Monday, October 22, 2007


Can you believe it. Jackson is already 10 weeks old and is at 7lbs 13 oz as of last friday. The nurse comes to the house today so we will find out how much he has gained. My guess is 8 lbs. It is crazy how fast he has been gaining weight. I almost am starting to miss my little preemie.
Thanks to the gang at Oaklawn we have what we like to call the miracle swing. Jackson is demonstrating in the below pics. He will be screaming and all you have to do is turn on the music and the swing which goes side to side instead of back and forth, which I believe is key.

Then you have a content baby, just give it 2-3 minutes. It is simply amazing. I love it. It definitely helps get things accomplished during the day.

Ok it is official my baby is growing up tooo fast. Look at this little guy. Do to being born premature, everyone has been telling us, "don't worry if he is not developing as fast as you thing he should be, preemies are usually behind by about a month or two. Not our kid look at thispulling his head up at 10 weeks. Holds his head up on his own since 5 weeks.

This kid is amazing!!!!

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Greg & Natalie said...

I have yet to really look at Jackson, until know. I can't believe how much he looks like you Nichole. What a cutie!