Monday, September 17, 2012


wow...I can't believe we are coming up to our one month feels like we have been doing this parenting of three thing for only a couple weeks.  if this is how fast her first year of life is going to go...this mama is not happy. Not happy at all.  :(  We got a chance to snap a few more photos the other day...
I have been debating doing every month will be interesting if I can actually remember to do it.  At least we accomplished month one.  :)  and I have a maternity picture in almost this same spot so that should be fun too.  We got a few others as well...this one really proved to me that she is filling out.  need to get out the scale today to see how much she has grown too.  

Breastfeeding has its advantages and disadvantages...but the good definitely out weigh the bad.  I have really enjoyed all the funny faces I have gotten to see, the bonding we have had together and the fact that while I am feeding I am not responsible for anything other than just taking care of Miss Teya.  :)  (I use this to its full advantage for sure!! )
this is a favorite face for sure.  I have also gotten to catch a few smiles too...those ones where you truely wonder what they are dreaming about cuz they are followed by some sweet little chuckles too.  I have really enjoyed Teya's first few weeks.  I am not sure if it is just normal and so I can enjoy it or if things are just going so well...either way I will take it.  I enjoy holding her, singing to her (although Jack has kinda taken this over for me), taking walks,and may other things.  the joyous things that I don't enjoy much are the mounds of laundry, the nights she decides that 4-5 hours awake in the middle of the night sounds like a great idea or she decides to wake up minutes after I have gotten her sister back into bed.  Oh how fun it is to have life with three.

she still has all her dark hair
eyes that are dark but starting to look a bit blue
weighs: 7lbs 6oz
height: 19.5 inchesb
enjoys baths, cooing, her brother and sister are much entertainment and she loves to be held by anyone...but if she is mad she likes her mama.  Can't wait to watch you grow in month 2 baby girl....

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Alicia said...

Beautiful photos :) She is just divine. I found you checking my next blogs(at the top of my page)