Sunday, June 24, 2007

Update on the Little Man

Well it has been another month and we had another check-up. This time I headed in knowing I was in for a long morning, gestational diabetes test, a growth ultrasound, and a regular check-up. But what I didn't expect was that there would be things to be concerned about.

The growth ultrasound showed that I was low on amniotic fluid, so i was sent for a stress test on the baby, a Doppler ultrasound in radiology and a steroid shot in labor and delivery. I then headed to the specialist in South Bend to have them do an ultrasound and check my fluid levels and the blood flow on the baby.

I guess to wrap it all up, they look for fluid levels to be between 7-20 and we are at 8. So we are bordering close to the scary levels of fluid. So the doc is being cautious and preparing us to possible have a baby that is delivered prematurely. At this point and time we are just waiting and praying for the little man to hang in there and for my placenta to produce more fluid. Also for healing if there is a tear that we don't know about somewhere where I would be leaking fluid. That is about all we can do for now, Place him in God's hands.

In the meantime I am packing a bag for delivery, bought a matress and adding the final touches to the nursery, getting the car seat and the other stuff we are borrowing from people in our possession. These things I guess just help me to prepare. Coming soon are pictures of the has been quite the process and Adrian has been awesome. He pretty much did it all, quite the handy man. You'll have to wait and see.

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