Friday, September 11, 2009

these will come back to haunt them someday....

check out that tushie...haha. I realized after I took these. I have never let my child run around naked. I think I am the only one of my friends with no pictures of this. He was having so much fun placing his numbers on the wall of the tub. I think for everyone he said three.
to cute...I tell ya. then he would take them all down and put them in the boat. then proceed to put them all back up again. HE was even generous to take a bath with his sister. THis one will for sure come out at their graduations. I love it. He kept pointing saying baby and she just happily kicked and enjoyed the water and the entertainment. I love how much jackson loves his sister..and she just watches him contently enjoying everything he does. I hope this continues later in life.

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