Friday, November 09, 2007

Is this what are saturday nights have become?

jackson and dad spent the day on saturday watching FOOTBALL of course. Adrian was so excited that his purdue onsie sort of fit him so he put it on. If he doesn't wear it won't fit next season. So we put the whole outfit on from head to toe...But dad wasn't satisfied. Until.......
his son was posed in a threepoint stance. Like my kid is going to be big enough to play on the line in a football game. I think we will stick to golf, tennis, maybe baseball. But my little man will get creamed on the football field. anyway I have to admit it is a cute picture. Look at him hold that head up. But then the evening came and jackson was asleep so mom and dad decided to spend some quality time, but is this what are saturday nights have become?

Adrian decided he wanted to make cookies together. So we made cookies and while they were baking I made a hotdish with some homemade tomato was fun making my own spegetti sauce. I might try it again sometime. I will say my hubby is not a clean baker, nor an organized one. check out that counter. Have a great weekend. If you get bored you might try baking with you spouse...haha!!

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