. It is so hard to not be there to hold her. I can't wait til the next time we go home and the first time we get to hold her is.

Friday, August 18, 2006

the amazing moments of life

school started. I wasnt' so excited to go back this year. I had a few pit falls in my life plan. i thought I had a chance at a teaching job this fall and that fell through. I then thought I had a job at another school. I really thought I was a shoe in, that didn't work either. So I found myself back at GMS. Excited to have a job, but tenative, not knowing where I was going to be assigned. So Wednesday August 16th I headed off to school at 7:30. a little earlier than normal to check things out and talk to the teachers I would be working with. I got there about 7:50 and talked to a few friendly faces in the hallway. When I reached my supervisor from last year, I was disappointed to find out I was going to be working in the eighth grade. This meant new teachers, the same students I have worked with for two years, and a completely new curriculum. A more difficult curriculum, no more sixth grade science and easy math. I was now in American History, physical science, and ALGEBRA!!! All Subjects I love and that come really easy for me, except English, because 8th grade english is reading comprehension and writing....creative writing and research papers....eeeeekkkkk!!!!! I hate writing. Especially if someone is going to correct my punctuation and stuff. At least in blogger other than horrendously spelled words or using the complete wrong word, we really don't critizize or make fun, right? I am expected to help the kids learn the right way to do things and honestly I don't think I know the right thing...scary huh?

It wasn't until today that I really felt comfortable back at school. See there are a few things I look forward to each year that really has nothing to do with the students...more to do with staff comrodery...eating lunch with the same teachers for two years, the funny jokes and friendly banter in the hallways, and just a trust that gets built in your abilities. I was really worried that this had all disappeared and "It just wouldn't be the same". But I found a new group of lunchmates...incredibly funny, not the same but It is a chance to bond with some new people. The friendly banter in the hallway still happens with my one close friend (scrapbooking buddy) that teaches 8th grade, and I get to learn new things and improve on my blogging in 8th grade English class.. see they have these writer's notebooks and during this time I can't help the I get to write too. It is truely a great place to keep track of the cool God moments, possible scrapping journaling, and just blog ideas. It is great. A great way to observe the great moments of the day. It is really fun. So I will end this crazy blog with a few funny stories from the first days of school.

first: I have a student, a bit of a trouble maker, that I have worked with for the last two years. He has been ritualistic about not bring the supplies he needs to class. It is a huge pet peeve of mine. So today we were sitting in English class and they are required to bring a three-ring binder to class by today to get 5 extra credit points...and then they need to keep all of there stuff in here all year. I just assumed based on the past that he would remember to bring he brought everything that he needed...his comment was I thought I would leave a good impression, it is my last year hear. I thought we tried to make a good first impression with people not a good last impression. But I guess kids look at it different these days. I don't know.

the best story ever is this one: a little sixth grader walked up to the 6th grade principle yesterday. He said "Mr Mast, I could you help me get my schedule" Mr Mast said, "what do you have in your hand" , he thougth it looked like the yellow schedules we had handed out the day earlier. the kid replied, "that is yesterday's schedule I was wondering if you could get me today's schedule."

I thought this was the cutest and so funny I had to share. Kids are so darn funny all you can do is laugh. I truely am enjoying my schedule this year and love the new teachers I get to work with. It is also challenging to learn a new curriculum. It keeps you on your toes.. the great part is when you don't know the answers there is always the teachers manual. God must have really known what he was doing, i must have had more to learn before I was ready. All I know is I am going to take full advantage of the opportunity and learn as much as I can. Remembering to trust in God, he truely wants the best for all of us.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Randomness (A little Idea out of Darcy's blog)

**Ok so i just have to say for you scappers out there. Stop in to the store we got the most incredible MME paper in . Rachel C Check out her blog. she is one incredible designer. She never fails with her amazing use of ribbon and paper. She wasn't lying when she was in awe of the Bohemian line of paper. the embellishments are amazing. I am having so much fun making lo for the store.

Ok that is my plug for unforgettable: memories in the making. I have been working there all week. It has been so much fun. I can't wait until that can be my only job. that will be when my hubbie makes enough for both of us. Some day...I love dreaming.

**I have been amazed lately at home much money can control your life if you let it. It is really easy to fall into the view point: just a little more money will make everything better. Just a little more. I am fighting that view point.

