Monday, August 03, 2009

ladies and gentlemen....I am pleased to announce.

we have a walker on our hands. God has an incredible way of turning a really bad day into a fantastic one. Last wednesday afternoon we got news that Adrian's grandfather had passed. He had been struggling with health for quite a while. So as we were packing and getting things ready to take off on our first long trip with two kiddos, Adrian happened to let go of Jackson's hand while he was standing expecting him to just stand there and he instead decided to take a step forward. I can't tell you the joy that was exclaimed in our house that first time. I know the volume was definitely maxed out. We were really loud. Jackson continued to get more confident each time he made another attempt. The only problem we are having is he still falls over like a tree backwards when he is done trying. we have hit our head many times even with daddy trying his best to catch him before he hits the floor.

Still no news on the transplant front. I have attempted to call today, to see if anyone has the results of the tissue matching. We know it is done, because we got the bill in the mail for it. 7300 dollars just to put two peoples blood together in a test tube and see what it does. Crazy I tell you. crazy.

We are resting and recouping for just a couple days and then we are back to doctors visits...we see the developmental pediatrician on wednesday. then we are headed to Riley on thursday to meet with jackson's surgeon and discuss G-tube surgery. then we will see his urologist and have the regular gamet of testing done on friday as well.

that is our update for now. hope you enjoy the video as much as we did. I never would have guessed the little man would be accomplishing such a milestone before his second birthday. Way to Go Jackson!!!


The Schmidts said...

this is just awesome!!! how sweet & what an amazing blessing! :) now the real fun begins right?!!

Sarah said...

Wow, that was not just a step or two, he strutted across the room...very cool!

Crystal Yoder said...

FABULOUS! How far that little guy has come!

Jen Myers said...

how awesome!!! :) i'm sure he is going to be off with you running behind me in no time!

Shannon said...

Yah yah yah :) Soooooo happy for all of you!!!

Jewel said...

Yeah, how exciting! Thanx for sharing! Good job, Jackson! And Daddy & Mommy!