Sunday, February 26, 2006

i think my husbands gone mad

ok I finally figured out how to change things. I reallized i have been posting from the edit html instead of the compose. Crazy huh. Well today Adrian and I are feeling a little better. Macy is getting a little stir crazy. the vet said she can't run and play for 5 days. She is fighting against the sedatives that make her feel drunk. Or at least she looks drunk. I have taken pictures of her with her cast on for scrapping purposes but also to show you all what she looks like.

over the weekend. Adrian and I have managed to paint our spare bedroom, one wall at a time. It is amazing what a little paint can do. it looks 100 times better just with some paint. I have taken pictures of that to. Look forward to them in the next few days. I still have to put the room back together again. (this type color is a hint to the room is a little bit off but close) It will get done this week, because mom and dad are coming for a visit this coming weekend. Macy can' twait to see grandpa and grandma. hehe i love saying this my mom thinks I have gone mad. I keep telling her she has two granddaughters and a grand puppy. Ok maybe I have gone a little mad, but it is fun. It is weird to think that today I have enjoyed the day playing video games with my husband. I never thought i would see the day this would happen. My husband is so dramatic. He gets mad at the screen. Makes comments and everything. Like "eat it squirrel" and "i should have beat you last time" &"oooh you suck". I think he has gone mad. Maybe it is the fever talking. The game is quite fun it is one that I enjoy. Well I think it is time for a nap and then putting the bedroom back together. I hate having big messes.

Friday, February 24, 2006

My baby had surgery

Well today was a little weird. I was home sick with a cold, fever and the stomach flu. But Macy was at the vet all day. Today she had her "ovarian hysterectomy". She also had a abnormal dew claw removed from her she has a puppy cast on her foot. She is so out of it tonight it is not even funny. We are to peas in a pod. If I had a camera I would give you a picture of the pathetic site. Both of us veged out on the couch. I do need to have the cushion talk with her. She likes to take up two cushions. this makes for one uncomfortable nap. well that is all for now. Our house could use your prayers. It seems as though we keep passing the colds on to each other and I just can't seem to get healthy.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pet Peeves, Paint Nazi's, and adorable little girls!

ok so I am off my pedestal today....
I was reading Darcy's post last night about pet peeves and it got me thinking. I have way to many that deal with the kids that I work with. Such as:

*kids who refuse to try

*kids who do the opposite of what you ask of them

*people that gauk at you when you make a mistake or do something they have never done it themselves

*People who cut you off when talking on their cell phone while driving.

*Parents who think it is the teachers fault that their children have missing work

*People who where black and dark brown together. Light tan is ok with black it looks really sharp...but dark brown just can't be mixed with black.

*People who say they can't, before they have even tried.

*Fake people...just be yourself...if people don't like it, it is their loss.

Ok now that i have my negativity out of the way for the day....It was fun to think about my pet peeves though. Thanks Darce.

I am really excited...last night I taped off the spare bedroom to be painted. (mom it is happening) I purchased the paint. I love it when the dude at the paint store...demands that you get a certain kind of paint. Especially when i know he is just trying to sell me a more expensive paint. The disappointing moment was when he told me the color I picked out only comes in the signature paint...which of course is the most expensive. If that is the case they need to tell you that at the color wall. It is so hard for me to believe that, come can't mix this formula in another can of white paint.. So redecorating is on its way regardless. We also got to hang out with Adrian's mom and sister last night. We went to dinner. I just have to admit how absolutely crazy my sister-in-law is. We went to Alley she immediately started dancing to the music. She kept saying "this song is awesome". and "you guys are never going to be seen with me in public again". She is crazy but we love her.

On our way home we got a call from the two sweetest little girls, thanking us for the coloring books and pictures of Macy...They wanted to tell me that they had put Macy's picture on the fridge. How cute!!! The cutest part of it is that Lauren is now telling sydney what to say on the phone, which is what my brother did when Lauren was two and didn't understand the conversations. So this is how our conversation went...

"Hi Sydney", Niki

"hi", syd. Don't forget syd is just mimicing what Lauren is saying and I am only hearing half of what she is saying.

"what are you having for dinner?" Niki

"PIZZA!!!", syd said with enthusiasm

"wha di yo an adren eat?", syd (this is sort of phoneticly what she sounds like.

"burgers and fries", niki

"burgers," syd....(it was like she was announcing it

Sara then asked to talk and Syd said..."no, talking to Niki." How cute. they are so sweet.

