Tuesday, January 08, 2008

serenade from dad

ok so I am sitting here thinking it might be time to update the ol' blog...and as I begin to type I hear my hubbie singing "hail purdue" to Jackson. this is his way to calm him down I guess. Shocking...it didn't work. It was a little cute though. So here are some new pics of the babe. We are headed to indy tomorrow. We see his kidney specialist and his surgeon and a new appointment first time with his nuerologist. Hopefully we get to start weaning him from the seizure meds.

Have a great day!!! We will talk again when we return.

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Darcy said...

Look at his sweetness!!! he is such a cutie, Nichole!! Just got your updates on the Indy trip yesterday. The poo and puke in the waiting room made me giggle. =)