Thursday, January 21, 2016

I have had a realization this week about winter and why I love it...there is something about the desolate times.  The ones where death happens, the cold desolate chapters the times in life when the "real work" is being done.  These are the times before the beauty comes.  This is when the real work, the beautiful creation is beginning it just doesn't look pretty yet.

when I think back over my life.  the periods I am most thankful for are not the joyful, mountain tops.  don't get me wrong those are incredibly memorable and I am thankful for them...but the times I am most thankful are the times that are dark, dependent, and all in all painful, cuz those are the times that drove me closer to God.  Those are the times when a huge clean out happened in my heart.  Then to top it all off...these are the Chapters that produced the most beautiful change in me.

in 2016 I have spent sometime with God asking him to reveal what the next desolate chapter looks like.  cuz now as I stand close to him...the desolation even looks beautiful as I have learned that when my eyes are focused on my savior.  I see the immense beauty in the cold winters chapters of life.  The glimmering, sparkling snowy moments when the sun glissens off the ground.  Cuz beneath that top layer of brown ugliness, flowers are starting to start growth, trees roots are nourishing and deepening their roots to get ready to bloom in Spring, and Nature all around us is preparing for the chapter to come.  The process not just the end result is Incredibly beautiful.

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