**well i let some of you know that I was speaking at my church last saturday. It turned out I talked about trust wounds and healing. It is no wonder that I didn't feel I had it all under control. due to the message being about trust. God just wanted me to trust him. It took a friendly reminder from my amazing husband. I believe that preparing this message and presenting it was really all a lesson for me from God. I really believe I was able to get over a hump in growing deeper. I am just glad that it helped some others along the way as well. I am so humbled by the chance to speak at 808. It was good despite my feelings of wanting to puke. hehe. see i have trust issues. A cute story. Adrian and I usually don't talk alot on our way to church...but this time he so wanted me to think about something else that he talked the entire way to Goshen. that would be 20 -25 minutes of straight talking. I would even pipe in little comments about how nervous I was and he would just keep on talking like he didn't really hear me. I finally called him on it. It was so incredibly sweet of him.

I am so excited to have a night out with my husband this Friday, and a few other people, like 10 or so. We are heading to the funny bone and dinner. I will have pictures next week I promise.

*just a note to anyone who cares. We are having a big yard sale at Unforgettables on Saturday. We open early at 8 am. Come check out the new stuff and see the cheap yard sale items.

THis was kindof fun....I might try it again. Enjoy my random thoughts for now.

Monday, August 07, 2006

We made it a year!!!

I can't believe it has already been a year. We both agreed it has been a year of ups and downs, but the good things stick out above the rough.

We didn't due much do to having to save money to cover our sewer and water switch over. I especially enjoyed just spending the entire day together. It is so infrequent that we get to spend a whole day together. I am amazed at how much the little things mean to me lately. We then had a great time at small group that evening and also stopped by to see a cousin of Adrian' s who hasn't been in town for over four years.

On saturday night I spoke in church too. I have never felt so uneasy or unprepared about a message before. But I assume God was teaching me a lesson on Trust due to my message being about trust. It went really well once I got started. It is amazing to me how God uses our stories and our struggles to help others. I got to meet new people and it was simply by sharing a common struggle about trust wounds. Just being honest bonded me with a group of people I really didn't know well at all. God amazes me so often. I am just blessed to be a part of His work.

I can't wait to see what he has in store for us in year two.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Summer vacation and Weekend fun

Wow I can't believe I am:
* one week away from being married for a year
* done with my summer job
* two weeks away from school starting again
* one week away from giving a message at church and still waiting for what to say
* waiting on a call for a full time salaried job two weeks before school would start

Just a few updates on my week last week. We had some friends over this weekend to. Our plans definitely changed due to the 105 degree heat index. We stayed inside to chat and watch the Sox game. It was fun. Hope everyone that came had fun. I was preoccupied with my husbands yellow jacket stings, the phone call on a possible job and entertaining to know if they won or not. have a great day.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Road Trip, Wedding, and quality family time

Last weekend was Adrian and my vacation. Adrian started the week by surprising me and we left a night early. This was great! It was wonderful to have another full day to hang with the parentals. We had a great time with my parents...

my dad took us to his fav...breakfast place the local B& has these wonderful pancakes. trust me if you get to Albert Lea...don't get two...settle for one. Adrian ordered two and ate half of each...Equallly yes, yes...just one pancake.

I also got to accompany my mom on her 2.5-3.0 mile walks daily. it was fun until I got blisters in between my toes. Crazy I think i need new toes were squished. just a side note...has anyone else had their feet grow in their later feet are a half size bigger. it is crazy.

We went shopping at the outlet mall. I love this place and Albert lea was having crazy days...I have to brag...Adrian and I bought a shirt, Adrian bought a polo and swim trunks at the Gap...a polo shirt at herbergers a pair of khakis for me and a tank top...for about 30 bucks, AMAZING!!!!!

had to brag...sorry. I love shopping in minnesota...there is no sales tax.

Saturday we went to the cities early to check out a LSS. which wasn't much...i should have went to the archivers but it was more out of the way. Anyway then we went to my cousins wedding. Absolutely beautiful!!! Great times with family. Lots of emotional toasts, heartfelt words from a father to a daughter and lots of laughter. I have never known an immediate family that is as close as my cousins...they are siblings that are also best friends...I am in awe sometimes at what they do for each other. I will have pics up in a few days. I haven't uploaded them. I am just a little slow.

Due to some complications and scares with the pregnacy Jeremy and Sara and the girls....stayed home from the wedding...Sara didn't want to be too far away if there was an emergency with the baby. Everything is going well...Can't wait to see if I am having a nephew or neice. no worries though I got to see them on Sunday. Sara has a little basketball and an active baby...The girls were adorable I will show pics...later
They are so big. Syd is talking alot more clear than the phone lets you in on. And Lauren, can I say hyper...holy cow. this girl bounces off the wall...but smart...she was rhyming with my mom...and let me tell you, don't take this girl on in the game MEMORY...hers is better than mine for sure. The girls stayed that night and the rest of the week with Grandma and parents i am sure are wiped out...They are a bundle of energy, those girls. It was fun to hang out with them on Monday morning while my parents did some work. Then we were off on the road again.

