Tuesday, July 31, 2007

34 WEEKS back at home

Well we are almost at 34 weeks and due to maintaining fluid levels. Doc gave us the option of staying in the hospital or returning home for a week and having a couple doctor's appointments before the ninth.

Well I guess you could never pick which option I chose. Yep that is right I stayed at the hospital....just kidding we are home safe and sound. Loving it...but man at least at the hospital I was guaranteed human contact every four hours for my temperature to be taken. At home I talk to my dog. But It is wonderful to be home. Too see the nursery and be able to ask Adrian really nicely to do some cleaning. cuz man does the dust settle when you are away for 4 weeks. Adrian is great at picking up, but I like things dusted, vaccummed, sweeped, mopped and disinfected. With two boys living in our house.....I am impressed by how well kept it has been for 4 weeks.

We are excited....home for peace of mind and then back to the hospital for inducing next week. Then we have a little one....and that brings a flood of emotion.

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