Wednesday, January 13, 2010

7 months a couple weeks late!!

ok so pardon the bad pictures but these are all I have.  I guess when you spend the first week of your babies 7th month in the hospital with her brother there is little chance for new pictures of her.  She is growing like a weed.  She was weighed the week after christmas and she weighed in at 19 lbs 2ounces.  Holy Guacomole!!!  She is also like 27 and a half inches tall.  Holy Cow Batman.  After my first preemie child I never would have believed at 7 months my second would be in 12 month clothes.  Her closet is looking pretty full of dresses, but not much else.  I wouldn't complain if we were made of money, cuz this girl loves to shop, but unfortunately it will have to be a little at a time to fit in the budget.  She did get some adorable clothes from Grandma Tims for Christmas. 

Jackson is still totally loving his sister.  He even talked to her while we were gone...Saying: wub oo abenee...translation:  Love you Avenlea. 

So we have accomplished a few things in the last month:
- rolled over
-started baby foods-loves them...
- began assisted sitting
- started to chew on everything
- started grabbing things and reaching in front of her on tummy time
- still hates to be on her tummy, who would have guessed she use to ONLY sleep on her tummy
- out grew 6 month and most 9 month clothes
- grew to 19 lbs and 27 1/2 inches
-eats a ton
- loves to watch her brother run around
- eats her hands whole
- loves to be read and sung to
- kicks and splashes in the tub
- attempts at all times to eat her feet and hates socks and shoes (makes living in the winter difficult)
-seems to permenantly have contracted abs as she is always trying to sit up
- we found who she looks like....proof to come later
- she is still happy, content and loves to be independant...just started holding her own bottle some of the time to eat. 
-did I say she liked to eat
- smiley, as the most hilarious laugh
- plays peek-a-boo
- has this high pitched scream and it means she is happy.  totally funny when Jackson screams back like they are having a conversation

I am so looking forward to seeing what this months brings.  Can't wait to have her pictures taken again at 8 months.  I know strange to have them at 8 months...but it is when she would be about 6 months old.  since she was 6 weeks early.  Following are own schedule.  plus I have some ideas.  I am sure I will take some 7 month ones too.  We will see. 

Happy 7 month birthday Sweet Pea!!!


Jewel said...

What a neat update on Avenlea's life!

The Lantzes said...

she is a stinking doll face

The Schmidts said...

LOVE the pic of Jack feeding Avenlea! So cute! What a great big brother.

The Lantzes said...

I can't help it I don't why I am so sentimental lately.....yikes!

Lain said...

I just found your blog by bloghopping around, so I don't know the backstory on Jackson... just wanted to say you have my prayers for health this year for your entire family!