I remember being about an hour into our 8 hour drive and asking Adrian if we were there yet. Not a good way to start an 8 hour drive. We made it quite quickly or so that is how it goes when you fall asleep...I drove through wisconsin...looking for a DQ it was 99 degrees outside. So much for windows down and the cool breeze through the windows. Can you believe we overed the entire state of Wisconsin and didn't find a DQ until Madison. Crazy people.

When we got to Chicago we called JW and I got to drive past his new house in Portage.. He was working a long day so we didn't get to see bailey or dub...but it was cool to see his house. Can't wait to see the inside at a later date. Then we continued home and found Macy extremely excited to have us home and we were exhausted but excited to see her safe and sound. Thanks to Conrad who took care of her the entire time we were gone. Which turned into about 5 full days. Wow...sorry this got long. good thing I am not posting pictures til later. Right?

Saturday, July 08, 2006

The joys of working at an LSS

So these are some of the layouts I did for the store. It has been really fun to have a the opportunity to put things together for the store. It has also gotten me over some of my paranoia that I am not a good as the others who work there. I am ususally given the papers that i am to use and then I have to find pictures and embellishments to go with it. Some times it is really difficult. especially if I don't like the paper. So far I haven't done the paper I don't like.

Here is a LO I did of one of Adrian and my engagement pictures. It was lots of fun using the coaster and the christmas paper from senic route..not for Christmas.
I think my oldest neice looks so old in this picture...what happened to the little girl. They are too stinkin' cute in this pic. the journaling talks about how thankful I am to get pictures once a month to keep up with how they are growing and their lives. Thanks sara and mom.

This one is great. They are from the day Adrian and I celebrated Sydney's was a few days early so we could still be there...back in November. She is getting so big see the previous lo.
The following lo is a challenge I am doing at the store. Challenging people to be innovative in the way they display photos and in how many they can use. I had 19 pictures from the fourth of july that I just loved...i wanted to use all of them. So i did. 9 on the lo and 10 in the accordian book . THe journalling is going on the cover of the accordian book...I haven't finished it yet.
The next one turns out to be my favorite.

This is a challenge I did for the use photos as the backround paper. It was really fun..but kinda hard to keep fingerprints off...due to the fireworks being mainly black photos.

So there is a chance to see more of the work i can't put in my book for three month as it now hangs in the store. Come check us out at Unforgettables....memories in the making. on CR 17 between Goshen and Elkhart. ok that is my advertisement.

I am so thankful to have a second job that is doing something I love to do. So this is what it feels like to have your job be something you love to do. This feels good. I love it. Maybe someday this could be all I do. Wouldn't that rule. Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Great Fourth of july and new browsers...

jay finally got chase to go out in the water instead of just playing on the beach. It was really sweet to watch them playing together. chase was having so much fun... A funny that occured was when I asked chase who Jay was...he said my uncle Jay myers. He thought Jay's last name was the same as his. Hehe...So CUTE!!! Jay and Chase also decided to be festive and they both has red white and blue hair over the weekend. Don't worry it is just gel no permanent coloring going on.

Aren't they so cute...
Macy had a lot of fun playing in the water with Bailey...they are so good around each other...most of the time they play nice but not always. The play fetch in the lake which usually wears them out. It is great for the next day. They are so good around little kids too. It is fun to watch them to
I wish I had a way to get them to fetch drinks and things like that too.

Here are some randoms from the weekend too. Enjoy!! Euchre was great we played a few games and also got in a few games of Texas holdem' and some crazy version of blackjack one of the highlights of the weekend for me was that I knocked Adrian out in the Texas Holdem' game. He is the poker gurue...(I think that is how you spell it).

Chase also got to play with sparklers it was all fun until he tried to get one back and burnt his little fingers. OUCH!!

Thanks Christy..I switched browsers and downloaded Firefox...and I had no problem with all these pictures. It was great. You Rock

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

fun in the sun on the Fourth of July

ok well i can't seem to find anyother place to write here...I actually today accomplished a great task. I was able to upload photos from my camera for the first time at home and burn a cd....crazy huh? I am becoming a master at this...ok well not quite that quickly. well this weekend we spent time at the lake, with the myers, I helped gretchen paint at their loft and I spent some quality time with an old friend catching up on stuff. oh yeah and some quality R&R...what every holiday is for.
It is so great after we spend a day even at the lake. Macy lays around the next day and sleeps all day. You can get so much done when your dog isn't getting in to misjiff. well here are a few...blogger won't let me post any more. so i will try later. maybe on a second post. But we had a great time catching up with friends, watching fireworks in the water...floating in the middle of the lake, eating great food, swimming, playing poker and euchre, and of coarse laying out...whenever the sun appeared for more than 5 seconds. well that is all for now.. i am ready for a nap in the sun. Later

under construction

having problems so I am redoing some things and trying to get a new blog template. I think i deleted something I wasn't suppose to. I have been having tons of problems. Does anyone know. can you transfer your previous posts and your archives over if you change your template?

