Friday, November 13, 2009

And our home is now beautified....

About a year ago our episodes with the garage door began.

#1 Adrian was backing out of the garage and the garage door spring broke and fell on top of his car. Not doing much damage to his car because of the rack on top, but definitely doing damage to the door. It cracked almost all the way acrossed the door and the bottom corner was bent outward. You wouldn't know this if you look at it, because we were able to bend it back and get it to work by just replacing the spring. #2..over the last few months we have been having the garage door slip...I don't really know any other way to put it. You would push the button for it to go up and it would go all the way up and then begin to slip back down. #3..About a month ago...I went to open the garage door to take one of my kids to the doctor. Running late to begin with and when I pushed the button the door went up about 6 inches. Yes 6 inches. Definitely not enough room to get my car out. Me being the smart lady I am did now you could lift it and I was able to lift it over the hump and the opener helped me the rest of the way. But when I got home...the door wouldn't move.

We decided the third time is the charm and we began researching the cost of Garage Doors. You might think they are cheap if you look in the Sunday Ads...but when you add taxes and installment you are looking at a pretty penny. Then we looked at door companies and this is what we got....Jackson is such a boy...He would have loved to be outside just watching the guy for the whole two hours... And this is our final Product...pretty sweet not to have to get out of the car to open the garage door and lift it over the hump. We are one step closer to the end of the beautification project on our house.


nichole said...

oh nichole, your home is beautiful!! i absolutely love it! what a nice touch that garage door was!

Gretchen Morningstar said...

yay! so glad you it's finally fixed. those little changes sometimes make it feel like a new home. can't wait to see it!