Saturday, July 25, 2009

One sweet big brother and a precious little girl....

we spent a lazy saturday today. well I should say some of us did. I was doing laundry and scrapping while my family was napping on the couch. I have to say the alone and quiet time was much appreciated.
Jackson has been very cute lately with the baby...he will crawl over when she is on the floor and whisper...hey baby...and if she is crying he trys to give her kisses or will find her paci and try and put it in for her. here he is giving her kisses. He is a ham for the most part...but when it comes to his little sister he is all heart.
we spent some time tonight...getting some pictures of Avenlea...she finally was sleeping soundly enough that we could position her. well all of her but her hands...those she still controled.. I think they turned out pretty cute. the last one is my favorite. She is so precious. I never thought my daughter would bring out the girly part of me ....but oh how she has.

I even bought ribbon today to make bows for her hair. Oh and after someone asked me how my baby boy was...I think I am going to make some headbands too. Since obviously they didn't see the purple and pink polka dot blanket with the pink, green and blue flowered sleeper. Either that or they dress their boys way different than this mom does.

Avenlea has been doing ok. I have to apologize to everyone that I hung out with last week...for my crabbiness. We haven't been getting a whole lot of sleep around here. Between Jackson's teething of his slowly moving two year molars, plus a couple and Avenlea being completely uncomfortable and discontent at night. It is hard to believe a baby can calm thy self simply by being held. She is extremely gassy too. So I have been trying to watch what I eat as well. Someone told me that all the things I couldn't eat while I was prego could be hard for her to digest now with breast milk...if that is the case we are in trouble..because I pretty much could only eat cereal while i was prego. Someone also mentioned the C word...but I am still praying against Colic. I was gently reminded by my mother that I was a great baby for the first 5 weeks of my life and then for the next few months, I was a little too much to handle. I would like to think that with what we have been through with Jackson, God would pardon me from the pay back for being colicy myself, but who knows. Right now we have both children in bed and I should head that way myself. If all goes well...the whole family could get two good nights of sleep in a row.


Jewel said...

That's such a great picture of the 3 of them sleeping together! I also scrapbooked today at home!!! While Ben watched Braylon for me from 8am-5pm! I stopped to eat meals with them!

Darinifer said...

Hope you got some good sleep. Just think, if she is colicky, then when she grows out of it, you'll appreciate her contentment even more :)

Shelly said...

Awww...she's getting bigger, but still looks so tiny. I know that's how it will be when we have our new little one...James and Lauren will seem SO big. It sounds and looks like you are adjusting to another one :) Will you be at the resale sign-ups on Saturday? I want to go bright and early again, but I enjoyed having you out there to keep me company...that made a world of difference!