Monday, June 26, 2006

wow it has been a while

well I guess I will just babble about our weekend, my job and stuff. I have been working at the scrapbooking store for about a month now and can I just say it is awesome. I love it. I had my own idea for a class last week we are going to see if it works out or if anyone signs up. I can't post it until the class is over sorry. Then I got a vera bradley purse on ebay for 30.00 can' t beat that. It hasn't arrived yet but it leaves a joy in coming home everyday...looking for the package. it should be here this week. Can't wait. I really wasn't a fan of them until the new patterns came out this year.. Chelsea green and java are my fav...if I can get them for thirty bucks I could have one of each. yippeee. Then this past saturday I worked at the scrap store...and we were totally dead. Bad for the store, but great for my wedding album...i am all the way up through the ceremony...on to the reception and then I have about 5 pages in the honeymoon and the I will be done. I will have reached my goal of finishing before our one month anniversary. Then Saturday night we watched Memoirs of a Geisha...great story...good movie but really long. didn't seem long though. if you want a historical is wonderful. Then sunday we went to church, went out to lunch at El Camino with Gretchen, Luke, Jen and Darin. it was wonderful. We also had a single guitar lead worship on sunday morning and it was a refreshing change. Then Sunday night we had a "guess who's coming to dinner" great fun...the funny part though is to my understanding it was suppose to be people we didn't know. But it turned out to be two girls that we went to their house last time, who we knew last time, and then a couple and their two kids. It was a lot of fun. We chatted and ate dinner. I just love hosting people at my house. I am in the process of planning a party here at our house for our friends this August. can't wait. I am planning a theme and stuff. It will be alot of fun. Just don't know all the details yet. I had planned on posting some of my wedding pages for you to see, Mom...but blogger won't let me post a picture. sorry...I will try tomorrow. I think i am done babbling for now...have a great day.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Hi my name is Macy. My mom couldn't think of anything to talk about today...because she is really mad at me. We were sitting outside and my mom was reading a book, see I got a little bored and no one was paying attention to me, so I decided to try and get there attention. It all started out innocently......I dug a little hole in the backyard....ok it was my mom's flower bed it wasn't just one it was two or three.
My mom got really mad...but she filled it back in and we played in the backyard for a while and we went inside. Mom was still reading her book and still wasn't watching me so I foudn one of her new winter gloves she got on clearance at the end of the season and it was really soft and quite tasty...yum, yum....THen we got to go on this really long was so much fun.
I ran up the stairs around the dining room table, into the livingroom around the coffee table, my mom followed franticly screaming at me to drop something...i think she wanted the new glove...but I was having way too much fun to drop it. then I smelled something...I was done for she had a treat. I love how I get rewarded for dropping something that I wasn't suppose to have in the first place. Plus I got to run around the house. this life is great. THe next part though isn't so fun...
see my mom was scrapbooking in the living room and organizing some of her stuff...well she left a colored pencil on the coffee table while she was putting stuff was so intriging....i just wanted to know what it was...taste it, smell it, why not eat the whole thing...the shavings in my mom's hand was what she found on the floor...this might have went too far...the carpet i think was messed up...because my mom started yelling at me about going to the pound...what is that? I don't know but she was mad and whereever the pound is it doesn't sound like fun...she said I might die there. eeeeekkkkkkssss!!!! They gotta love me though...look I am so darn cute.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

end of the year. NO MORE SCHOOL....

Ok so the last day of school we went to the track and had our version of the greek olympics with part of the GMS 6th grade class. I say our version because we had clothes on and noone died when they lost. Good thing...It is job security. Her are a few pictures of the day.

The teacher relay team was the best...three track coaches and the principal...aka club tennis coach...all in shape people...they kicked butt. miles ahead of the kids.

Also I have to brag about my teams dominance in the arm wrestling...we were 5-0 in both boys and GIRLS....McKenzie you rule.

This team was great to work with this year...whatever happens next year. I don't think I could dream of better people to work with. Thanks for a great year.