Saturday, October 14, 2006

OK so i haven't updated in a while and I will tell you why in a few minutes.

Life has been a little crazy
you know. I have been helping a friend
plan a wedding in 1 1/2 months...not a moment to spare
then I have been job searching, because the last interview didn't
work out...My neice had a birthday this week, my parents are coming to
town. you know the basics of the first fall month. Then the
scrapbooking store has got me doing a couple of classes
but no one is signing up.. Life has been a little frustrating
a little hectec and still alot of fun.

I finally got an interview at Goshen Middle School this week
I should find out next week how it went.
My prayer of course is that I get it. But I know there is a huge
chance that won't I am preparing for what is to come
if it doesn't. I am ok with the fact that I have made it through an interview
and now I can say I have done it. God blessed me with an awesome
interview and now I know i CAN do it again. this next time with lots
of easy...I am sure I will be nervous again. it is normal..I wouldn't be human
if I wasn't. Plus I should count my chickens before there hatched,
I still might get the job, right?

Today we are headed wedding dress shopping.
our bridesmaid ones look like this. they were a steal. too.

gotta go

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Darcy said...

GOOD LUCK on the job interview!! And with helping to plan a wedding in 1.5 months.. YIKES!!!