Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Great Fourth of july and new browsers...

jay finally got chase to go out in the water instead of just playing on the beach. It was really sweet to watch them playing together. chase was having so much fun... A funny that occured was when I asked chase who Jay was...he said my uncle Jay myers. He thought Jay's last name was the same as his. Hehe...So CUTE!!! Jay and Chase also decided to be festive and they both has red white and blue hair over the weekend. Don't worry it is just gel no permanent coloring going on.

Aren't they so cute...
Macy had a lot of fun playing in the water with Bailey...they are so good around each other...most of the time they play nice but not always. The play fetch in the lake which usually wears them out. It is great for the next day. They are so good around little kids too. It is fun to watch them to
I wish I had a way to get them to fetch drinks and things like that too.

Here are some randoms from the weekend too. Enjoy!! Euchre was great we played a few games and also got in a few games of Texas holdem' and some crazy version of blackjack one of the highlights of the weekend for me was that I knocked Adrian out in the Texas Holdem' game. He is the poker gurue...(I think that is how you spell it).

Chase also got to play with sparklers it was all fun until he tried to get one back and burnt his little fingers. OUCH!!

Thanks Christy..I switched browsers and downloaded Firefox...and I had no problem with all these pictures. It was great. You Rock

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Darcy said...

Okay.. Chase is SO cute!! And how adorable are the pics with Jay and Chase? He loves that little boy so much, doesn't he?

You need to scrap that pic of you and Macy!! So cute. =)

And yeah, thanks for telling me that it was median and not medium. I would blame it on my fingers typing too fast or something lame like that, but seriously.. I really thought it was medium. =/ Sucks to be me sometimes!!!