I eventually talked to sara and all is well with the baby and the girls. They are coloring freaks!!! It is always and joy and brightener of my day when they call. Having neices is wonderful.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

ok it has been a while

You would think that i would have all the time in the world to blog. My husband has been out of town and I have instead found little spring cleaning projects around the house and got a wild hair up my butt to redecorate another room. This will give me three more rooms to show you on our continued house tour. Fam two of these rooms you haven't seen. So look forward to the house tour. it is coming to this blog site soon.

Right know i don't know what to write about. Have you ever been around people that are extremely hard to talk to? or won't give you the time of day? I have decided that these people are just plain rude and not nice. Come on, right? there has got to be a second in your self centered and igo-centered life to see someone who might need to talk or just need a hi. I never really had felt what this was like until recently. I have vowed to reach out and be more aware of my surroundings, because I never, NEVER...want to be like these people.

Plus, with the recent occurances at my job. I know how God has you placed around people for a reason and there are eyes watching you at times you don't even know.

I also had an experience with someone who claims to be living this great Christian life...but I have seen them treat people with NO respect. This to me is exactly the reason that people are turned off by being a christian. Some People are so fake. Why do we have to be fake? Just be real. Care enough about each other to talk about it...accept an apology from people.....get over the things that happened years ago....and love each other...beyond the circumstances. Life isn't long hold a grudge. Some one once asked me if I could live next to the person who annoys me the most for eternity in Heaven. He said if you can't better work that out now. it really got me thinking. Also, with the things that have been happening around me that past few days...I encourage everyone to resolve issues...there is not time to hold on to them.

that is my advice for the day. To myself first and everyone else who cares to read this.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Did I deface a cop car, take a dip (in the buff), or steal!!!!

ok, so here you go darce...your comment has had me rolling for a couple days. So I am going to tell the story behind my two truths and a Lie.

In College my freshman year i was a counselor at a camp and on the weekend we struggled to find things to do that didn't cost any money. SO A bunch of us decided to go skinny dipping at 3 am. it was too cold to ever try again. Then when I was in college my junior year, I drove the get away car for my friends as they took the world's largest road construction sign with lights on it, that flashed and everything. I did get my hands into it when I helped place them in the center of there yard. Among a bunch of other little signs that we had with us. Again this was around 3-4 am. but it was the middle of a friendly practical joke war. Until my car got syruped along with our back step of our house. Not so much fun when you start to ruin property. The cops drove by and saw the signs the next day and actually laughed. They just asked that we return them by the end of today. They were really cool about it.

However, it is not always the case when dealing with police. IT was halloween night 1992 i think. I was with my brother and some friends, of course innocently waiting for a ride home, when they started throwing eggs at some cars.. (See mom he is really not the angel you thought he was). I never touched an egg. But when the idiots, aka my brother and his friends through and egg at this one friend of theirs a cop saw us and followed us. of course they didn't want to be caught red handed so they tried to ditch the evidence. That is when we got caught. or should I say they got caught. However I had to help wash the 3-5 cop cars that night at about 12 midnight. It was a bonding moment with my brother or at least until he reads this. Sorry BRO!!! But it does need to be understood that we NEVER, NEVER, NEVER threw eggs at a cop car!!!! But somebody did because we had to scrub for hours to get the dried white and yoke of their cars.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I got tagged

Ok here it goes. Sorry it is going to end here...because i have no friends at least blogging ones.


Three Names you go by:
1. Nichole
2. Nic, Cole, Ni-cho-le
3. Mrs. Schrock (this makes me feel old maybe i should try Ms.)
(or if J is around i loose all my identity and we (Adrian and I ) are known as the Schrock's)

Three of Your Everyday Essentials
1. my nalgene bottle filled with water
2. email (I have to check it daily or I feel like I missed something or someone)
3. a conversation with my husband. This is difficult during busy season. He is an accountant.

Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now
1. My wedding rings
2. a cowboy hat (it is spirit week at school)
3. Underwear (This is important. Two kids just started a conversation in school about whether or not people are wearing underwear and what kind. Come on!!! You remember the boxer/brief conversations. Don't tell me you didn't do it. Everyone's done it to kill time at sometime).

Three of Your Favorite Songs
1. Carrie Underwood- Jesus Take the wheel
2. Lenard Skynard - Sweet Home alabama
3. Rascal Flatts - The day before you.
(also anything by Third Day, Jeremy Camp, or many others the list is endless. )

Two Truths and a Lie (in any order)
1. I've thrown eggs at a cop car
2. I've skinny dipped in a lake.
3. I've stole road construction signs and put them in my friends front yard.

