Saturday, July 08, 2006

The joys of working at an LSS

So these are some of the layouts I did for the store. It has been really fun to have a the opportunity to put things together for the store. It has also gotten me over some of my paranoia that I am not a good as the others who work there. I am ususally given the papers that i am to use and then I have to find pictures and embellishments to go with it. Some times it is really difficult. especially if I don't like the paper. So far I haven't done the paper I don't like.

Here is a LO I did of one of Adrian and my engagement pictures. It was lots of fun using the coaster and the christmas paper from senic route..not for Christmas.
I think my oldest neice looks so old in this picture...what happened to the little girl. They are too stinkin' cute in this pic. the journaling talks about how thankful I am to get pictures once a month to keep up with how they are growing and their lives. Thanks sara and mom.

This one is great. They are from the day Adrian and I celebrated Sydney's was a few days early so we could still be there...back in November. She is getting so big see the previous lo.
The following lo is a challenge I am doing at the store. Challenging people to be innovative in the way they display photos and in how many they can use. I had 19 pictures from the fourth of july that I just loved...i wanted to use all of them. So i did. 9 on the lo and 10 in the accordian book . THe journalling is going on the cover of the accordian book...I haven't finished it yet.
The next one turns out to be my favorite.

This is a challenge I did for the use photos as the backround paper. It was really fun..but kinda hard to keep fingerprints off...due to the fireworks being mainly black photos.

So there is a chance to see more of the work i can't put in my book for three month as it now hangs in the store. Come check us out at Unforgettables....memories in the making. on CR 17 between Goshen and Elkhart. ok that is my advertisement.

I am so thankful to have a second job that is doing something I love to do. So this is what it feels like to have your job be something you love to do. This feels good. I love it. Maybe someday this could be all I do. Wouldn't that rule. Have a great weekend!!!


Darcy said...

ADORABLE page, Nichole!!! I especially like that one with the fireworks.. I seriously thought it was patterned paper until I read that you took the pics!! So cool!!!I'll have to get into Pages in Time to check them out close up. =)

LOVE the new blog look too!! Uber cute. =)

Elizabeth said...

awe!!! such cute cute pages.. I am glad to get to see your work. You must be having such a blast.
We almost opened up a LSS last fall, it is still on the back burner!! although my owner/friend said she never got any scrapping done!!
ok, so I love your new look. love your pics from the 4th. sorry i have been a bad bloggy friend.
next time I am up north, I will definately seek out UNFORGETABLES..(such a cute name too)