Wednesday, January 23, 2008

the big 3-0, goals, and a road trip......

Well it happened...I turned the big 3-0!!! and is is not that bad, really.

Sunday was my birthday. I have to say it was great.
Saturday night we had people over to play our brother in law's WI.. they took Jackson and we were on our own. It was a blast. I really don't think Adrian and I have laughed so hard or had so much fun in a long time. Thanks to Gretchen, Luke, Jason and Alice and Balls humor. Then on Sunday we went to Church and afterwards went to lunch at Adrian's parents house for January birthday dinner.
See with in a month we celebrate 5 birthday's in our family. Crazy huh? I have to give props to my hubbie to he remembered my birthday and got me a gift. This is remarkable for an accountant during busy season. So hats off to him!!!!

I have to say I have made a goal for 2008...a 3-0 resolution. I am going to loose this crazy baby weight. I started on Monday morning and I have to say it is tough but it is doable. It gives me motivation to see my friends that have lost 60 -80 pounds in 8 months. Lets just say thinking about that makes me wish it could happen over night.

Jackson and I are also heading to Minnesota this weekend. So I have to get packin' so we will see you all when we get back...and hopefully see some of you in Minnesota. We will leave you with this video of you can see it cracked us all up.

hope this works it is the first time I have tried this.


Greg & Natalie said...

What is it about a baby laughing, oh my goodness, so cute.

Darcy said...

happy 30th!!!!