Three of Your Favorite Hobbies
1. Photography and Scrapbooking
2. Home decorating and remodeling. I don't think it is really a hobby but I love doing it. I am going to be so excited whenit is all done. But bored too. I won't have any rooms left to decorate.
3. Playing the guitar

Three Things You want to do really badly right now
1. play with my puppy
2. Take a nap
3. get my kids to understand reducing fractions in math class. They just don't get it.

Three Places You want to go
2. I'd like to travel through Europe...with a group of friends and stay at those places...what are they called. They are really cheap and dirty i have heard. They are in London for sure. The girl in what girl wants stayed at one. HOSTLES......I was thinging Brothel and new I wasn't right. Come on they sound similar.
3. Netherlands, Sweeden and Norway to see my family heritage and hike the fiords. They are beautiful.

Three Things You Want to Do Before You Die
1. Get my masters degree
2. Have two kids (my dream has always been twin boys...but more and more I am wishing for a girl. That might make it easier, Twins aren't really common in my family)
3. Leave the country....I have never needed a passport for my travels....I really want those stamps in it.

Three people I would like to see take this quiz
All the people that I know blog have already been tagged


Friday, February 10, 2006

Keep my job or get a new one?

Lately I have been struggling with weather to get a new job. I love the job I do. I just don't think i have the opportunity to do enough. It is so hard after I just got done with a job where there were aspects that I didn't like, to have one that I really enjoy all aspects of. The biggest reason would be MONEY. isn't it always. The thing i struggle with is what is God telling me to do. Lately I have felt like i have been more in his word and less in tune to his voice. I don't know if it is because he is saying the opposite decision that I have been looking for or if I just can't hear him clearly. Then yesterday I went on a blog that I frequently look at and I read a thing about accepting help. I started to think about how this new job came about and it was really a friend suggesting that I would be good at this job. He even checked to see if the company had recieved my resume and how long it would be before I heard whether or not I got an interview. So was this an answer, and I am not accepting the help. Then another friend of mine emailed me a position at Goshen High School. A dream job. But I am not qualified according to Indiana rules. But I could attain qualification and would be willing to if I recieved the position. So what do I do? Who has any ideas? Right now it is in God's hands....I truely believe that. my prayer is that God presents me with only one job possibility and that is the job that I have and keep. God knows what is best for me and my family and I know that he gives me nothing we can't handle. Sometimes I just get in to big of a hurry to fix things. Not necessarily to do it my way but I don't like to see people I love unhappy or suffering. I think you can all relate to that. Sorry this is such a downer. It is simply a struggle right now that I needed some advice on.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

an ovarian hysterectomy.....

Adrian and I have been married for 6 months which also makes Macy 5 months old as well. I have no idea what that will be in dog years. Like 3 years old human maybe. She is so stinkin adorable. Yesterday however she spent the day at the vet. She has a bacteria and yeast infection in her ears. Poor thing itches them ferociously it is hard to watch....and when you know how bad an ear infection really don't want to stop her either. She now has antibiotics twice a day and had a shot yesterday to reduce her fever. I know she is not a human....but it is scary how similar they are. The vet said this is pretty normal for labs during teething.
At the vet yesterday they also scheduled her for an OVARIAN what ever happened to spaying. Tell me that doesn't sound like she is human. HEHE:)

On Monday night Adrian and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary by me cooking some italian chicken and veggies and Adrian bringing me home flowers. He is so sweet sometimes. I can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings us. So far we have continued to grow together, learned so hard life lessons and just grew more in love with each other each day. It was so sweet of him to come home on Monday at a normal time so we could hang out. Granted we hung out and watched a movie and both fell asleep by about 7:30. We are either really old or extremely exhausted. I loved our evening. Just to have him around that evening was gift enough for me.

Monday, February 06, 2006


Well Go Steeler!!! Yesterday was a lot of fun we hung out and watched the game a played some games. My arm kindof hurts today from three games of darts. It was worth it though. I haven't played darts since college. The food was piled high and so delicious too. a great set up for some really strange commercials and a great game.

Plus when we bet on Squares for the game. The Schrock's one two quarters. Yippie.

there are some pictures I will get them to you later.


