Friday, December 04, 2009

Happy 6th Month Babygirl

I can't believe my baby is a half a year old. (Since it is too cold outside for pictures and she can't sit up quite yet on her own you are going to have to enjoy these. ) I can't believe how big she is. WOW!! We haven't had her check up so I will have to tell you next week after her doc visit. She is so full of life. She spends her awake time, chewing mostly on her fists. You would think that she was going to eat them whole by how far in her mouth she gets them. She is sleeping or was sleeping through the night about 8 to 7. Now however has started the last couple of weeks waking up once to twice a night. We started Cereal to see if this would help, we saw an improvement at first but it has slacked off recently. She is still getting use to the cereal and the little bits of fruits we have tried. I am new at this so I am not sure what I am doing. So any advice you have on starting food is more than welcome. this is my second kid but the first one that wants to eat.

All in all she is a content little girl. She is happy as a lark even in the middle of the night. She is smiling and laughing all the time. More and more she is starting to look like her big brother. Speaking of Jackson, he loves talking back or should we say shrieking back at her. We call it talking. It is fun to watch them interact. She is pushing up on her knees when on her tummy and still hates to be there. She doesn't last long. She absolutely is in love with bath time or just being naked. She kicks around, smiles and laughs through the whole thing. She loves to splash and tends to make her way down the tub from one end to the other.

She loves to stand, not to interested in laying around anymore. She trys to sit up every chance she gets. She love looking at books and sing songs with her big brother and watchs every move he makes. Even the bad ones *hopefully she is not taking notes*

I gotta say I am having a blast with a little girl. It is ALOT harder to pass up all the cute clothes in the stores and not want to start buying her dolls and kitchens and all that girly stuff I remember having so much fun with as a kid. I don't want her to grow up too fast, but I can't wait for tea parties and playing with her when she is a little older.

the first 6 months have been great!! Can't wait to watch her grow for the next 6months too.


Jewel said...

Congratulations, Nichole! She sounds so adorable & so much fun!!!

The Schmidts said...

she is so sweeeet! just wait lady, i'll admit that we are living vicariously through kyra! she had a kitchen by 13 plus you notice how they brought everything back out from our childhood to suck us in! like my little pony, strawberry shortcake, popples!! gahh!
yes, it's tough. :)