Tuesday, July 24, 2007

33 weeks Baby update

ok....so i can't guarantee, because both of my doctors tell me different things. But the one Doc said this morning our goal is August 8th which will be 35 weeks. I ask does that mean we will deliver that day...he said if they can get me in that day yes. I am assuming labor and delievery is the they. So I am in much better spirits knowing I only have 14 days and 6 hours left of this hospital stay with out a baby. WhoooHOOO. He said there is no reason to wait any longer at 35 weeks. So I believe he knows what is best. I guess we increase chance of infection and other things the longer we wait past that point.

So that is the latest. I have to admit it is nice having a date to look forward too. It was starting to get hard not seeing the end and then having the information switch from week to week. I believe I am ready to be a mom...we have bonded enough we need some face to face bonding. I am ready to hold, nurture and spoil this child.

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