Monday, December 15, 2008

Some things just take us a bit longer...but we get there.

Jackson started clapping last night and we got it on video for all of you this morning. We have been working on this skill for months and then all of a sudden we just have to play the ABC song or ask him to clap and he does. Crazy how excited these small things get you. We might not get it right away but we do get it in OUR TIME. Enjoy the video. I tried to get a picture of him clapping to the ABC song...but all he let me get was a picture of him playing with the toy that sings it. oh well maybe later.


Laura said...

SO cute!

Kara Lynn said...

How great! You should be very prould of him, it took Delaney awhile for this too. Miss you your little guy, can't wait to see him again.