Saturday, August 04, 2007

Morgan's Wedding Day

Well it is hard to believe that Adrian's lil sis is married, but it happened today.. of course without me. What a beautiful bride. It was quite disappointing to be at home...especially when you know everyone else is there having fun and enjoying the big day. I think it was even harder being out of the hospital...but I knew after our appointment in South Bend and how wiped out I was that there was no possible way that I could have gone. Also, I never would have been able to forgive myself for not following doctors orders if I would have gone. I look forward to seeing the video and pictures and I was definitely there in spirit.

I thought I would leave you with this pic of the fam. A good lookin group if I do say so myself. I swear when Adrian and Conrad left this morning they were the bopsy twins. Almost exact from head to tow. same exact clothes...same looking shoes.....and brothers with similar features. Then of course you have a beautiful bride in the middle. Had to be hard to let your little sis get married, but they made it. CONGRATULATIONS MORGAN!!!!

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