Sunday, June 08, 2008


well we are two days away from Jackson's 10 month birthday. Oh my where has time gone. I took these few pictures this past week. I love them so much. HE is looking so much like a young man and not so much my little peanut anymore. Jackson has developed such a little personality. He knows exactly what he wants and unfortunately most of the time gets it.
He is quite inquisitive. Always inspecting everything. Loves to play with the computer power cords, stethescope cords, pretty much anything that is like or is a cord he wants to play with. I know your thinking it....."does he chew on it? ".....of course. Everything goes in his mouth.
He is quite the Ham. HE has this little giggle that just can't be beat. He has gotten better. Mom can now get him to laugh. He clearly says DADA. I am still not sure he knows who it is, but he is getting better. He has started using the MMMMM letter, but still no MAMA. that is ok. he will get it. One of these days he will realized who does everything for him :).
oh yes and the little man as started to move. He has started rolling. He wants a toy and we make HIM get it. Cruel I know but it is such great motivation. *At least we are not doing it with his bottle*. That would be cruelty. At times I will be writing on here and i will look up and he has moved two feet. PRetty soon we will be rolling everywhere. He does sustain himself in a push up position too. we haven't really scooted or crawled yet though. Its coming and I can wait. I will leave you with this one. He is in love with his puppy and the best part is Macy just rolls with it all. The pinching, grabbing, and doesn't matter, she lets him. THe other night we looked down to see Jackson holding macy's paw straight over his head. it is a loving relationship. Hope you all have an amazing week. WE will. HOT HOT HOT.....


Laura said...

10 months! Amazing. These babies grow up way too fast!

I love the pictures - especially the one of Jackson with Macy!

Darcy said...

oh my GOODNESS that kid is cute!!!