Saturday, January 02, 2010

Who says you can't ride a tricycle in the winter?

So daddy and Jackson decided to head out in the fluffy snow today. I suggested making a snowman, but Jackson wasn't keen on being in the snow. being the great dad that Adrian is he figured out a way to make a sled out of his tricycle. Jackson loved it. He didn't want to come in when we said it was time. I don't think his little cheeks could get much more red.

They made a track in the back yard...if you stayed in the track it went pretty well. Adrian said they took a few spills but Jackson took them like a champ and got back on wanting more.

I am pretty sure Macy had just as much fun bounding around in the snow too.

Well I had a video but It doesn't seem to be letting me upload it.  Since I upgraded this blogger thing...I lost my video loader button...if anyone knows how to get it back or how to upload with the upgraded blogger let me know.  Thanks...Enjoy the pictures for now. 


darcy said...

what a GENIUS idea!! Seriously!!!

Natalie said...

Oh my goodness. That is hilarious. I LOVE IT! Oh, and I cant get my videos upload either. So if you find out why, please pass on the info.