Sunday, April 18, 2010

Avenlea at 10 months

there is nothing stopping our baby from growing up....she is a mover and shaker. I know i have said this many times, but she is going to give us a run for our money. This weekend she was pulling up on EVERYTHING!!

whether sturdy or not - - her brother, her mommy's pants, the exersaucer, window sill, tv stand, vaccum, tool table, grocery cart, the recycling containers (and then she began to empty them one paper at a time) and then on Saturday evening April 2nd she began to Crawl. My baby girl is on the move..not sure yet how I feel about it. She has been on the move for a month now, just on her butt. she still believes that is faster and continues to do it. She is one speedy child. WE have started really having to keep an eye on where she is.

Avenlea got a hold of a pen the other day.
WE are going to assume it came from her brother, but who knows. the girl finds ways to get to things that no one would expect at her age. She had pen all over her face. She was trying to eat it and I am not sure she really new she was making a masterpiece on her face in the process. I am pretty sure we were all a little stir crazy at the time and ready to get outside and have spring weather.

it didn't take long, I think it was the next week we started our trips to the park. We have gotten to get out multiple times a week to go on walks. Some days have been a little windy, but we just bundle up. the fresh air is so good for fighting off these horid colds.
Avenlea loves the wagon, however she has broken the straps (aka seat belts). on both sides. So much for wagon rides til we get them fixed. She also loves being outside. it is so cute to watch her blink in the breeze, inspect the grass, or scoot acrossed the grass. :) Jackson has also been making huge progress with his sensory issues. HE has joined us outside and even crawled in the grass too. However he prefers to walk, so he doesn't have to touch the grass. While we are talking about what Avenlea loves. I couldn't get by without talking about Macy. I am not sure if this is a mutual love. Macy does great, but she gets this look when she sees her coming. :)

Avenlea love Macy...she loves her fur and to grab her ears. Macy is so even tempered she just moves away or moves a limb, all to protect the baby. No one can argue that she is a good dog. Poor macy gets so neglected these days. Even though Jackson always asks "where Macy go" when we get in the car and on occoasion he asks if "Maymay go too?", while he is scooting down the stairs.

She is growing up fast. it is hard to believe that she is already 10 months. just two short months (or by now like 6 weeks) before she is going to be one. oh how time flies. She weighed in the other day at 22 2.9ounces and 29 inches long. She is still my baby and she is totally a mama' s girl right now. She likes to be held, fed and put to bed by her mama. She loves her big brother and likes to do what he is doing, whether she is ready or not. She has started to mimic us with everything we do, she enjoys blowing rasberries (or as we like to call it blowing her trumpet), wrestle with her brother (aka play according to Avenlea), she has started to babble, and feed herself some finger foods. She continues to annoy her brother as she tries to play with his toys, but he still loves her and just says: "Avie you funny." I pray that they continue to get along as well as they do.
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Jewel said...

What a cute post! Your children are so adorable! That's great that they get along so well.