Monday, May 07, 2007

Update on the baby

We have endured a handful of blood work all that came back negative. The baby is in the clear. They did a quad test that tests for chromosomal disorders and a cystic fibrosis test as well.

We are now rescheduled for an ultrasound in a week on May 15th at the Maternal fetal medicine doc in South bend. The ultrasound tech gave me some relief today by saying that ecogenic bowel is something that is usually misseen on ultrasounds and it truly turns out to be nothing most of the time. It was very nice to get this news. I will definitely sleep more peacefully, that is if the little stinker stops keeping me up. This is before its born, i can't imagine what it is like after.

Thank you to all for the prayers, they were definitely felt.

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Anonymous said...

Hey nic--you have been on my mind sooo much. Now I know why! I've been praying for the baby's health and your and Adrian's time of preparation without knowing that you two were enduring this. Please know that you will continue to be lifted in prayer. Keep in touch. Love, Dena