Sunday, February 28, 2010

Avenlea at 8 months...I know I am behind. I am incredibly late with this a month. This week she will be 9 months old...but this way I can tell you everything she began doing in her 8 month right. Plus we have been fighting a severe head cold in all of us and our furnace decided to stop running, perfect timing. Great way to get your kids healthy. Freeze them out. Anywho...without further ado...Avenlea's 8 month pictures by Darcy Holsopple Photography.


these are the pillowcase dresses that I have been making with some flowers and headbands from Brittney's Bowtique.. You gotta love all of us trying to help make ends meet by coming up with crafty, creative ways to make some money.

then we got this awesome shot....I keep telling people she is screaming look at my chub. Cuz seriously look at those arms. Not many people can pull off those arm creases but Avenlea sports them amazingly well. She was so interested in the furry rug...we had a hard time getting a picture without having her pulling it everywhere. Then we had to have a hat....(which we also sell online)

then we got this one...absolutely love it. who knew that my house would be so coordinated to these pictures. love how her hat worked so purfectly with the outfit. on a side note...we learned last night the best way to market our hats for J. Lea Designs and that i need bussiness cards. Take your adorable children out shoppong and bowling in theur cute hats. we had four random strangers ask where i got it or if i made it. two asked for the site. Not bad.

the tutu pictures were something i was looking forward to for quite a while and i gotta say they were cute but not my favs. She was not willing to pose the way I was thinking in my head. that will teach me. Seriously what mom thinks their 8 month old is going to pose in a certain position. she is not having her senior pictures taken. Regardless I am absolutely elated about how they turned out.

Of a mom with one child that has a developmental delay...I am very aware of watching for development in Avenlea. She is doing great and for the most part we don't have any worries. However we pretty much skipped rolling over. So i decided to ask Jackson's phyiscal therapist if she could check her out for me. Completely not what is suppose to happen, but it doesn't hurt to ask right? So she watched her for a while during Jackson's therapy. She was thinking that there were a few things not in the right order and some protective reactions that she doesn't have yet, but all in all she didn't think she was delayed enough for therapy. So fast forward a day to morning nap time. I laid her down on her back and an hour later went in to get her and she was on her tummy. I was shocked but happy. Fast forward again to afternoon nap time and I had laid her on our bed do to having a big evening and not wanting the screaming to interfer with Jackson's nap or tramatize him (this is another story for another day). I was shocked when over an hour and a half went by and there was still no noise from back there. SO I decided to go check it out. she was in a new place with not much near her...but if she was rolling she could roll off (even though I know that would have caused a lot of screaming). I peaked through the door to find her propped up on her belly, happy as can be, just looking around. I was so happy. I went in with her and she rolled right over in front of me. She still won't roll over on the floor and hates her belly on the floor, but likes to sleep on her tummy and loves laying on the bed on her tummy. From what I have been told rolling on a soft service is harder, so I am no longer worried. She will get it in her time.

here is her list of likes:
loves books, watching her brother, her exersaucer, her highchair, throwing things on the floor, grabbing anything in site and she will find a way to get to things that you think are out of reach, pulled herself up in a laundry basket once Conrad and Jenna's, giggles while Jackson pushes her in the laundry basket, chews on everything and everything goes in her mouth, loves every food we have tried except Sweet potatoes. She is DEFINITELY not a fan. I have made most of my own baby food and she is still not a big fan of the baby mill stuff. She started meats this month and loves them. She has had her first ear infection and a nasty cold that has lasted about three months now. She sits up by herself and does this but scooting thing to get what she wants to get. Has started saying things like nanana, bababa, dada, I am sure the noise level will increase around her soon. I have also learned that it is so true that all kids are different. WE now understand. Nap time has been a struggle...but we are working on it. WE have a really good schedule she sleeps great at night, but 30 minutes isn't good for her or mama for a nap all day. She has also started exploring how much she can annoy Macy before she gets up and moves. she is facinated when Macy licks her and with her fur. (the fur thing could be dangerous, but Macy is great with it). Loves to cuddle, with mama, dada, or her hippo blanket. usually still like things over her face when she sleeps. Loves music, bounces to dance and will try to stand all the time.  I am sure there are more things that I can't remember right now.  But we can always add to the list when we scrap the pictures.  WE have thoroughly enjoyed Avenlea's first 8 months. 

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The Lantzes said...

her pictures are so good... she is such a beautiful baby!