Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wakarusa Children's Resale....

THE WAKIE CHILDREN'S RESALE.......would you like to know how I outfit my children in such adorable clothes and I don't break the bank or our BUDGET!!!  Here is how I do it... and I am telling you you can outfit your children in the most adorable clothes....for super cheap...you want proof here you go: 

seriously....could you get any cuter...now imagine that I spent 150 dollars last fall and I outfitted Jackson for the entire winter and Avenlea for half of it...only cuz I had no idea how fast a baby really can grow.  Actually Jackson is still in mostly the same size and since I mainly by short sleeves...and he is wearing the same shorts from last year...I get to toy shop this year.  I have bought all sorts of things...there are double strollers, exersaucers, highchairs, bouncy seats, bumbo seats, bath tubs, cribs, dressers, bedding, maternity clothes, books, videos, train tables, infant toys, infant walkers, bikes, sandboxes, tool tables, booster seats, grocery carts, lawn mowers (the toy kind) and much more.....YOU NAME IT and it is probably at the RESALE...it is Saturday Morning from 8-noon at Wakarusa Missionary Church.  Come early (like really early), bring your coffee, our checkbook and ID and a chair and enjoy a great Sale!!!

For directions google Wakarusa Missionary Church...or go to the website

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Erin said...

I will totally be there. I look forward to this sale each season. Last year, I was so worried that I was going to miss it b/c I was due to have Carter. Luckily I had him the day after the sale. :)I will be there around 5:30, so maybe I will see you, but probably won't recognize you.So, sorry, don't think I'm rude. Hope you get lots of goodies!!