Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Enjoying life.

Well we have been enjoying life lately. We have been busy. Our church this year decided to celebrate advent so I have been busy planning that with three other ladies. It has been great fun getting to know some new people at church. Last saturday we decorated the church all day. Then I came home to get ready for Adrian's Christmas party. This is a story in itself. So I had nothing to wear. the dress from Stace's wedding had spots on it and the Drycleaners got most of them out but there were still a few. So I wasn't excited about wearing it...plus my tatoo showed and that is not the impression i wanted to be sending to Adrian's bosses. So earlier in the week I ordered a few things from JcPenny's. i rush shipped it so it would be hear in time. Let's just say it got here today Tuesday December 5th...the party was Saturday December 2nd. Gretchen ended up saving my butt and loaned me a black poncho. it was so warm and cute. I loved it. (it even covered the spots) the dress I ordered was really cute too and it could be formal or semi formal...so I am tempted to keep it. We'll see. his party went well, he got a little intoxicated. When everything is free it is hard not too. but me sober and him tipsy is not a good combo. It was a late night and an early morning.

Advent the next morning went really well. Our focus was Hope...we heard from the mom's that were expecting and got a close look into the personal thoughts of one first time mom. It was really heart warming and touching. Truely enjoyable and thought provoking.

Today I put up Christmas decorations. This year since we are heading home to Minnesota..we decided against a tree. We also didn't want to fight Macy...(she loves pine sap). So I put up the charlie brown christmas tree in a tin can that adrian had given me for my apartment. It is cute. with our garland and stockings it has some christmas spirit. Plus the sugar cookie candle always makes it smell like christmas. I love it. I love this season. Such a season of Love and Joy. 19 days until I go Home....Minnesota here I come. I cannot wait. The countdown begins.

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