Friday, February 05, 2010

The latest of the Schrock's and the J. Lea Design Drawing...

I absolutely love that my kiddos play together well.  Jackson simply adores his sister and Avenlea just cracks up with Jackson does anything.  I tried to post a video but of course blogger has eliminated my video upload button so I don't know how to do it anymore.  that is what I get for updating...oh well.  I am sure there is a way and I just can't figure it out.  It was so funny and half way through Jackson just chuckles and looks up at the camera and says, " Abie...funny mama"  too stinkin' cute.

Last night to of my friends went out with me for my birthday...we ate a quick dinner at DQ, saw a movie and went for a Margarita at Hacienda.  I gotta tell you I had a really great night.  I was reminded of how good it is to just get out, relax and laugh.  WE even made it to the end of the evening before we talked about our that is impressive.  :)

When I got home I couldn't sleep so I started watching Private Practice on my DVR.  Yeah not what this mama needed.  I did not need to watch an episode where parents were deciding between two children which one to save.  To make a long story short..Jackson woke up during the show and I decided to go back and lay down with him...(ridicule me later) i just rubbed his head and said I love you buddy and he whispered back....half asleep...."I lub ewe mommy".  That was totally worth me laying down with him last night.  I will do it as long as he needs me too.  There will come a time way to soon, when he won't want anything to do with me.  Until then I will love on him anytime of the day.  this was a priceless moment and I would have missed it if I would chosen to walk away.
I am not sure that either of my children will ever be able to where sun glasses...I got these the other day for Avenela I thought they would be cute for the summer...but neither of them had a nose big enough...oh well.  it was cute to try them on. 

Oh well, maybe if I got some that were not quite so Jackie O...but seriously these were funny.  I should have known by the way I look in these kind that Chubby cheeked people just can' t pull them off.

Jackson has also been in to playing with his syringes of late.  He has been giving himself shots and know it has expanded to the I am not sure people Surgeon or Veterinarian?  Either way he would love it.  That is off course if Professional Baseball player doesn't pan out. 

He has just been through too much...I make fun of these events, but they do really make me sad. 

 Adrian has been gone. So you ask, how do you do it?  Well,  We invite over our close friends...

 It is wonderful to me that Jackson has two friends that care about him as much as these two.  He couldn't ask for better boys to hang with..  It is fun to watch how their very different personalities blend.  

Avenlea is here too...She is just as much of a highlight when they get together. Cole gives her hugs and kisses.   She is sitting independantly watch  out boys...there is soon going to be an invasion headed your way. 
One that will take, destroy and want to be in on everything you do. 

that is about all we have for now.  We have some good stuff coming up I am sure I will get pictures and share them too. ;)

On to the Give Away!!!
I decided to give away a boy or girl beanie choose the colors.  you tell me the size.  Please email me @ with you addresses and you choices for your hat...You all of a 25 % chance with this random generator...since there were only 4 comments.

wait for it.......

Random number was 2...ERIN..  What a great time to come check out my blog and leave a comment!!! 


Jewel said...

Cute! Are you sure it wasn't #1 that was the winner? :)

Monica said...

I certainly would not ridicule you for laying down with Jackson, I still do it with both of my kids and I do this happily. I do it more with Aiden than Riley so they will outgrow it. I will do this as long as they want because someday they will be teenagers and wont even want to acknowledge that I am alive. It is the perfect time to reflect on how precious they are and it sort of erases all the not so perfect parts of the day. Don't let anyone tell you what you are doing is are their mother and only you know what is best for your kids!

The Lantzes said...

hey! So why are you getting all sappy now?! You have adorable Children! I love them! Enjoy your day on the road tomorrow and i will talk to you soon! I had a great time at Hacienda too!