Saturday, February 04, 2006

Tour of the remodeling

Here goes my tour of of our home....including the renovations. We bought our house in May of 2005. We loved it when we moved in and we still do. We just had some unexpected glitches in our renovation schedule. We new in a few years that we would have to do a renovation on both bathrooms, we just never thought it would be in our first year. We will get to that later. When we first moved our stuff in it looked like the sun had thrown up in our house. There four shades of yellow in our house from the living room to the kitchen, dining hall, to the hallway to the bedroom. Oh how could i forget the bathroom. Just wait you will understand. The first room we tackled was our living room. the funny part about it is that four the first three months it had no furniture. So it was just an empty painted room. At least it no longer looked like baby diarrhea. Come on you can't tell me that those of you out there that have changed a nasty diaper have not seen that color before.

But this is what we have done to the room since we moved in. At the beginning it was just paint that made the change but one week before our big day...our furniture arrived and I was able to decorate. It was a great stress relief from the wedding. This I believe is my favorite room in our house... so far that is. I have some plans for the basement and if it turns out that could end up being my fav.

The next room was interesting. We tackled the dining. room and kitchen. I do need to inform you that under this lovely sponge painted wall is a couple layers of wallpaper. Come on...if you are ever it the right way. We are all not on trading spaces and have a two day limit. That is the only reason anyone should paint over wall paper.
It took a week with three people working to get through the four layers. 6 if you count each color of paint as a separate layer. But after the week i decided to texture the walls and then color was a first for both things. But talk about fun. The texturing is a total aggression release. then the color wash is really a one person job to get it to look the same and you can't stop in the middle. It can be cool but not what you want. My musicians for the wedding stopped in in the middle of the wall. so i had to stop. I have a big vain of dark through the middle of the wall. But it has grown on me. it is just character right.

Well here is the first stage of our remodeling. The third room was done the two weeks before the wedding that will be the next stage with a big Thank you to my dad. He help out a lot on the next stage of renovation.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Who is out there?

So yesterday I had a revelation that there are many people out there that are looking at my blog that I don't know are even there. So I want a reality check. If you stop by even if it is just to look quickly. Post a comment. I want to see who is out there. Leave so encouraging or motivational words while you are there too.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Ok this happened a while ago but something happed yesterday that disturbs me and I need some advice. I have these two boys in my social studies class. We hit it off on day one because during the get to know you time I shared that I loved music from the seventies and eighties. I thought they were joking, but their knowlegde proved differently. Anyhoo....They throughout the first few months of this semester would randomly make comments to me such as:

Mrs Schrock: We decided we are going make a character of you on our Tony Hawk game.
Mrs Schrock: You look very nice today.
Mrs Schrock do you know who aerosmith is? OF COURSE!!! hello.
but the came the disturbing ones.

Mrs Schrock Gary and I decided yesterday that we are going to eat you....we have decided to become cannibles. Gary: "we did."

Then about two weeks ago...I was having a conversation and he mentioned his youth group. So I simply asked what church do you go to? HE responded the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. In my couple of years of youth ministry i had never heard that a church like this existed around here. I have relatives that are Morman, so i was interested in finding out if he was telling me the truth...(he tends to try and see how far he can go adn still have me believe him) I asked him what bible he name some of the books in it. I asked if he new where the tabernacle was located...and I asked him to share with me what he believes. HE really wasn't able to tell me anything that day. So I shared with my friend and the general ed teacher about the situation. I said I didn't really believe him but what if he was telling the truth. I was a little worried I had opened something up that would flash....parent/teacher conferences. Well Zach came back the next day with all this information....he even offered to bring in his bible. OH NO!!!! He new the things that i needed to prove he did go to the Morman church than I googled....Church of Jesus Christ of latter day Saints, elkhart IN.....yep you got it. there was church located right where he said he went. So it has been a couple of weeks since this conversation. But yesterday he brought up his youth group again.

This is where I need your help. I have always been the kind of person who doesn't push my faith on others...but i answer questions when asked based on my beliefs. He shared a story about tipping a girl over in her chair at youth group and how he got in trouble. Well my immediate response was that is not a very Christian thing to do? Ooops he is not a christian? Right now I am praying for him and his family. THis is one question that leads to a bigger question. Have any of you ever been taught or shown anything that helps with how to incorporate your faith into your everyday life. When I was a youth pastor my faith was my life and it was really easy. People sometimes assumed things about me that weren't true, but for the most part it was easy to incorporate my faith. But now I am working through how to do it in a new line of work. Share your thoughts. I don't want to expand...because I don't want to limit your comments.