Friday, August 10, 2012

My Tiny Miracle baby is growing up too fast!!

Five years ago today...i gave birth to a miracle.  After a very emotional and stressful pregnancy...I was blessed with the cutest little boy a mama could ever imagine: missing a few parts and a few that were in the wrong spots...but cute as a button.  He had some challenges...but has come through them with a spirit than can be matched by nothing.  

I still remember the day we got to bring him home.  We were elated even though nothing was ready for him...which was fine...cuz really nothing in our new life was really normal the supplies we needed we really had...the hospital sent them with us.

it is fabulous so look back at the days at the beginning of his life....but the best part was thinking about all the things we were so concerned about in those early posts...that he has overcome today.  We had Adrian's Grandmothers funeral yesterday.  I got to watch him run around with his cousins and play.  yet I sat there thinking wow...a few years ago...we were wondering if he was even going to walk...much less run...and look at him today.  We also got to see Grandma's sister Dorothy who was telling me how Jackson has been on their prayer list at their church for so long...and we were thinking probably since the beginning so 5 years...they took his picture so they could show everyone back in Kentucky how he is doing today.  There have been so many moments like these and we give all the credit to God.  it is through all  your prayers and his power that Jackson is doing as well as he is today.   He, God, has placed all the right people in our path, the right doctors, therapists and the GREATEST group of FRIENDS and FAMILY who have been there to support us through it all.  We have no words that are a big enough Thank you for everything you all have done for us and for Jack!!  

A few 5 year pictures:

look for more photos from his party on Sunday sometime next week...until then we are enjoying our great 60 degree weather for his bday...I think we might head out to the park this afternoon.  :)

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Stacy said...

His story, filled with Gods good and faithful grace withe seeing all of these pictures, brought me to tears....You ALL have truly been in the palm of the LORD. contiued blessings and prayers for you and yours.