Tuesday, July 05, 2011

happenings of June....

Well since I feel like my life is flying by as I sit and watch....I decided I will do a highlights of june post.  So here goes...the

the beginning of june we had our baby girl turn 2.  She is growing up too fast.  She talks a mile a minute...still mainly gibber gabber and then out of the blue she will have a totaly clear sentence to surprise you.  She has surpassed her bro in weight and height.  Loves having her fingernails painted, her hair done and about the minute you think She is a girly girl.  She will come in from outside covered in sand or mud from head to toe.  Her new discovery this month has been the raspberries in the back of our yard.  She can't ever sneak them as she ends up with them on her fingers and her face from ear to ear.  She is all about her shoes and accessories lately.  She loves wearing bracelets and picking out her own shoes. 

then that same week we headed down to Riley for Jack's surgery.  this was a wake up call to what is going to continue to happen as he gets older.  He is definitely understanding what is happening to him more and more.  We get lots more questions and are having to rely more and more on the man upstairs to give us the answers.  He did very well despite being a bit upset when they carried him off.  He healed quickly and was ready to run far before he had permission too.

We returned home just in time to celebrate father's day.  We had a cookout with family and attempted to make some pavers for Adrian to put in his landscaping...unfortunately...they dry really quickly and we didn't really make anything that even resembled a paver...so we decided to redo our porch/deck instead.  Not that that was a father's day gift as it has been a lot of work for Adrian...but it is looking very nice now that it is in the last stages of being finished. 

I got to spend a weekend away in Fort Wayne with my friend Crystal, shopping our little hearts out and getting many new ideas for sewing.  We got to take in the Matilda Jane Art Fair and meet some of their staff at the preparty.  What wonderful ladies and a fabulous company. 

Then I returned home to a sick kid and a sore throat for myself.  We cleaned for a day and then welcomed my mom and niece for the week.  We entertained them, with raspberry picking, swimming, a trip to shipshe, a train ride to shed's aquarium, some shopping and a trip to Long Lake for more swimming, a boat ride and fireworks.  HOpe they enjoyed their time with us as much as we enjoyed having them.  praying they stay healthy and aren't affected by this nasty cold I still have. 

Daddy also made the kids day, by building them a super huge sandbox in the backyard.  Lot of fun and enjoyment yet to come in this for the rest of the summer...hoping this will reduce the fights and sand throwing at least. 

Well I guess that was a recap of June and the beginning of July as well.  Hope this summer is treating you all well...and you are enjoying yours as much as we are.  We look forward to accomplishing more of our projects and sharing them with you....

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Jewel said...

Sounds like you guys are having fun & keeping busy! Will you be attending MOTTTs this coming Fall?