Saturday, June 28, 2008

less trips=less gas= MORE MONEY. Brilliant

well plans have changed a bit for next week and we have gotten new information about his hip reduction.

we had a brilliant idea last week on monday (*actually Adrian's idea* but i still say we). we decided to make cancel our appointments because each doc we would see we will also see in the hospital on thursday. This made it so we have one trip to Riley. I always like reducing the amount of driving we have to do, especially with gas at $4.00 a gallon. eeeekkkk!!!

then i talked to Dr Lubicky's nurse yesterday and she said they will know immediately (on Thursday July 3rd) if the closed reduction doesn't have a chance at success and will come talk to us and we will make the decision for surgery right there and his closed could turn in to an open reduction quite quickly. That was a relief to me that we wouldn't be waiting another month to get it started. Jackson already loves moving and loves to put weight on his legs. he is a funny lookin kid when he is standing, he is soooo short. Can't wait til he is walking around it is going to be so cute. Granted when he is in to everything I might not think it was that cute. We will see. Have a great weekend.

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