Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Avenlea's Four Month Photos:

Miss Avenlea Gayle....a true speical Delivery...Our big girl sitting up....wow how she is growing and SOOOOO Fast!!Mama and her sweet pea...
then the smiles started to come....
We got a few but not too many...when she is outside her environment... it is harder...

But she did great...once we got the pukes out of her system...she started in Purple...for our family pics and puked after the first three photos...so we switched clothes and got the rest.. I think she puked right before the above pictures...gotta love it.. Darcy really did a great job...Thanks soo much.

Darcy Holsopple Photography

Our Beautiful Family:

the day was great...after rain for two days...we got lucky and it was like 50's and partly cloudy. We got some really good ones.. Daddy and his sweat kiddos

jackson and his dada

Mama... and her sweet babies.. Jackson has recently started this..grabbing us and laying one on. it is to stinkin' cute...glad we got to capture the moment..and the bestest part is it is with me...he usually does it with Adrian.
our precious baby girl...she wasn't much into smiling but we wasn't screaming...she was a trooper.. and how cute is she in her fur collared sweater... if only it wouldn't have been so cold you could have seen her dress...maybe at Christmas if it still fits...

then the show stealer...
he didn't stop hammin' it up...there are too many cute pics to choose from. Like always and really it wasn't a photoshoot for him. Oh well...we will take the cuteness.

Friday, October 16, 2009

A bunch of SICKOS!!!

We are all down and out around here. All of us except Adrian. HE is drink tons of OJ and taking his vitamins to try and stay healthy. But we were up at least four times last night. Oh my. One time All four of us were up and I think all wanted to scream. But one was doing it enough for all of us. We are doing vapor baths twice a day and trying to push fluids into the kiddos. Jackson is throwing up due to snot. It is quite the zoo around here. Avenlea is finally peacefully sleeping out here in her swing while Jack and I cuddle on the couch. I am sure we are quite the site.

Got some cute pictures of the kiddos the other day. First we have avenlea Smiling....it has been a real joy watching her develop her little personality.then we caught her laughing too. to bad i am not qick enough with the video switch over. she has begun cooing alot and even making some noises with her tougue. she is groowing so fast. as you can she she is holding her head up really well too. we got the bumbo out this week. we tried it once, but it was alot of work and her Big bro wasn't very nice. he snatched every toy from her tray before she could play. so far our best playtime...is Jackson's nap time. Avenlea loves her big brother and is really entertained just watching him play. Jackson and daddy played outside this past weekend. daddy says its a golf club...but mommy says hockey stick. either way he was pretty good....once he stopped swinging it like a baseball bat. to him everything is "bayball".

Friday, October 09, 2009

I have once again swallowed something I said about parenting before I was a parent and I am sure it is not the last time.

before becoming a parent I really had only had a few criticism of parents. in the top 5 was watching cartoons at a young age. Yeah to say the least I have failed in that category. We have restrictions on how long we do it..but we watch them. Jackson is intrigued with Sid the science kid, Mickey mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny and the imagination movers. I however held strong to one criticism. I never understood who or why anyone in there right mind would introduce Barney into their children's lives. Still don't and I can honestly say it was the therapists fault...but this is what I found the other day when I didn't get to the tv fast enough to change the channel.
yep in that blurry image you aren't seeing things. It is Barney. A purple dinosaur.
And to top it off he was pointing. Saying barney, barney.. As clear as can be. I prefer Elmo (and for those that know me well, even this is hard for me to say) at least he is educational on Sesame Street.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

An update from the schrock home....

Happy four month birthday baby girl. She is growing sooooo fast. She is already 24 inches long and 12 lbs 14 ounces.. She has made the big girl chart...no more preemie ones, and she is in the 20th percentile. She seems so much bigger to me.

This week Jackson and I headed to indy just the two of us. I left my baby for two days and one night. She was in great hands. thank you Ashley and Gloria for watching her.
Jackson and I got to meet his transplant doc and we have a new perspective as to why we need to wait. The unfortunate part is he needs him to Grow. vertically that is. which we have not ever had success with. He has two strikes against him in this category. One are his lack of functioning kidneys and the second is when your hips aren't in the sockets there is no pressure on the growth plates. So we are starting our growing late in the game when it has already slowed down.

We got to celebrate while we were there. We got to say BYE BYE to this tube...not completely, don't get ahead of the game. But he no longer has the tube hanging off. He had his button placed. Which means that we now attatch the tube when we need to use it and when we don't we take it off. it is so much better. His clothes fit right again, he doesn't get it caught on things or end up crawling on it. It is wonderful....or as wonderful as foreign objects can be in your body.

We are happy to say that Avenlea and daddy survived us being gone with flying colors...our sweet baby girl even started sleeping for 10 hours...two nights in a row. I made a deal with her and I think she will continue this habit and in the meantime try to help her brother catch on too. we will see what happens.