Thursday, September 20, 2007

we were welcomed home by the above, when we opened the garage. It was really cool, brought tears to my eyes. That is hard to do after spending a month at Riley you would think all my tears were gone.
My mom came to visit the Tuesday after we got home and stayed until this past tuesday. It was wonderful having her here. We did a little photo shoot while she was here too. It was fun to sort of get to have one month pictures. Here are some of the best.

Where's Jackson? it is like Where's waldo among stuffed animals.

Well it is great to be home and sort of getting into a schedule. It has been wonderful having all the help, but also great to be by ourselves during the day, we do a few things then Jackson eats adn we take a nap. Then we do some more and Jackson eats and we take a nap. This is all in preparation to our all night escapade. I think he already nows how to manipulate mom....if I hold him he is fine but then minute i put him down...he starts to fuss, which then keeps me up and neither of us get any sleep. About the time he has a good night and sleeps, I think we are adjusted and we have a night like last night when neither of us sleep at all. We are getting the hang of it, it is just taking time.

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