Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Baby Jackson arrived

Wow!!! Jackson Daniel has arrived!!!
4lbs 7 oz 16 1/2 inches long at 5:37am on August the 10th, 2007

where do I begin, the journey began quite emotionally. The neonatalogy nurse informed me on the operating table that Jackson was born with an inperferated anus, aka he has no butt hole. She then stated that he would need to be flown to Riley's Children's Hospital in Indianapolis sometime today. He left at around 1pm the day he was born. I like to say I am going to make a onsie that says "I flew like Donald Trump" on my first day. He took a private Jet from South BEnd to Indy with a team of 5 specialists. He was in quite the contraption. They brought him to my room before they left to say goodbye. As I still had to recover in South Bend. This was the most difficult thing I think I have done in this whole process. Letting you baby go, within hours of birth is not something I would ever like to do again. Adrian went with him a few hours later. He traveled down with his brother. My parents arrived that night thank the Lord. I was a having some trouble being by myself, however sleeping was easily done that afternoon thanks to the drugs of the c-section.

Then next morning the Doc came in and ask How would you like to go to Indy and be with your son? I thought at first he had to be joking and it was a real sick joke. However he proceeded to talk about discharge and that the nurse would be in to take out my IV and stuff and he would prescribe meds and she would explain them. After about a three hour ordeal, we were headed to Elkhart to pack my stuff and then on our way to Indy. I arrived about 6:30 to eat with Adrian's Family and then I was eager to see my son.

The trip however was not very enjoyable and I ended up with alot of swelling that has just started to get better today. I spend many hours with my feet up and me reclined. NOT FUN!!!

Jackson went through surgery on Sunday for a colostomy, very successful, then Monday morning he had three critical tests, a Mag3 test which is a dye test of his kidney, a spinal ultrasound and a bunch of genetic testing and blood work. HE was one wiped little guy which we found out when he decided that breathing was too much work and he stopped. SCARY MOMENT. HE had to be put back on the ventilator and since he has been doing great. He has worked back up to breathing on his own...they still have him on the vent but hope to take it off today. We will wait and see what is best for him. Tuesday we got news about his tests from monday. Got some good and bad news but we take it all with a grain of salt when he is visibly doing well.

I have decided to use the caring bridge website to keep people updated. Jackson 's address is you can go here and find out daily updates in the Journal and I will upload pictures too.

Thanks for all the prayers and supports.


Elizabeth said...

congratulations.!! what a sweet tiny little miracle. sounds like he is a little trooper. God's arms are wrapped all around his tiny body and HE can do amazing things. your spirits sound up. hope you are starting to feel better. I'll check out the caring bridge site. My son has a little friend named Jackson, who has a site too. its a very cool thing.

Darcy said...

Nichole.. we've been praying for you guys! Erin has been informing us about all the details as well.. she called us with the news on Thursday with his kidney's and I was with Natalie.. we stopped right there and prayed. Seems like some miracles have been happening and we will continue to pray for more. Hang in there.. and I will try to be at my puter next time you g-chat!!!!