Monday, August 17, 2009

who says you can't have fun at a hospital.

my baby in the hospital on August 13th after g-tube surgery. Everything went quite well. I will be very happy when we can get the button g-tube put in in three months. dealing with a tube hanging off him again is not what we call fun. I constantly have to thing before I pick him up and we really can't leave him anywhere that someone isn't trained to put it in. Unless we are with in 5minutes away and can get there quick to put it in ourselves...I guess for a few months we will not be going on any dates. Oh well.

WE definitely had a harder time entertaining a mobile child this time around....but dad did a great job. It was harder to have two children too...quite the different experience. I had numerous volunteers ask if I wanted them to take the baby for a break. Ok...people the toddler is the one in the hospital. Not the baby. Ok I admit..this was the second day. but come on look what fun we are having. He was having a blast trying to escape out the door. It was great to work on walking but trying for dad trying to contain him and keep him entertained.
we gave up on trying to keep him off the was just too hard. We are adjusting and Jackson is not quite as swollen today so we slept better. (it always helps when his sister sleeps too.) Thank you all for your prayers for surgery...we always feel better knowing God is protecting him while he is under the care of another surgeon.

I got ahold of the kidney coordinator finally today. Jackson is scheduled for the rest of his tests on the 9th of September. yipppeee!!! he will be done and ready after those. Adrian was working on scheduling his things today as well. So our hope is to have all completed by the 9th and be able to schedule surgery at that time. Please say prayers that this works out. WE would really like to have a plan and a date to start preparing. Especially for Adrian and work stuff.

that is all we have for now...

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